Rabbit Pee Smells Like Popcorn: Indication and Causes

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Living with a rabbit at home can be an enjoyable endeavor for anyone because of how these pets are generally so lovable due to their playful side and gentle demeanor. However, in some cases, living with a rabbit also includes knowing the different types of conditions that it can potentially suffer from so that you can provide it with a home that is safe enough for it to live in.

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What Are The Different Types of Rabbits?

When it comes to detecting any sort of illness and condition in your rabbit, some of the things to look at and observe are its bodily excretions. While the fecal matter is the most common excretion to look at, you also have to observe its pee. And one way to observe your rabbit’s pee is to smell it.

But what happens if the pee smells oddly similar to popcorn? Well, here are the things that may be causing it to smell like that:

Possible causes of pee smelling like popcorn

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·         Diabetes or high levels of sugar in your rabbit’s diet

If your rabbit is diabetic or if its diet contains sugar levels that are higher than normal, there is a chance that it will affect its pee as well because of how it will excrete more sugar than usual when it pees. At its advanced stages, diabetes has that strong and sweet odor that is similar to popcorn because of all of the sugar that is accumulated in the rabbit’s bladder as well as in its pee. As such, it is important to test your rabbit’s pee for ketones for you to tell whether it is diabetic or not the moment you observe that its pee smells like popcorn.

When your rabbit is diabetic or if there is a chance for it to develop into one, you need to change its diet. Rabbits are not supposed to eat high levels of sugar, even though their diet has a lot of carbs in it. Instead of focusing on food that is high in sugar, you should give the rabbit types of food that are high in fiber and carbs. About 85% of its diet should be comprised of hay because of how it is high in fiber and healthy carbs. The rest should be a good balance between vegetables and pellets. Fruits should only be a rare treat but must be avoided if your rabbit is already showing early signs of diabetes.

·         Changes in the rabbits’ diet

Of course, if you have changed the rabbit’s diet a bit, there is a chance for its pee to smell like popcorn even though it might not be diabetic. There are plenty of different types of food that can lead to changes in the way your rabbit’s pee smells like, just as how changes in our diet can also lead to certain noticeable changes in how our pee looks and smells.

As such, if you quickly notice that your rabbit’s pee smells like popcorn, try to go back to the time you changed its diet and try to see what were the major changes that you made. There may be some types of food that we’re able to contribute to how the pee smells like popcorn. It can be because of how you gave your rabbit more sugary treats at one point in time. Sometimes, it can also be because of higher levels of protein in its diet.

·         Dehydration

Another reason why your rabbit’s pee may be smelling like popcorn is dehydration. Urine is composed mainly of two things: water and excess waste chemicals that the rabbit’s body was unable to process. In that case, if the rabbit is dehydrated, its pee will have more and more chemical components instead of water. That means that whatever chemicals it is excreting out will be more pronounced as compared to water. The excess waste chemicals will cause the pee to have a stronger smell due to how the lower levels of water will not be able to dilute it.

Dehydration is a serious condition that should be avoided at all times, not only in rabbits but also in humans and other animals as well. This can potentially lead to other health concerns and may even be fatal if the rabbit does not get rehydrated right way. In that case, it is important for you to make sure that your rabbit gets to drink a lot of water as much as possible. Try to replace its water from time to time as well to keep it fresh and to minimize any water-borne diseases arising from dirty and contaminated drinking water.

·         Pregnancy

If your rabbit is female and if it seems like it is healthy and in prime condition, there is a chance that the change in how its pee smells is due to pregnancy, especially if it had just recently mated with a male. The reason why the pee smells like popcorn if the female rabbit is pregnant is that there are a lot of different chemical changes occurring in the bunny’s body that the composition of its pee also changes. As such, because of how there is a chance that there will be more chemicals in its pee as a result of pregnancy, there is also a good chance that its pee will smell something similar to popcorn.

However, if the rabbit is not pregnant and its pee smells like popcorn of reasons that are difficult to trace, there is also a good chance that it might be suffering from an infection in its bladder or in its uterus. As such, it is important that you take it to the vet as soon as possible for you to have it checked for possible and more serious infections in its bladder or its uterus.

Conclusion – Why is it important for you to know the reason?

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At this point, you might be wondering why there is a need for us to know why your rabbit’s pee smells oddly similar to popcorn. While the scent of popcorn in itself does not pose any problem because of how it might see a bit more pleasant than the usual scent of your rabbit’s pee, what you should consider here are the reasons behind the smell.

A rabbit’s pee normally should not smell like popcorn. If it does, that only means that is the body is undergoing certain changes that were triggered by a condition that is possibly serious and may even lead to a fatality. As such, it is very important for you to know the reasons why the rabbit’s pee smells like popcorn because of how it might be caused by a serious illness. There are times when the reasons are something so simple as a minor change in its diet. However, serious infections can also be the reason why the pee smells like popcorn. Home remedies such as rehydration or a correction in the rabbit’s diet can be done to treat your bunny. In any case, if the rabbit’s pee does indeed smell like popcorn and it shows symptoms that are related to conditions and illnesses that such animals often suffer from, the best course of action is to take the rabbit to a veterinarian for it to have a proper diagnosis and treatment.

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