Why Rabbits Love Eating Carrots?

Why Rabbits Love Eating Carrots?

Bunnies and carrots come along like honey and bears. Bears are great fans of honey, but a lot of people believe they want to eat more than that, like picnic baskets. Likewise, rabbits seem to have fun with a wide range of food. 

However, some of them assume they could live solely off the carrots. The truth is that the rabbits do not eat root veggies in the forest, so things such as carrots must be given just as a treat. According to the RSPCA, 11% of the pet bunnies suffer from tooth decay due to excessive intake of carrots.

What Are The Different Types of Rabbits?

If the rabbits do not eat carrots in the forest, where does the idea originate? The famous Bugs Bunny has been known for consuming carrots. In reality, rabbits should avoid eating carrots daily. The love of Bugs Bunny for carrots is simply for fun. 

Rabbits and Carrots

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Carrots are veggies, so people think of them as healthy food for rabbits. However, not all veggies are equal in terms of the nutrients they contain. Carrots are route vegetables, so they grow underground in the same way as potatoes. Like potatoes, carrots are also excellent sources of carbohydrates. 

Aside from being tasty and sweet, carrots come with a quite rough texture that the rabbits will love. Rabbits need to chew. Gnawing on hard foods will help them in keeping their teeth sharp. Likewise, this habit will help in boosting the health and vitality of their teeth. 

Hence, rabbits go crazy when fed with carrots. It is important, however, not to allow them to turn into carrot addicts. Feeding them with many carrots, and they may begin refusing to eat their regular meal. Carrots are an exceptional option for a treat; there are some other sweet foods that your rabbits will enjoy like bananas and apples.

Aside from carrots, you can also provide other veggies as treats. This way, your pets won’t get fussy or bored. Also, they will get more nutrients that are not available in carrots. While rabbits enjoy carrots, you should never let them binge on these tasty goods even for once.

Do Wild Rabbits Eat Carrots?

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Wild rabbits don’t generally consume root veggies like carrots. Instead, they feast on carrots only when they live as captive pets. If you want to offer carrots as treats to your pets, then you should go for the regular store-bought carrots and not the wild ones. Wild carrots are less likely to be healthy and may even cause harm to rabbits when ingested. 

For the rabbit-safe veggies, you can feed your pets with just 1 to 2 tablespoons every day. A tablespoon of carrots will be enough for one rabbit. Carrots are rich in starch and sugar, which means they are truly delicious. Sugar can be a problem sometimes, so you should stay within the limit when offering it as a treat. 

Can Bunnies Eat Carrots Daily?

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Bugs Bunny might love them, but carrots must not be a major part of your pet’s diet. Keep in mind that bunnies are herbivores. Their natural diet is comprised of a multitude of fibrous plant materials designed to keep their digestive tract in good condition. 

Carrots are healthy, so it is not so bad for the health of your pets. Carrots can help you make your pets happy by giving some treats. Also, these veggies can help measure the appetite of your bunnies. When your rabbits are not eating, then this can signify something is wrong. 

If they are not enticed to eat a delightful carrot, you may have to investigate the case more with your veterinarian. Ensure that you use fresh carrots. Also, be sure you rinse them well before feeding your pets. Organic and pesticide-free carrots are a great option. 

The digestive tract of rabbits is highly delicate to spoiled foods, so make sure to always provide them the best. Aside from feeding them right, be sure they have enough water to stay hydrated and happy. 

How Often Can Bunnies Eat Carrots?

While carrots have nutritional value, you should not ignore their sugar content. Excessive starch and sugar can be harmful to rabbits. These two substances will disrupt the sensitive digestive tract of your pets and change the balance of the normal flora in their stomach and intestines. 

If your pets do not have health problems, it is okay for them to nibble the carrots daily. However, give them carrots just in a limited amount. Let your pet enjoy carrots sparingly. 

Carrots are rich in not just in fiber but calcium and vitamin A, too. You just have to give it right once added to your rabbit’s diet. When they eat too many carrots, your pets will suffer from digestive issues, tooth decay, and obesity. Since you don’t eat chocolate bars daily, your bunnies should never eat slices of carrots. 

Do’s and Don’ts in Feeding Rabbits with Carrots

Bunnies require a fiber-based diet coming with grass, clean hay, and leafy greens like cabbage, broccoli, and kale to help in preventing stomach and dental problems. It ranks among the most typical rabbit complaints known by veterinarians.

Changes to your pets’ diet must be made one at a time. Seek advice from your veterinarian to prevent harmful digestive issues. When you start feeding your bunnies with a handful of carrots, you should remember these things:

  • Make sure that you don’t give your bunnies more slices of carrots or other non-leafy veggies like broccoli, celery, bell peppers, cauliflower, Chinese pea pods, summer squash, and edible flowers like pansies, roses, and hibiscus. 
  • To know the right amount of carrots for your pets, experts recommend that total non-leafy veggies must not exceed around 15% of their diet. Hence, it should be 1 tablespoon per 2 pounds of their body weight every day. 
  • Fresh foods ideal for rabbits is leafy greens, a few non-leafy veggies, and fruits. 
  • Provide your rabbits their regular diet that should be composed of more hay, a bit of fiber-rich pellets, and a few leafy greens. Non-leafy veggies and fruits must be provided on an occasional basis. Do not forget to provide the bunnies with more fresh and clean water. 
  • When providing them with carrots, be sure you give them the suggested amounts. When you offer more, your rabbits will surely eat everything on the plate. Add this treat in the logic toys made for rabbits or use carrots while training them like when litter training the rabbits. 
  • Green carrot tops are more appropriate snacks. You can also give some of the orange parts, but the greenish on top is much better. 


As the connection between the rabbits and carrots is squarely in the middle of the pop culture, carrots are not suitable daily food for these animals. What your furry friends need is a well-balanced diet. 

A balanced and healthy diet for bunnies is the one consisting of more grass or hay combined with fewer leafy greens and vegetables, including the top part of the carrots or the carrots themselves.

Again, carrots are not that dangerous to rabbits. They will love it for its tasty flavor, but don’t allow your bunnies to enjoy carrots every day. A handful of this offered to them as treats will be the safest way to go. 

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