Standard Chinchilla Rabbit Care Sheet

Standard Chinchilla Rabbit Care Sheet

Scientific Facts

Common Name: Standard Chinchilla
Scientific Name:
Life Span: 5 to 8 years
Size: 5.5 to 13 pounds
Habitat: Domesticated
Country of Origin: USA

Standard Chinchilla Information

The Standard Chinchilla is a domesticated breed of rabbit that was bred to be one of the larger types of pet bunnies anywhere in the world. As the name suggests, these are the standard varieties of the Chinchilla breed and is considered to be the base from which all other varieties of Chinchilla are bred from. Known to be a large breed of rabbit, the Standard Chinchilla is actually smaller than many of the other gigantic Chinchilla varieties that are bred from it.

One of the more popular breeds in the entire world, Standard Chinchilla, holds a special place in the history of the American Rabbit Breeders Association and is considered to be a very important variety due to how these heavy and stocky rabbits became cornerstones for other popular breeds and varieties.

Standard Chinchillas may have been bred as domesticated pets, but they are also meant to be as big and as stocky as they are for exhibition and for commercial purposes as well. They are often a top choice for rabbit meat in places where rabbits are common delicacies. However, most breeders tend to breed these rabbits for domestic purposes instead of for the value of their meat in the open market.

Physical Description

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Standard Chinchilla’s have the common appearance that most domesticated rabbit breeds have. However, they do have their own uniqueness in terms of their physical attributes in the sense that this medium to large-size rabbits tends to be quite sticky, heavy, plump, or fat. These rabbits can weigh as heavy as more than 13 pounds due to their overall stockiness and plump body build.

The coat of a Standard Chinchilla tends to be quite soft and smooth compared to other domesticated breeds of rabbits. They do not have the thickest coats and are pretty easy to take care of as far as grooming is concerned because they pretty much take care of their own coats without too much trouble on your part.

Standard Chinchilla usually has a color that is quite grayish or even bluish in appearance. The grayish coloration is more abundant and of a darker shade on their backs but tends to get lighter as it fades to the belly side of the rabbit. Their ears tend to have the same shade as their back. Some would even go on to say that the Standard Chinchilla has a color that similar to a mix of salt and pepper due to the dark and light shades that are scattered all over its body.

Overall, Standard Chinchilla’s have an appearance that is quite similar to the more popular American Chinchilla breed. But the difference between these two varieties of Chinchillas is that the Standard one tends to have a more compact body build because it does not have the same overall length as the American variety, which is considered to have a longer body build.


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Similar to most other popular breeds of domesticated rabbits that are recognized by the ARBA, the Standard Chinchilla has a very friendly, open, and sweet personality that makes it an ideal pet rabbit to have for most households. They do not have the defensive personality or the shy demeanor that some other breeds have. In that regard, they are quite easy to get along with for children and adults alike due to how tender-natured they are.

In some cases, the Standard Chinchilla is also a bit docile towards its owner due to how it has gotten used to a life of domestication. It will submit to how its owner handles it and more than likely will not bother to try to struggle whenever you try to carry it. Some would say that its docile behavior is due to how its breed is also used to a life as an exhibition item or as commercial products that are sold for their meat and fur.

Nevertheless, what you can never really take away from the Standard Chinchilla is the fact that it is a rabbit that is very friendly. It loves hanging around and socializing with its owner or family and will not hesitate to show its sweet and quite compassionate side towards anyone who is also just as sweet and as friendly as it is.

The good thing about the Standard Chinchilla’s sweet and friendly side is that it is quite calm and good-natured. It does not show a personality that is overly playful and open but is more or less always in control of how friendly it is towards its family. In that sense, this makes it a good rabbit to have for children or for senior citizens as they do not have a very hyperactive personality.

Life Span

Standard Chinchilla’s more or less the same with any other breed of domesticated rabbits in the sense that these bunnies are used to a captive lifestyle and are more than likely going to live for about 5 to 8 years on average. They get to live longer than their wild counterparts due to how there are not a lot of life-threatening factors in captivity such as bacteria, infections, and natural predators.

When taken care of properly and given a proper diet that is coupled with exercise, the Standard Chinchilla may live to reach the age of 10 but are more than likely going to have a maximum lifespan of about 8 years even when given the best kind of care they deserve under captive care.


Standard Chinchillas reproduce in a similar fashion as other domesticated breeds of rabbit. At about 4 to 5 months old or even as early as 3 months, they will be mature enough to be ready for breeding. Simply introducing a male to a female will be enough to induce breeding so long as the female is receptive enough. These rabbits will more than likely be able to reproduce multiple times in a single year due to how quick the gestation period is. Most Standard Chinchillas will be able to give birth to a clutch size of about 2 to 5 baby rabbits.


One of the best things about the Standard Chinchilla is that it is a well-behaved and good-mannered pet rabbit that is great as domesticated pets for children and seniors alike. They are not overly energetic or hyper and will most likely match your energy level when it comes to interactions between you and the rabbit. Their behavior can also depend on how you treat them. So, if you approach them in a mild manner, they are more than likely to show the same kind of energy towards you.

As docile and quite submissive animals, the Standard Chinchilla does struggle whenever you try to approach, handle, or carry it. It is quite submissive towards the way you handle it and will not even bother to show any kind of negative emotion towards you. That is why they make for great pets for those who love to carry and handle rabbits. Even strangers will be able to handle them with no problem whatsoever.

