Enderby Island Rabbit Care Sheet

Enderby Island Rabbit Care Sheet

Scientific Facts

Common Name: Enderby Island Rabbit
Scientific Name: Oryctolagus Cuniculus
Life Span: 9 years
Size: Medium
Country of Origin: Australia

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Physical Description

The Enderby Island Rabbit is a medium-sized creature that exhibits a little taper frontal going to the hindquarters. Its back is also slightly curved. Its head, which is suitably formed in the shoulders, is average in size and is made congruent to other body parts. The neck is not visible. They have ears in “V’ shape. Their eyes are striking. The feet and legs are dainty to moderately-boned. Their nails have a color that parallels to the color of the body. Overall, you will see that the body of an Enderby Island Rabbit is dainty-boned and slim. Their ears are upright and dainty. This creature has a short and soft coat. They weigh around 2 kilograms.

Enderby Island Rabbits are available in various colors; however, the most prominent shade would be a unique silver-grey with a somber slate blue undercoat. The head, ears, and tail are more somber and are frequently black.

Common colors for Enderby Island Rabbits are crème, champagne, and slate. Slate and champagne rabbits are naturally black when they were born, while crème rabbits feature a fawn color. You will notice that the body turns massively silvered, approximately 80 percent silvering; however, the head, ears, tails, and feet shall be slightly silvered.

You might note that the unique silvering of this rabbit starts to show on the coat on its 6 to 8 weeks. It may consume 6 months for the rabbit to come into a complete coat. Juveniles exhibit tight patches in the principal color.


It is estimated that the average lifespan of an Enderby Island Rabbit is not more than 9 years. Just like other animals, these creatures need proper care and nourishment to obtain maximum longevity. Handlers play an important role in the life of Enderby Island Rabbits.

Eating Habits

Enderby Island Rabbits follow the same kind of diet with other kinds of rabbits. These creatures may tend to be a little greedy. They feed on grass and other distinctive vegetation. They require a diet of 10 to 20 percent protein for upkeep, 14 percent protein for reproduction, and less than 40 percent fiber. These creatures can be very choosy when it comes to food.

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Sleeping Habits

Enderby Island Rabbits need at least 8 hours of sleep daily. Many times you will notice these creatures sleeping while their eyes are wide open. Thus, their sleeping habits can be deceiving. A sleeping Enderby Rabbit would lie through their front, in loaf position, or their side. As they sleep, their breathing slows down, and you will also notice their nose to stop squirming. Their upright ears shall relax.

Development and Reproduction

Enderby Island Rabbits have an inlying reproductive cycle primarily regulated by nutrition and the length of a day. Adult female Enderby Island Rabbit can produce 18 to 30 young per year. Females, as early as 3 months old, may already start breeding.

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How to Breed

Determining the Sexes

The most definite way to determine the sexes of Enderby Island Rabbits is by checking their sex organs. Determining the sex of a baby rabbit that is below 4 weeks old is difficult to do. Nevertheless, it is possible if you are familiar with the difference between male and female sex organs. Male rabbits have a penis, while female rabbits have a vulva.

Courtship and Mating

The superior bucks demonstrate polygyny, inasmuch lower-stature individuals, both the male and the female, commonly create a monogamous kind of breeding relationships. These rabbits indicate their keenness to copulate by designating other animals as well as the extinct objects with a pungent substance emitted through a chin gland.

Common Health Problems

Similar to other species, the Enderby Island Rabbit can be vulnerable to conjunctivitis, coccidiosis, ear mites, hairball obstructions, and bloat. However, owners should know that Enderby Island Rabbits are prey creatures and thus happen to conceal any indication of illnesses. Their health condition can quickly crumble. A lot of factors can cause your pet to get ill, but if you learn to become attentive and cautious about the physical condition as well as the behavior of your pet, you can easily rescue your rabbit from a possibly fatal condition.

Preventing Illnesses

Maintain an environment for your Enderby Island Rabbit that is free from stress. Stress alone can diminish the capacity of your pet to combat illnesses. You must provide your pet with a healthy diet. A clean and comfortable environment is also essential for the well-being of the rabbit.


Enderby Island Rabbits are likely to become giddy. They would normally be wary for predators and any potential risks. This influences them to naturally dig a hole and hide. However, you can lessen the volume of agitation felt by your pet by simply giving it a lot of attention and compassionate handling.  If an Enderby Island Rabbit is socialized properly, it will be developed to grow warm towards humans whom he has grown to have faith. These creatures can be loving, particularly if a portion of food or treat is given.

Bear in mind that Enderby Island Rabbits are characterized to be social animals. They are most delighted if they are in a company with other rabbits. You may consider securing a space that can accommodate two or three rabbits. These rabbits are very clean, and they want to maintain a clean area. They are also very cold hardy.



Enderby Island Rabbit can either be kept indoors or outdoors since this species is strong and acquainted with cold weather, however, see to it that it is kept covered from the predators. For indoors, the enclosure should be in a suitable size.


Toys are greatly useful for mental stimulation. There is plenty of toy selection; however, handlers should be cautious about their choice because some toys may be made from materials that are not safe for the rabbit. Slinkies and plastic balls can be very entertaining for the pet.


Enderby Island Rabbits should be fed with a diet that is composed of pellets, hay, and fresh vegetables. You may also feed your pet with grass hays such as timothy hays, oat, and orchard. You may also buy rabbit pellets. Fresh diets like leafy greens must also be served.

How to Care for Enderby Island Rabbit

If you intend to get an Enderby Island Rabbit in the family, make sure that you have a spacious room that is enough to cater to a big enclosure to keep your pet comfortable and safe. You have to see to it that your pet shall be kept to an enclosure that allows it to turn around, stand up, and stretch while it is inside the cage. Moreover, it is also important that you grant your pet some time outside the cage to let it play and bond with you. Exercise is important for an Enderby Island Rabbit to keep it healthy. There should also be a place for your pet where it can taste sunshine and grasp some fresh air. If you bring your pet outside the cage, you may consider putting it in an extension hut, lawn enclosure, or exercise pen for safety. When feeding your rabbit, make sure that you define the number of fruits and starchy vegetables to prevent it from getting obese. Always provide your pet with fresh and clean water.

Regularly bond with your pet because it needs attention from you. Provide it some grooming and give it some treats. In the long run, you will notice your pet to start portraying its love for you by kissing and licking you.

Where to Get?

Enderby Island Rabbits are obtainable from different stores. Rabbit breeders are also offering this breed. If you are about to buy an Enderby Island Rabbit, it would be practical if you take some time researching for the best options. Although many stores could be selling these wonderful creatures, you cannot be impulsive with your decision. You have to make sure that you are dealing with a respectable seller. A reliable seller would only sell healthy rabbits. Yes, some would dare to sell ill rabbits because they only focus on profit. But if you find a good and credible seller, you would know that you are given the best Enderby Island Rabbit with no health issues.


I am planning to get an Enderby Island Rabbit, but I prefer the baby version, what should I know about baby rabbits?

Although baby Enderby Island Rabbits are adorable, the adult version is easier to manage and train if you plan to get a house rabbit.

I am new to raising a rabbit, what is the best way to handling an Enderby Island Rabbit?

You should never lift your pet through scruff or ears. The safest primary approach with Enderby Island Rabbits is to start by rubbing the head. Do not treat your rabbit similar to a dog in which you offer your hand for the dog to sniff. Your pet will see it displeasing and may assault you.  They have ticklish feet, and they do not like being touched in the chin and nose.

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