Argente Brun Rabbit Care Sheet

Argente Brun Rabbit Care Sheet

Scientific Facts

Common Name:Argente Brun
Scientific Name:
Life Span:7 to 10 years
Size:Up to 10.5 pounds
Country of Origin:Mainland Europe

Argente Brun Information

The Argente Brun is a breed of domesticated rabbits that belong to the Argente breed. It is one of only three varieties of Argente rabbits that are recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association. These rabbits were able to find their way to America when they were brought over to the western shores by breeders from Europe. It first got its start in American when it was exported to Canada from countries such as Germany, France, and England.

Physical Description

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Argente Bruns are varieties of the Argente rabbit and is quite large in terms of its overall body build. They can weigh as heavy as 10.5 pounds due to how large they can grow to. The main reason as to why they tend to be so large and heavy is that one of the purposes for breeding them is for selling their meat in the market for consumption in places where rabbits are delicacies.

In terms of its appearance, the Argente Brun has a rather rounded and plump appearance, thanks to how it was specifically bred to have a large body build. They are not the longest types of rabbits, but they sure are fat and that their hips tend to be quite large compared to the width of their shoulders. They have ears that are spaced close to one another and are usually erect.

The color of the Argente Brun is usually a shade of chocolate or a sort of brownish color that varies in terms of shade. The ears tend to have a darker color while their backs tend to be lighter. Their skin also carries the same kind of color.


Argente Bruns were bred to be commercial and domesticated rabbits. In that regard, they have personalities that fit their captive lifestyle as they are used to interacting and socializing with humans. This allows them to have a temperament and demeanor that is quite friendly, sweet, and very affectionate.

As sweet as they are, Argente Bruns like being around their family and are ideal for a lot of different types of households because of the affection they show towards their owner. This makes them very lovable for any kind of pet owner out there. They are great companions to have in a household that needs a good pet to brighten the place up.

Argente Bruns can also be quite playful despite their large and heavy frames. They are gentle giants in the rabbit world and are delighted to spend playtime with their family. You will find that they love roaming around indoors when you let them out of the cage. They are simply balls of energy and are unexpectedly very spry despite how big and heavy they are.

Life Span

The usual lifespan of an Argente Brun is 7 to 10 years, but it can be longer than that if they are given the proper care and diet that will allow them to live longer. Some Argente Bruns typically do not get to live that long, especially if they were specifically bred for selling their meat for commercial purposes.


Argente Bruns have the same reproductive pattern as any other Argente rabbit. They are expected to reach sexual maturity somewhere around 4 months old and will be able to breed multiple times in a single calendar year. They will most likely give birth to a litter that can have a maximum of 6 or 7 rabbits but, the more they reproduce, the smaller their litter tends to be.


Argente Bruns exhibit the same kind of behavior as any other Argente rabbit or of most other domesticated rabbits. They like being around humans and are not too shy to socialize with the people around them. In that regard, you may want to give these rabbits the playtime they deserve as they are quite playful and cheerful even for such large types of bunnies.

You will find that the Argente Brun is a bundle of joy whenever it is left to run and hop around when given some time out of its cage. It can also play with almost any kind of toy you offer it so long as it is safe for rabbits to play with. They can even be taught simple commands as they are smart enough to understand human interaction.

Eating Habits

Like any other domesticated rabbit, Argente Bruns are herbivores. Their primary meals should be composed mainly of hay or grass. In that regard, always make sure that they eat a lot of hay as this is not only good for their nutritional needs but chewing on hay also prevents their molars from growing into their jaws. Grass or hay should compose more than half of what you feed them on a regular basis.

Despite their love for hay, Argente Bruns is also very fond of vegetables and leafy greens. They love eating cabbage, dandelions, and kale. In that regard, make sure to incorporate those vegetables and greens into their diet as they can serve as occasional treats for these rabbits. You may also feed them with carrots and fruits from time to time, but be careful of the amount you feed them as the sugar in those types of food can have long-term health hazards.

Be careful when feeding these rabbits as they are prone to obesity. To make sure that they stay at a manageable size and weight, allow them to have their regular exercise by playing with them outside of their enclosure or cage or by letting them roam around the room indoors.


Argemte Bruns require regular hydration due to their large frame and heavy bodyweight. They may need to drink from a large water bowl, or you can also provide them with a fountain-like hydration system that minimizes water contamination.


Argente Bruns can thrive well in any kind of cage that was meant for a domesticated rabbit to use. They are not as choosy as wild rabbits in the sense that they require to hide spots where they can feel secure. Instead, you can safely use any kind of cage that can support the size of this rabbit. However, make sure that the cage has openings in it to promote airflow.

Decorations are not really necessary when it comes to your Argente Brun’s cage as they do not mind a plain kind of habitat. However, you can also choose to house them outdoors, where they will most likely have more space to work with. After all, they are prone to obesity and will need the extra room to use for roaming around so as to make sure they stay within a manageable weight. Outdoor enclosures can be made with wood and wires that are high enough to prevent the rabbit from jumping over. 

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Availability – Where to Get a Pet Argente Brun

Because Argente rabbits are some of the more common types of commercial and domesticated rabbits, the Argente Brun is quite common. A simple search on the internet will reveal to you several online places where you can order your Argente Brun. Prices will vary from breeder to breeder, but these ARBA-recognized rabbits are quite common in America. Always make sure to procure them from a breeder that follows the strict standards of the American Rabbit Breeders Association.

How to Care for an Argente Brun

Argente Bruns need your love and care for them to truly shine in terms of their personality. The one thing they require the most is some time outside of their cages so that they can be allowed to explore and learn their surroundings. This promotes socialization and a good bond between you and this rather affectionate rabbit breed. They love interacting with humans, even though their meat is often used for delicacies.

Another thing that should be noted about these rabbits is that their coat needs to be brushed every once in a while due to how dense it is. This prevents matting. Of course, they also need to be fed with nutritious and healthy food. Their tendency to go over the desired weight can be a problem, but it can easily be remedied so long as you allow them some time to roam around and burn off those calories.


Is the Argente Brun a good pet to have?

Argente Bruns are good pets to have due to their domesticated nature and their very friendly and playful demeanor.

Are Argente Bruns easy to find?

Argente Bruns can be found for sale online and are sold by reputable breeders that follow the strict standards of the ARBA.

Are Argente Bruns friendly?

Argente Bruns are some of the friendliest rabbits you can find anywhere on the market.

Are Argente Bruns sold for their meat?

One of the main reasons as to why Argente Bruns are bred to be so fat and plump is that they are sold for their meat in places where rabbits are a delicacy.

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