Standard Chinchillas are not the most playful rabbits due to how calm their temperament tends to be. These rabbits do not move around a lot even when left alone out in the open when taken out of their cage. At times, they may show a kind of playful side if you try hard enough, but they are generally well-behaved animals that are not overly playful in any sort of way. This can be a problem for some owners as Standard Chinchillas can be prone to obesity and are not the most active types of rabbits when you want them to have some exercise.

All in all, Standard Chinchilla is a perfect pet to have for different types of owners due to this kind of behavior and temperament. Moreover, because they are not as big and as heavy as the usual American or Giant Chinchillas, they make good pets for children and for the elderly.

Eating Habits

The diet of a Standard Chinchilla is similar to any other domesticated rabbit breed. This variety of rabbit thrives when given a diet that is primarily based on hay or on grass as the Standard Chinchilla gets all of the nutrients it needs from such a food source. Some would say that these rabbits should have a diet that is about at least 60%. There are those that give their rabbits hey 70% of the time. The rest of their calorie intake should be based on leafy greens, vegetables, the occasional fruits. You can also give them a diet that is based primarily on commercial rabbit feed as this type of food already has a lot of the nutrients that rabbits need on a daily basis.

When choosing vegetables and greens to feed your Standard Chinchilla, be extra careful as some can actually be dangerous or hazardous to their health. Go as simple as possible when choosing plant-based food for your rabbit to eat. They can do well on a diet that incorporates clover, lettuce, and cabbage. Fruits can be a good addition to their daily diet but should be treated as occasional rewards since the sugar content of fruits can be too high for your Standard Chinchilla.

be wary of the fact that the Standard Chinchilla is prone to obesity. These plump rabbits easily get fat and overweight and are not the most active varieties of domesticated rabbits. Exercise may help them lose weight, but the problem lies in how you incorporate exercise in your Standard Chinchilla’s lifestyle as they tend to be quite lazy despite their playful and friendly demeanor. In that regard, the best way to make sure they do not get too fat is to watch the portion sizes and to schedule their feeding times well.


Standard Chinchillas need to regularly drink water since they need to hydrate their fat and plump bodies on a consistent basis. You can use either a water dish or a fountain-like water system. The most important part here is to keep an eye on the water and to make sure that it stays fresh and free of any contamination so as to minimize the risk of water-borne infections and illnesses.


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Standard Chinchillas or any other type of domesticated rabbit for that matter will do well when kept in a standard rabbit cage you can procure commercially in pet stores. You should choose a cage that is suitable enough for the size of a Standard Chinchilla, although these rabbits are not the longest and heaviest varieties. Just make sure that the cage has more than enough space for them to feel a bit of freedom to move around. But if you prefer them to have a wide space to use for roaming, an outdoor enclosure might be a good idea. These enclosures can be made using wood and metal wires. But always see to it that the outdoor conditions are actually suitable for the Standard Chinchilla.

You do not have to place a lot of decorations and toys in the Standard Chinchilla’s cage. They are not really shy types of rabbits and do not mind not having any places to use for hiding. On top of that, this rabbit also is not the most playful type, but it might make use of toys from time to time. Again, they are not necessary, but toys and other types of furnishings can be a good addition to your rabbit’s habitat.

Availability – Where to Get one?

Standard Chinchillas are not the most difficult domesticated rabbits to find, as they are quite common in America. You can see plenty of these rabbits sold online by breeders all over the country. Most Standard Chinchillas have prices that are somewhere between $20 to $50. Go for ones that come from reputable breeders that breed their Standard Chinchillas based on strict standards. You can use any sort of guide you can find to know what to look for in a good Standard Chinchilla.

How to Care for a Standard Chinchilla

Standard Chinchillas really are quite easy to care for regardless of the owner’s level of experience. They are not the most demanding types of rabbits and are more or less very receptive to any kind of care so long as you look after them diligently. The important part here is to keep an eye on their health and to see to it that you give them their much-needed social time and interaction to promote their friendly temperament.

Like any other domesticated rabbit, the Standard Chinchilla does not like getting bathed, as getting dipped in water can cause too much stress. Instead, spot-cleaning them is the best option for you. Their coats also do not need a lot of grooming since they do not have the thickest type of fur among domesticated rabbits.

Watching the Standard Chinchilla’s diet can be the trickiest part of taking care of them because they tend to be quite prone to obesity. In that regard, always make sure to feed them with only the most suitable types of food such as hay or commercial rabbit feed but keep an eye on the portion sizes as well s the regularity of their feedings.


Is the Standard Chinchilla a good pet to have?

Standard Chinchillas are excellent pets t have due to their friendly nature, sweet demeanor, and docile personality.

Are Standard Chinchillas strictly herbivores?

Standard Chinchillas will only eat plant-based food and are better off given a diet that is based on hay and other types of edible grass. They can also eat fruits and vegetables to supplement their diet.

What are the common health problems that Standard Chinchillas face?

Other than the fact that they are prone to obesity, Standard Chinchillas do not have a lot of health problems and concerns that are too glaring for you. Just keep an eye on their diet and always make sure that they are mite and parasite-free.

Do Standard Chinchillas love to play?

Standard Chinchillas are not the most playful types of pet rabbits and are not as active as the typical domesticated rabbit. But they may show their playful side from time to time as long as you do not force them in doing so.

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