Blanc de Bouscat Rabbit Care Sheet

Blanc de Bouscat Rabbit Care Sheet

Scientific Facts 

Common NameBlanc de Bouscat
Life Span10 years
Body ShapeSemi-arch/Mandolin
Country of OriginFrance
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The Blanc de Bouscat Rabbit is a classic, active white – nostalgic of magic shows and storybooks. Produced by coupling the Flemish Giant (for size) with the French Angora rabbit and Champagne d’Argente, this French breed was grown to showcase its fluffy, sumptuous fur. Though once widespread, the Blanc de Bouscat is now tough to obtain outside of its motherland, France.

Physical Description

A rabbit that indebted greatly of his type and size to his Flemish Giant origins, the Blanc de Bouscat is an albino or pure white. This is a robust and lively breed of rabbit with a great mass of bone, slightly long in dimension to his breadth. For the Bouscat to attain masses of 6.3 – 6.8 kilograms or more, it is not inaudible for does or bucks. It’s essential to record, though, that nature must not be discounted in admiration of size.


It’s no wonder that Blanc De Bouscat rabbits have a thick, cottony fur that’s especially silky to the sense since the French Angora rabbits were adopted to generate this distinct breed. Of standard medium length and type, their coat demands no particular grooming. Though, when all rabbits favor discarding more than normal, these colossal white bunnies will relish a more powerful brushing habit during the shedding period: it will further have the fur out of their digestive system- and away from your furniture and clothes.

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Blanc De Bouscat was intentionally reproduced to possess a solely genuine white coat, and aside from some frigid gloss on their radiant fur, you’ll notice no colorings, patterns, and markings with this breed. These rabbits are albinos, which signify they possess red eyes, and their fur has no coloration in any case.

Geographical Range

The Bouscat is of French origin, as its name suggests. In 1990, Mssr. Paul Dulon of Gironde produced this breed. The Bouscat is extremely famous on the European continent both as a meat rabbit and as an exhibition fur rabbit.

The Bouscat is considered to have been breed from the Angora, albino Flemish giant, and argente Champagne. With this lineage, it must be apparent that the Bouscat is an enormous rabbit, scaling approximately 6.43 kgs for the doe and up to 5.4 kgs for the buck. White is the exclusive color, and the coat is similar to the Beveren, silky, and dense.

Common Behavior

As an energetic breed, Blanc De Bouscat rabbits adore leisure, but their active character doesn’t indicate these bunnies are nervous and restless. It’s the contrary: these tender giants have a docile and calm manner, which addresses them as an ideal family pet.

These rabbits are clever, and instructing them to practice scattering or make few skills will be a satisfying activity. They are quick learners and will appreciate the moment you consume socializing with them!

Tender and friendly, these white rabbits cherish killing time with their masters and don’t care being touched. They are an outstanding option for kids, too: given that your children understand how to associate with rabbits and don’t endeavor to pull them up, they’ll appreciate caressing with this particularly well-trained bunny.

Diet & Feeding Habits

Blanc de Bouscat Rabbits are herbivorous, and their nutrition will chiefly comprise of pellets, vegetables, and hays. Fresh pellets must be produced accessible every day – select a pellet rich in fiber and skip blends that incorporate other foods like dried fruit, seeds, or corn. Hay is highly essential for both dental health and digestive health. Grass hays such as oat, orchard, and timothy hay can be served in immense amounts, but alfalfa is rich in calories and must merely be given periodically. 

Raw diets are likewise a crucial element of your rabbit’s nutrition. Dark, leafy greens like spinach, spring greens, romaine lettuce, and some kale must deliver nearly 75% of the raw meal delivered to your rabbit regularly, with vegetables like summer squash, bell pepper, cauliflower, and broccoli comprising the other 25%. Starchy vegetables and fruits must be restricted in the menu, though make excellent setups! Make certain that the entire raw foods are cleaned completely, and surplus raw foods must be discarded at sundown.

Breed (Origins)

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Back in 1906, Mr. & Mrs. Dulon, first bred the Giant White Bouscat, Le Géant blanc du Bouscat or the Blanc de Bouscat. Formerly identified as Herminé, the breed was generated by crossbreeding three major breeds – the Angora, the Flemish Giant, and the Argente Champagne. The principal purpose was to produce a giant rabbit that had a fundamental and elegant white hair, which might fetch the highest bill. Breeding in the Angora stock was an effort to deliver the fur silkier and longer. Their breeding endeavors were victorious, finishing in this impressive rabbit.

