Chaudry Rabbit Care Sheet

Chaudry Rabbit Care Sheet

Scientific Facts

Common Name:Chaudry Rabbit
Life Span:8-10 years
Country of Origin:France

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Physical Description

Chaudry Rabbit is an albino species of domestic rabbits and was created for meat production. This species has a minimum weight of around 4 kilograms, with their juveniles reaching a framework weight of around 1.5 kilograms after 10 weeks. Chaudry Rabbit was created by bringing together all authentic albino rabbits that are popular in France.


Chaudry Rabbits have an average lifespan of 8 to 10 years, depending on their environment.

Eating Habits

Chaudry Rabbits are herbivores.  These creatures are made to forage instead of just absorbing their daily share in one sitting – although they are more inclined to adopting a nocturnal living to get away from some predators. They are monogastric, which means that they only have one stomach. 

It can be deceptive to specify whether your Chaudry Rabbit is a choosy eater because some of them can be shy and opt to eat with no audience. 

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Sleeping Habits

Chaudry Rabbits naturally sleep in the daytime. These animals do not like being disturbed when sleeping. Their sleeping patterns should be kept smooth. If you want to bond with your pet, you would rather want to schedule it on their active hours.

Development and Reproduction

It was explained that because of the extreme rate of predation in the wild, which was experienced by the rabbits, they tend to produce only litter after litter. Chaudry Rabbits would naturally breed quickly and quickly deliver litters for survival purposes. The male rabbit becomes capable of breeding once it reaches 8 months. The female rabbit, on the other hand, becomes sexually mature at around 8 to 9 months.

The gestation period usually lasts between 28 to 34 days. The female should be provided with a nesting box inside its cage on day 26. You will notice that it will begin taking off some of its furs to create linings for the box. You may also line the box through grass hay and wood shavings.

The kits are delivered helpless. They are deaf, blind, and naked. They are ultimately defenseless when young. The mother will take care of its kits daily.

How to Breed

Determining the Sexes

It is relatively essential to determine the sex of your Chaudry Rabbit specifically because these creatures have a great productive rate. The most efficient manner of determining the sexes of Chaudry Rabbits is to evaluate the distance of the anogenital, that is, the space between the genitals and the anus. Female rabbits have a shorter distance compared to males. 

Female rabbits are more aggressive compared to males. They demonstrate nesting behaviors. You will frequently see them protecting or digging their territory. The male rabbits are curious and affectionate.

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Courtship and Mating

Estrus is urged by the production of eggs from the tract of the female Chaudry Rabbit. However, the rabbit does not produce eggs on a routine. For the female Chaudry to ovulate, a male Chaudry should mount her first. It is whenever the female allows. The male will bump everything, so when it sees a female, he can give it a try. Whether the female allows the male or not, it shall mostly depend on their diet. During the cold season, grasses would tend to die, and thus the foods are difficult to find, so she will commonly deny the male. Once the food returns in spring, the female can be welcoming to mating.

Eggs and Incubation

Chaudry Rabbits are greed breeders. They can breed a merest of 7 young for every litter.

Common Health Problems

Gastrointestinal (GI) Stasis 

GI stasis is fatal to rabbits because it slows down the digestive system or may even completely arrest it. The bad bacteria accumulate in the intestines and produce gas in the system, which triggers awful bloating and adds diminishing on the impulse of the rabbit to drink or eat. 

Heat Stroke

Heat is detrimental to Chaudry Rabbits. Common symptoms of heatstroke are convulsing, reddening o ears, salivating, behaving confused, panting, weakness, and lethargy. If you notice your pet exhibiting any of these manifestations, start misting the ears with some cold water and quickly consult your veterinarian. 


Myxomatosis is endemic and transmits between rabbits through insect vectors like mosquitoes and fleas. Infection may, therefore, exist even if there is no direct contact between rabbits.

Preventing Illnesses

Various measures can be done to prevent illnesses in your Chaudry Rabbit. Primarily, make sure that your pet gets an appropriate, hay-based diet. It would also help if you regularly schedule a veterinary check-up to monitor the condition of your pet. The vet would be able to identify any elemental health concerns that your pet has, such as dental problems and infections.


Chaudry Rabbits are known to be bountiful. They are vulnerable to sunlight. It can be difficult for these rabbits to be in the wild because its coat can be a huge signal for surrounding predators. Keeping them indoors is a lot safer. These creatures may also have their kind of scanning behavior. You may notice your pet looking at one thing by weaving or swaying its head, as it shifts from eye to eye to determine what it is looking at.



Your rabbit would need to be secured with an enclosure to provide them comfort and protection. The size of the enclosure should be enough to offer convenience to the rabbit. Your pet must be able to move comfortably. Further, the size of the enclosure must be determined in parallelism with the quantity of exercise and space your pet requires.


The health of your rabbit may deteriorate due to emotional depletion. Giving pets toys will help them become entertained. Toys can stimulate their mentality and will keep them busy. Provide your pet new toys and shift regularly. You should know that Chaudry Rabbits are equipped with a sense of humor and may even surpass the expectations of their owners if provided the chance to do so. There are plenty of choices for rabbit toys. However, just make sure that the toys you are giving are safe to your pet.


Chaudry Rabbits should be given an ideal diet that is comprised of grass and quality hay. These animals have a digestive system that requires grass or hay to operate properly. Thus, a good supply is very crucial and important. These can be augmented with little quantity of pellets and some leafy greens. Fruits and root vegetables like carrots must only be served in a little amount as a treat to your pet. Muesli-style food must be avoided because they are not good for the health of your pet. Also, Chaudry Rabbits require clean and fresh drinking water.

How to Care for Chaudry Rabbit

Chaudry Rabbits can be vulnerable to sunlight. Be cautious of extensive denudation to sunlight. They are easily hurt by heat. If you are raising a Chaudry Rabbit in your home, dim the lights whenever possible. As you allow your pet to spend some time outside to play and exercise, it is also important that you secure the pet a shade where it can regularly visit for covering. 

Where to Get One

If you are considering of getting a Chaudry Rabbit, then you must first conduct a comprehensive research about where to get your pet. There are plenty of stores and institutions that sell these animals. However, the challenge is how to determine a good and healthy rabbit. Many would choose to buy from rabbit breeders, although you still have to make sure the reliability of the breeder. When transacting with a rabbit breeder, make sure to ask relevant questions such as the health condition of the rabbit. You may also solicit advice and tips on how to effectively raise a Chaudry Rabbit, especially if you are new to this venture.


I am planning to get a Chaudry Rabbit, but I have a cat and dog in our house too, will it get along with my other pets?

Most rabbits manage to get along with other existing pets in the house. However, your rabbit should never be allowed roaming around with no supervision with other predator pets.

Do Chaudry Rabbits bite?

Yes. Although Chaudry Rabbits are kind, they may sometimes bite because they convey with little nips. 

This is my first time raising a rabbit, are Chaudry Rabbits easy to manage?

Although Chaudry Rabbits are full of energy in the morning and evening, they can adjust to a cage environment during the daytime. For a first-timer like you, raising a rabbit is not impossible to do. However, you are required to allocate time for your pet since it needs plenty of attention. You have to feed it with a proper diet.

Are Chaudry Rabbits good for kids?

Young kids are not recommended to interact with Chaudry Rabbits. These creatures get annoyed with loud noises and shouting. They also get frightened by the abrupt movements of kids. Chaudry Rabbits are ideally suggested for children aging 8 years and above. Nevertheless, allowing your pet to interact with your kids would still require the supervision of an adult to make sure that nothing unpleasant happens.

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