7 Comfortable Leashes For Your Rabbits

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Have you ever thought of going to a park or walking outside with your rabbit? I’m sure you did, and I believe that your bunny loves to see nature even once in a while. While considering walking your pet outside, there are several factors that you need to put in mind.

The outside environment can sometimes be very dangerous when it comes to predators like animals, bacteria, schemes of the world, and even hunters. It is not a good idea to take them with you without any safety precautions.

In this article, we will be talking about the best harness for your rabbit. In order to fully give you knowledge about the things to consider, I will explain it further in the next section.

What are the factors to consider?

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In finding the best harness for your rabbit, there are a lot of factors to put into consideration. Your rabbits should not feel being a prisoner when they are clothed with a harness. They should feel comfortable and happy when giving this stuff.

But what is essential is that the harness that you are about to purchase for them is safe and secure, not only from the outside environment but also for your rabbit’s body.

With that being said, the harness for your rabbit should be:

  • Comfortable

The experience of your rabbit when wearing a harness should give them comfort. A good harness should not hurt them. It should not grip or pinch their body extremely as it can just stress them or give them such anxiety.

A good harness should be very soft and can fit them comfortably. It shouldn’t affect their movement or give them such limitations when moving.

  • Flexible

When I say flexible, it means that the harness can be adjusted. This implies that you have the ability to adjust it based on your rabbit’s size. With that, good leashes are those who aren’t fixed.

This can prevent your rabbit from escaping from the harness, considering the fact that they should be secured and free from being taken. If the harness is fixed, you do not have any way of properly putting it with them.

Thus, there can be a tendency that they might have a problem breathing or worst is they can escape, and you won’t be able to find them.

With knowing the essential factors to consider in buying a harness, you can now easily decide which will work not only for you but also for your lovely bunny. You will have a greater idea of buying since you know what you are looking for.

In the next section, I will be presenting the best harness you can find in the market today.

What are the best leashes?

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The list stated above is all available in Amazon, which you can check and compare prices.

  1. Mewtogo Adjustable and Breathable Bunny Harness *Best Overall*

This is my best overall harness so far. What makes it special is its functionality, flexibility, and other features.

This harness includes a long and extended elastic leash that includes a double-lock functionality. It snugly suits throughout the rabbit.

It also has an extra clip for your rabbit’s security that can be placed around its neck in order to secure it from accidentally escaping or slipping from it.

Mewtogo Adjustable and Breathable Bunny Harness have two vests available, which are medium and large sizes. This is a good offer as it can be used even in its growth demands.

What makes it a good leash is its pads. It will make your rabbit move comfortably and prevent any unpleasant or painful feelings when being put into them.

  1. Niteangel Adjustable Soft Harness *First Runner Up*

This harness is an excellent option in finding a good leash. You do not have to worry about the size of your rabbit as it can perfectly fit whether it is small or a large-sized bunny.

It comes in four various sizes. This leash has practically all the highlights that you would need in your rabbit’s harness. It can be completely adjusted.

Notwithstanding, it is also safe and very suitable when it comes to comfortability. Additionally, its Velcro straps with a clip-on leash will not disappoint you.

The only negative thing I can think of this leash is its strap that needs to be manually adjusted. This may be a difficult task for you if your rabbit doesn’t like its belly or under chin being touched.

Overall, it is an excellent leash for rabbits that weigh not more than 2 lbs.

  1. EXPAWLORER Rabbit Harness

This leash is reasonably the cheapest and most affordable choice if you are looking for a harness for two rabbits.

The reason for that is this item is being shipped in a pack of two. This is ideal for pet parents that have multiple bunnies.

One of the things that made me impressed is its great feature. It is specifically made to hold those somewhat hyper or extremely energetic rabbits in a form that is comfortably safe for them.

The features of its vest are very useful in maintaining the rabbit’s balance as it is wide, and the strap is narrow, which can prevent them from running away.

  1. BUBM Adjustable Rabbit Harness With Elastic Leash

One of the things that makes this leash special is its great features when it comes to comfort.

Not only that, it is comfortable when it comes to the rabbit’s body, but BUBM Adjustable Rabbit Harness is also comfortable for your rabbit as it is breathable.

When it comes to its flexibility, this leash can be adjusted easily on its neck and its chest.

One more thing that is impressive on this leash is its padding, which is perfect for a walk in the park that can surely give a great and comfortable experience for your rabbit.

  1. Living World Bunny Harness

This leash is one of the safest and great rabbit leash sets that you can find in the market today.

Living world bunny harness is highly flexible and adjustable, which can easily and safely fit in your rabbit’s waist. It has a fuzzy clip and a hook functionality that is placed on the neck.

One thing that made it special is the bell included. This will alert you in case your rabbit has slipped away. It can also help you to easily find it due to the sound of the bell.

Living world bunny harness is also light and long-lasting. Being a light-weight leash, it can let your lovely little rabbit move freely and comfortably without any limitations.

  1. ASOCEA Adjustable Soft Harness

If you are a rabbit owner that is looking for the best leash that is well suited for your rabbit, ASOCEA adjustable soft harness will be one of your choices.

It is perfect for your cute little bunny that can bring genuine comfort in a walk in the park venture.

It is greatly made with high-quality material. With its hard-wearing mesh and comfortable and soft pads, it can surely make your rabbit very happy in wearing it.

  1. ATAILOVE Rabbit Harness

ATAILOVE rabbit harness is not only good for comfort but also with its flexibility. With this leash, you have the ability to adjust the neck size for your rabbit, which can be ideal for different sizes.

However, the drawback is that the neck circumference can only be maximized up to 18 centimeters.

What makes this leash very good is its elastic mesh part. It is capable of bringing comfort even when you pull it.


The listed leashes above were carefully and thoroughly selected based on their features and functionality. In the pursuit of finding the best leashes in the market nowadays, I hope that this resource has been helpful for you in deciding as to which leash will work perfectly fine for you and most especially for your rabbit.

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