Are Colored Popsicle Sticks Safe For Your Rabbits?

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Toys for our pet rabbit is required that combines with a proper diet and most especially the medical care. Toys for the pet is considered for them as the key to having basic particulars of their daily life. Plaything’s concern is important for our pet rabbit’s mental refreshments. For them, without having a challenging venture, they might get bored, most particularly if they don’t have a companion to keep with their company.

For rabbits, a feeling of being isolated can lead to depression or being destructive. Even those rabbits that are senior in age, as well as disabled rabbits, need surroundings that have few things to play with aside from eating and sleeping.

Even if the rabbits are just chewing the toy that you provide them, they might end up swallowing some little shavings and bits of where the toy was made. The rabbit can swallow small bits of such toys even though they are not actually eating it. So whatever that the teeth of your pet rabbit can touch must need to be safe for them. Like for example, the colored popsicle sticks, there is some pet owner that wants to add this as one of the toys for their pet. However, colored popsicle sticks are not safe for rabbits, and the first reason is that the dyes that make up such colorful sticks are not safe.

The second reason is the popsicle sticks itself, chewing it by rabbit can lead to breakage of the stick. It may splinter into the rabbit’s teeth and can lead to stuck in the teeth and throat of the rabbit. When you prefer doing some, do it yourself toys for your pet, there are some things that need to be avoided while doing such toys.

  1. Dyes

Your pet usually doesn’t care about the looks of what the toy you may provide for them. Even though humans love bright colors, they are so appealing to us, not to rabbits. Most toys that may be applied by a dye are not safe such as a colored popsicle stick that is colored using a dye. However, if you really want to give such colored popsicle sticks, you may replace it with an undyed wood, and you may use some food coloring to make it colorful.

  1. Glues

There is a glue that is specially made for kids, and it is safe when they actually eat it. This glue product is Elmer’s glue. Usually, the glue that is used for making toilet paper and even paper towels is not edible. However, if you still want to make such toilet paper and paper towels rolls to play with your pet rabbit, you may use non-toxic glue to make it yourself.

  1. Varnished Wood

Woods that love to play with most rabbits can contain chemicals, especially when it is varnished. So when you provide a block of wood for your pet rabbit, make sure that the wood you gave is totally free for any harmful treatments. Chemicals are not meant to be eaten by all pets and even humans.

  1. Metal

When making DIY toys for rabbits, you may carefully watch those metal hooks that your pet may accidentally swallow. Like for kids, such a small part of the toys you made may contain small parts of plastic and metal that can accidentally be swallowed by your rabbit.

Things That Not to Let to Chew on your Pet Rabbit

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There are recognized materials that are not good to offer in our pet rabbits. These materials include fabric, soft rubber, carpet, metal, and even plastic toys that consist of tiny pieces that can easily break off are not advisable for rabbits. Such tiny pieces can break off and have the possibility to ingest and can lead to Gastrointestinal tract block.

  • Woods that consist of many scented oils including cedar and pine or those that come from fruit trees and have a blemish fruit such as plum, peach, cherry, avocado, and plum are also considered as not safe for rabbits.
  • Painted materials or even those containing a huge amount of different adhesives are not also good to offer to our pet rabbits. They may possibly contain chemicals that might be harmful if the rabbit can accidentally consume. Normally, most decorative things that are not really for rabbits or those that have been treated in the unknown method should never be offered into rabbits for them to chew on.
  • Rabbits are required to have plenty of space for them to freely run around, they also need the right care and followed by a proper diet that consists of the right amount of hay, freshwater, leafy green veggies and the right amount of pellets that are specially made for rabbits.

Rabbits are also required to have an appropriate chew toy for them to keep happy and healthy. When you give their common needs, such pet rabbits can make a wonderful pet and also companions for at least many years.

How to Choose a Safe Toys to Play With Your Pet Rabbit

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Rabbits should have a safe toy rabbit that they can even chew on. We all know that they chewed all the time. The ideal toys for rabbits are those toys made from cardboard, hardwood, and paper. These three materials are good for rabbits to chew on and are safe even if they ingest a tiny part. However, there are also some toy materials; even they say that it is safe for rabbits can possibly cause irritation into Gastrointestinal and can lead to a life-threatening condition. It may also cause to slow down that passage of the food of the rabbit through their gastrointestinal tract.

Our pet rabbits can safely chew cardboard materials such as cardboard and paper towels or rolls. A toy that is made up of wood, most especially those that can possibly hide rabbit food, can also assist in fulfilling the desire of the rabbit for food. The wood that is untreated is commonly fine for our pets. However, those tree branches that can commonly be seen in the backyard may not offer into a rabbit because it may possibly contain mold spores, insects, bacteria, or even parasites.

The rabbits’ teeth can grow continuously for their entire lives, giving hay for them to chew a great help as food as well as for their teeth to prevent overgrowing. Rabbits have natural traits that need to chew.

Possible Infection That Can Possibly Occur If the Rabbit Chew A Toy That May Cause Splinter

Colored popsicle sticks are considered to be very irresistible for pet rabbits. But the ideal popsicle sticks for them to play is the one that hangs rabbit toys. If not hanging, there is a possibility that if they play with it, it can be possibly broken and can cause a splinter if they chew it on. The rabbits can have the possibility to have an abscess; this may happen if the soft tissue of the rabbit has a bite or as simply called scratch that ruptured by hay, a splinter from a toy they play or stitches that has not removed after having surgery.

But in common cases in rabbits, the abscess includes the tissues of the head and first appears from the teeth or in the bone that is included in dental diseases. The abscess is a walled-off kind of infection that can usually be found in a rabbit’s soft tissue or in the bone. They are found in an area that has been through an injury or in the jaw due to dental issues. Abscess in rabbits is quite different for those commonly encountered by cats or dogs; they are considered as hard to treat.

The discharge that fills in a solid but not runny and even cutting the abscess can affect it to drain. If the abscess is located in soft tissue, there is a tendency that the rabbit can undergo surgery to remove all the infected tissues, including the area that surrounds the discharge where the infection actually is.

However, if doing surgery is not applicable, the vet will suggest having long term management with antibiotics and other drugs for rabbits. After having surgery, the wounds can be filled with antibiotic beads. Your pet can also be treated with the use of injected medicine and oral antibiotics that serves as painkillers.


Rabbits are considered to be smart for a social pet animal. Provide toys for their needs as their entertainment as well as stimulation for them to feel bored. Providing toys for our pets must be safe for them to play with, especially those young rabbits. Giving them chew toys must be needed for them to play as well as for us as their pet owner to avoid our pet to chew some things in our home like furniture or other things that they can chew with.

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