How Do Rabbits Drink Water?

Your Rabbit Not Drinking: Cause and Cure

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If you have just got your baby rabbit, then it is so important for you to learn and understand the basic care required for your new pet. One of the things you have to understand is how rabbits drink water. 

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Water is crucial for your pet’s health. Thus, you have to know how much water your pet should drink each day. Dehydration is one major problem in rabbits. Just a day of not drinking water will be fatal for your pet. In this post, I will give you some ideas on how to hydrate your pet properly. Read on and learn as easy as 1-2-3!

How Much Water Does a Rabbit Drink in a Day?

Rabbits need water. Generally, the estimated daily water intake of a rabbit should be twice its daily food intake. If your pet isn’t drinking, that will be a big problem. This is true, especially when your pet becomes dehydrated. Once it occurs, the next thing will be shock or kidney failure or even death.

Your pet should drink enough to be healthy. The suggested amount of water that your furry friend should drink depends on some factors like age. Weight is also a crucial factor to consider. Typically, a less than 2-month old rabbit that weighs around 750 grams must drink around 120 ml of clean water every day. A bunny that is 1 or 2 years old and weighs around 2.5 kgs. must consume up to 400 mil water every day.

Aside from age and weight, you should also consider the condition of the rabbit. Is it pregnant, nursing, or just delivered its babies? In those cases, the rabbit requires around 3 liters of water every day throughout the lactation time. 

Which Water is for Your Rabbit?

Water is available in different forms: bottled, tap, distilled, filtered, reverse osmosis, soft, well water, de-ionized water, alkaline, and many more. The golden rule is giving your pet the same kind of water that you consume. If your pet is suffering from a certain health issue, then you should be more careful when giving water. Consult first a veterinarian before trying to give any less typical type of water, such as alkaline. 

Some types of water are unsafe for drinking purposes. One of these is the distilled water, the water from hoses, puddle water, or pool water. Some distilled water can be okay, but its long-term use leads to health problems. 

Drinking water from hoses is unsafe, except when the hose used has been rated and marked safe for drinking purposes. Hoses may contain lead that goes together with the water flowing through it. Likewise, the water flowing from the hoses may become breeding ground for bacteria. The water in the puddles and other stagnant water bodies can cause diseases when contaminated.

The protozoa called Giardia is more common in water sources outdoors. This is the causative microorganism for intestinal problems. Pool water is dangerous for rabbits as it contains chemicals like chlorine that can harm these tiny creatures when ingested. 

How to Give Water to Your Rabbit?

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When it comes to keeping your pet hydrated, you have to follow these steps:

#1. Find Out How Much Your Pet Should Drink Based on Its Age and Weight. 

A healthy rabbit is the one drinking enough each day. The amount of water it needs will depend on age and weight. To be sure, ask your veterinarian as soon as you adopted a rabbit. 

#2. Choose Healthy Water Source.

The water that is safe for you will also be safe for your rabbit. Just give it the kind of water you might be drinking. 

#3. Choose the Best Water Reservoir.

You can give water to your rabbit in two ways. One is to use a bottle made, especially for rabbits. The easier and more convenient choice is using a water bowl. 

Bowl or Bottle – Which Should You Choose?

Many new rabbit owners are wondering how they should give water to their pets. Should they use a bowl or a bottle instead? Are you on the same page with these folks? You should know the differences between the two.

Rabbit Water Bottle

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The best water bottle for rabbits is the one measuring 600ml. This will be sufficient for providing water for a pair of small to medium-sized rabbits. The water will be enough for the rabbits within 24 hours.

However, if you own more rabbits or your two pets drink more, then I suggest you use more bottles instead of a bigger one. Also, you can use the 2nd bottle during summer to give a back-up if the water is running out and when the bottle has been knocked off. Consider this option if you’re out for work through the day, and nobody else is in the house to check the rabbits. 

Water bottles have two common kinds of spouts. The first one is the standard kind that consists of the metal tubing with more balls within. Gravity will lock the ball within the tip of the tubing until the bunny licks it. This will push the ball upward, allowing the water to pass through.

The other type if the non-drip sipping spout. It works silently, making it a better choice if you’re keeping your pet in the room next to your bedroom. This kind of water bottle has a wide top designed for easy cleaning and filling. 

The standard type is much affordable than the other. The second type might be expensive but durable enough. Go for the kind that suits you more. 

Water Bowls

Water bowls are much easier and convenient to use. Just pour the water in them, and you’re done. However, the water bowls don’t preserve the water. The water becomes soiled too quickly with litter and bedding. Also, your stubborn pet may step on the bowl and tip it over. 

Go for water bowls if you’re keeping your pet indoors, and you have ample space for the bowl. If possible, put it away from the bedding or food. If you are a busy person, water bowls won’t be good for your pets as you need to replace the water in them several times every day. 

Ceramic bowls are pretty good because they are heavy and rabbit-proof. Don’t use plastic bowls because plastics can be too dangerous for a bunny. When you use a ceramic bowl, leave it on a flat surface that is apart from the stairs or something that can break it. 

If your pet knocks over its bowl, then go for the bowl that you can clip to the sides of its cage. This kind of bowl has two plates or hooks which fit every side of the lattice. The bowl will lift out of the fitting, so changing the water is easier. 


Giving water to rabbits is one of your basic duties as a keeper. Water is one of the keys to keeping your pet healthy and strong, so pay more attention to your pet’s hydration needs. I hope you have found this article helpful. Do you have anything to say about this article? Please let me know what’s on your mind by writing it in the comment box below. Also, I’m encouraging you to like and share this article with your friends through Facebook or Twitter. 

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