In 1910, the Blanc de Bouscat gained his appearance at the Paris rabbit plays, and, in 1924, it grew the initial pattern that was allowed by the French Society of Cuniculture (SFC). Today, the Blanc de Bouscat is affirmed by rabbit societies throughout Europe, including the BRC (British Rabbit Council). They are not, however, an accepted breed in the United States.

Pet Care

Care Requirements

Blanc De Bouscat rabbits require a spacious and large place, like a giant rabbit breed, where they can leap around smoothly and conveniently rest and spread out their sturdy rear limbs: ideally, their enclosure mustn’t be smaller than 0.91 meters wide and high. Because of their size, these bunnies will serve from consuming some course in the outdoors constantly, so they can wander around and traverse the “hereafter” of your garden.

Allowing them out to bounce throughout the pad, if you don’t own a garden, is more than excellent, anything that enables these rabbits to be productive and pleasant. Certainly, it must perform without stating that your pet rabbit must never be spared freely, as it can be injured by predators or even become misplaced (these rabbits can bounce high and excavate holes that run below the rail). 

Several rabbits can be taught to adopt a litter crate. The most suitable litters are non-lethal (rabbits may attempt to gnaw on their litter) and particles-free. Pellets or recycled paper litters, citrus-based litters, newspaper (ensure the ink is non-toxic) compressed wood pellets, aspen shavings, and hay are all suitable. Avoid tramping litters as they can stomp within the digestive tract if consumed, and never apply lumber shreddings from cedar to pine.

Rabbits may likewise be permitted to wander within the residence, providing that the domains where they are open to traverse are “rabbit-proofed” for security. Rabbits admitted to ramble regularly must still have a cage to which they can retreat for relaxing and a sense of protection.

Their dietary requirements are not that greatly distinct from most rabbits when it reaches to the finest nutrition for Blanc De Bouscat rabbits. Because of their size, they will require extra food than most, though: rich-quality grains and grass should produce the most of its intake. Incorporate numerous fruits and veggies, both as feasts and an enhancement to your bunny’s regular feeds. A consistent reservoir of freshwater is a necessity, too.


As a pet, the one nemesis of the Blanc de Bouscat is the reality that they are classified as a rare species by the British Rabbit Council. This indicates that, if you hold your heart arranged on fostering one, you may need to cover a range to obtain one, or you may have to spend a substantial freighting expense. 

Furthermore, Blanc de Bouscat rabbits may require a little higher than your more typical breeds though, if you’re seeking for pet-aspect entirely, never be hesitant to inquire about your neighborhood rabbit grower. Considerably often, they may possess some exceptional rabbits that will deliver great pets, but who aren’t everything they’d prefer to settle on the presentation stands. These pet nature bunnies can exist lengthy and healthy lives as pet rabbits and often cost considerably less.

As a pet: Precaution

There are several crucial matters to examine before adopting a rabbit as a pet. Rabbits will demand your attention and time.  They’re highly friendly, curious, and whimsical mammals, and if held restrained to an enclosure with limited interplay, they might live a pathetic life. They will require range and chance to explore and exercise, and you’ll demand to make certain scope has transpired rabbit-proofed toward gnawing and nibbling. A rabbit is an enduring responsibility with loads maintenance for more than 10 years – dismally, with their demand on the inflation, the abundance of rabbits ceased to sanctuaries, and rescues have likewise increased.

Rabbits are a bad option as a pet for young kids. They may be adorable and soft, but rabbits are quickly frightened and stressed around harsh sounds and exercise and may snap or thrust to getaway.

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Is rabbit fur valuable?

Rabbit hair (also called rabbit lapin, comb, coney, cony, or fur) is the fur of the familiar rabbit. It is most generally utilized in the production of wool coats and hats and is deemed pretty expensive today, although it was once a lower-priced product in the fur business.

Do bunnies feel the love?

Rabbits are extremely warm, friendly mammals, which implies they not solely adore to consume a moment with their humans –but they demand it.

How long do black rabbits live?

Its life expectancy will be concluded by the attention and consideration you present while it is beneath your responsibility. 

Do rabbits cry?

Of course, rabbits do cry, though it’s distinctive than what you may assume. For a rabbit to cry, your pet would require to be in intense panic or discomfort or a profoundly depressed agitated state.

Do all white rabbits have red eyes?

White rabbits are albinos. As such, they need all pigment, including the natural pigmentation of the tapetum nigrum (the retinal pigmented epithelium layer).

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