Smoke Pearl Rabbit Care Sheet

Smoke Pearl Rabbit Care Sheet

Scientific Facts

Common Name: Smoke Pearl Rabbit
Scientific Name:
Life Span: 5 to 9 years
Size: 5 to 7 pounds
Habitat: Domesticated
Country of Origin: Scotland

Smoke Pearl Rabbit Information

The Smoke Pearl Rabbit is a breed that was bred originally as an exhibition animal back in the 1920s in Scotland. It used to be named the Smoke Beige Rabbit but went on to undergo a name change during the 1930s, primarily because of its color. Since then, this breed never gained the traction it needed to take off outside of Scotland. However, during the 1940s and 50s, it became one of the more popular breeds of rabbits and gained a large following that allowed it to only increase in terms of how popular it is among breeders and pet owners alike.

Physical Description

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The Smoke Pearl Rabbit is a medium-sized breed of domesticated rabbit might look plump at times but is actually built to be quite lean in terms of its overall muscle mass compared to the other breeds of domesticated rabbits that are quiet plump and stout. This rabbit also appears to have a more pronounced arch on its back. Its head is long and not as squared as some other rabbits. Meanwhile, it features ears that are shorter than most other breeds of domesticated rabbits.

This rabbit’s coat tends to be quite thick, dense, and flat. It gives this rabbit its fluffy and fat appearance even though it actually is lean in terms of its muscle mass. It is also its coat that gives the Smoke Pearl Rabbit its popular name. it comes in a smokey blue or brown appearance that is accentuated by different shades of black. It may also come in a light pearl gray appearance and in colors such as beige and blue. With that kind of appearance, there is no wondering how it got its name.


The Smoke Pearl Rabbit is not only very popular due to its amazing appearance but also because of how wonderful of a pet it is to have based on its overall personality. You will really enjoy how affectionate this rabbit is as it will more than likely love to cuddle and interact with you. It likes having its owner around and loves the attention you give it. That is why many different owners like having them around as companions in a good home.

Because of how laidback and very easygoing the Smoke Pearl Rabbit is, they will not mind if you try to stroke their fur. They actually like that sort of attention and are very receptive to getting handled. Such moments between it and its owner improves the bond between them. In short, if you are affectionate towards it, it will show just as much affection towards you. These really are lovable bunnies to have by your side.

Life Span

Smoke Pearl Rabbits can reach a lifespan of about 9 years at the maximum if they are taken care of properly in the best way possible. Most of these rabbits get to live for at least 5 years so long as all of the conditions are right and that they get the kind of care they deserve.


The Smoke Pearl Rabbit is more or less similar to other domesticated breeds of rabbits when it comes to how they reproduce. They reproduce all year long and can do so 4 to 5 times a year due to how short their gestation period is. Most litter sizes are about 1 to 5 rabbits.


The Smoke Pearl Rabbit generally behaves in a mild and friendly manner like most other breeds of domesticated rabbits. These well-behaved bunnies are not the most active types of rabbits and are more than likely going to prefer to stay close to its owner to cuddle around due to how affectionate they are and how they like being the center of attention. This makes the Smoke Pearl Rabbit really receptive to getting cuddled and stroked.

Even when left to play out of the cage, the Smoke Pearl Rabbit will almost always behave well enough that it will not cause a lot of trouble on your part. It is very laidback and will almost always want to be around its owner. That is why it is important to make sure that you have enough time on your hands to provide it with the playtime it needs. Even small children can handle and cuddle with these rabbits quite easily. The Smoke Pearl Rabbit is just too simple and fun of a pet to have because of how friendly and easygoing of a bunny it is. Give it the love it needs, and it will behave in the best way possible.

Eating Habits

Smoke Pearl Rabbits are just like any other domesticated rabbit in terms of the type of diet it requires to stay healthy. As a herbivore, this breed thrives well when given a diet that is about 70% hay or grass. You can also substitute that for some really good commercial-grade rabbit pellets as these already have the kind of nutritional benefits that will allow the rabbit to stay healthy and at a manageable weight.

It is essential to supplement the rest of your Smoke Pearl Rabbit’s daily calorie intake with nutritious vegetables and fruits that are safe for it to consume. Though veggies are also good for your rabbit’s overall health, the reason why they should not dominate your rabbit’s diet is the fact that they may be too calorie-dense for your bunny. Instead, focus more on hay and pellets and use vegetables and fruits as supplements.


While they are not the most active types of rabbits out there, Smoke Pearl Rabbits still need to be rehydrated regularly. As long as you keep fresh clean water in their cage, you will have no problems in terms of how well-hydrated your rabbit will be.


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Not the most demanding breeds in terms of where you house them, Smoke Pearl Rabbits can do well in just about any kind of indoor cage made for rabbits and sold commercially in rabbit specialty stores. Just make sure that the cage is built big and well enough to make your Smoke Pearl Rabbit feel comfortable. Because of how affectionate this breed is, its cage will more than likely only serve as a place for it to sleep, and rest it might need to cuddle with you throughout the entire day.

Outdoor enclosures can be made out of wood and metal wires. Make sure that the wires and placed high enough to prevent it from escaping. The Smoke Pearl Rabbit is not the most active rabbit. In that sense, it will do well in an outdoor enclosure that is not too big. Regardless of that, housing it outdoors will give it some sense of freedom, but it is still best to keep it indoors close to you.

Availability – Where to Get one

As popular as the Smoke Pearl Rabbit is in Scotland, it has also gained a significantly large following in the United States and has become popular pets there as well. A simple search on the internet will reveal several sources where you can purchase your Smoke Pearl Rabbit. They are not the most expensive breeds of rabbits and will be available for sale in many different rabbit pet stores and from the most reputable rabbit breeders.

How to Care for a Smoke Pearl Rabbit

A Smoke Pearl Rabbit will not be the most difficult type of rabbit to take care of. The one thing you should never forget to give it is attention. Give it loads of attention and affection by spending time with it and by cuddling it. It loves getting stroked and will like it if you allow it to sit on your lap. Just make sure to keep it around with you when you have time, as they really require your attention to stay affectionate towards you.

Due to their status as a hybrid breed, Smoke Pearl Rabbits are really hardy and resistant rabbits that are not very susceptible to different types of illnesses and diseases. As long as you give them love, and care and as long as you feed them well, they will thrive and stay healthy for a very long time.


Are Smoke Pearl Rabbits ideal pets?

For those who love to have pets that are very affectionate, the Smoke Pearl Rabbit is perfect due to its friendly and lovable nature.

Where do Smoke Pearl Rabbits originate from?

The Smoke Pearl Rabbit can trace its lineage to Scotland back in the 1920s.

For what purpose was the Smoke Pearl Rabbit bred for?

Smoke Pearl Rabbits have really thick and dense fur due to how they were bred for their coats back in the 1920s and 30s.

What is the best way to interact with a Smoke Pearl Rabbit?

The best way to interact with a Smoke Pearl Rabbit is to be around it and to cuddle with it.

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