Mellerud Rabbit Care Sheet

Mellerud Rabbit Care Sheet

Scientific Facts

Common Name: Mellerud Rabbit
Scientific Name:
Life Span: 5 to 8 years
Size: 6.6 to 7.7 pounds
Habitat: Domesticated
Country of Origin: Sweden

Mellerud Rabbit Information

The Mellerud Rabbit is actually a very old breed of domesticated rabbits and can trace their lineage to the farm rabbits that were very prominent in Sweden back in the 1800s. However, these rabbits suddenly disappeared during the turn of the new century and led people to believe that they had gone extinct. However, during the 1990s, it was discovered that a certain old woman living in Mellerud had actually kept and continued to breed farm rabbits that were believed to have a lineage that can be traced back to the 1930s or even 1920s. the woman gave some of these rabbits up for breeding as they became the foundation for the domesticated farm rabbit now known as the Mellerud Rabbit.

Physical Description

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The Mellerud Rabbit is a compact type medium-sized rabbit that is similar to the Gotland Rabbit in terms of its body structure. They have round heads, and such a feature is more prominent in male rabbits than in female ones. And even though they tend to have a compact kind of shape, these rabbits tend to be longer than most other rabbits from a comparable breed. Female ones tend to be a bit slender than males as both of them usually weigh the same.

A Mellerud Rabbit’s coat is almost always going to be a combination of black and white. This is what gives this breed its distinct and unique appearance. However, the black and white markings all over these farm rabbits tend to vary a lot as one rabbit will not have the same markings as another. There will be some that have more black markings than white markings or vice versa. However, the Mellerud Rabbit usually has a white spot on its chest as well as a muzzle and paws that are white in color. Meanwhile, you can expect them to have fur that is quite short and very fine.


Because they were brought up to be farm animals that are able to freely roam around, Mellerud Rabbits are some of the liveliest breeds of domesticated rabbits around. On top of that, you can expect them to be generally very friendly and good-natured when interacting with humans and with other domesticated pets that are safe for rabbits to be around with.

The Mellerud Rabbit is usually a very calm breed of the rabbit, as it does not seem like it does not fret around much when you try to handle it. In that sense, they are safe to handle, but their lively nature might be a bit too much for other owners since they would want to move around more often than not. However, they are not shy when you try to interact with them and can actually be very affectionate depending on how you approach them.

Life Span

Most Mellerud Rabbits can reasonably live for about 5 years at the minimum. However, there will be some of these rabbits that can reach a maximum lifespan of about 8 years as long as they are taken care of properly. Your rabbit may also be able to reach 10 years if they are given the best kind of care under the best kind of conditions.


Mellerud Rabbits are expected to have the same reproductive pattern as any other domesticated breed of rabbit. They will be able to give birth to multiple baby rabbits and can have a litter size of about 2 to 6 rabbits. They can also reproduce multiple times in a single year due to how short their gestation period tends to be.


The behavior of a Mellerud Rabbit is closely tied to how these bunnies are very lively in terms of their nature. They love roaming around and are generally active when they are given a chance to let loose either indoors or outdoors. In that regard, you can expect them to really love playtime moments on their own, with their owner, or with other domesticated pets. And even though they tend to be quite active, they are actually quite calm and good-natured.

However, due to how active the Mellerud Rabbit tends to be and due to its lively nature, these bunnies do not make ideal pets for small children. You also cannot expect them to be good companions for older owners. They are generally just good pets to have in a large house or on a farm where they are allowed to roam around and be free.

Eating Habits

Mellerud Rabbits follow the same eating habits that most other domesticated rabbits have. They are herbivores that primarily thrive on a diet that is mostly composed of plant or grass-based food. Most owners would want to treat their rabbits to a diet that is about 70% hay. Meanwhile, the rest should be composed of any other healthy type of plant-based food such as vegetables and fruits.

You can supplement your Mellerud Rabbit’s diet with fresh vegetables and fruits that are safe for these bunnies to consume. On top of that, you can also feed them with rabbit pellets that can be purchased commercially in many pet stores. As long as you follow the usual type of diet that domesticated rabbits are supposed to have, your Mellerud Rabbit will do just fine in terms of its overall health.


Mellerud Rabbits need to have access to fresh and clean water on a regular basis because of how active and lively they tend to be. You may provide their water through a water dish that should be cleaned and replaced with fresh water regularly.


Mellerud Rabbits tend to be a bit picky when it comes to the type of cage you provide them because these medium-sized rabbits are quite active and are more or less better off in an environment that is large enough for them to move around in. in that regard, you should give them a large cage that allows them to feel a bit of freedom.

However, if you can and if you live in a really good climate for these rabbits, an outdoor enclosure might be the best choice for Mellerud Rabbits as these bunnies are used to the feeling of being free to roam around in a farm-type environment. You should make an enclosure out of wood and wire. The most important part here is to make sure that the enclosure’s fencing is high enough to prevent these rabbits from jumping out.

Availability – Where to Get one?

Mellerud Rabbits can be purchased from rabbit specialty stores and from the most reputable breeders. However, there are not a lot of Mellerud Rabbits as there are only about 200 of them that are officially registered. In that regard, they might be pretty difficult to purchase, and they might not be as affordable as other breeds of rabbits.

How to Care for a Mellerud Rabbit

When taking care of a Mellerud Rabbit, the most important part to take into consideration is their liveliness. They need to be given a lot of time to play and roam around outside of the cage as they can be quite active in a calm and controlled manner. In that sense, you need to be able to make sure that you house them in an indoor or outdoor environment where they can feel free, like the farm animals that they are supposed to be.

Other than that, Mellerud Rabbits actually follow the same kind of care requirements as most domesticated breeds for rabbits. They are not particular when it comes to the type of food they eat. On top of that, they are more or less low maintenance due to how short and fine their coat is. As such, you will not encounter a lot of problems when raising Mellerud Rabbits.


Is the Mellerud Rabbit a good pet to have?

Generally, Mellerud Rabbits are good pets to have due to their friendly and calm demeanor. However, these rabbits do not make good pets for small children and older owners as they are quite active and lively.

Are Mellerud Rabbits common?

In 2013, there were only about 160 officially registered Mellerud Rabbits.

For what purpose was the Mellerud Rabbit bred for?

In the past, Mellerud Rabbits were raised to be farm animals that are commercially sold for their meat and fur.

Can Mellerud Rabbits be handled safely?

Mellerud Rabbits are safe to handle, but you have to be extra careful when handling them because they are quite lively and may try to jump out when you try to handle them.

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