Are There Crazy Bunnies?

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Bunnies are known for their docile, relatively innocent disposition. However, to some with very observant eyes, these animals actually have bigger personalities than we expect them to have. Those who have never own one may not understand their personalities and behaviors.

For this reason, some have been led to the conclusion that there are crazy bunnies, just by looking at the way they behave, and how they accomplish their rituals. Let us take a closer look at some of the reasons why bunnies have been tagged as crazy. We will also look at certain bunny actions and see which ones are normal and those that are overrated.

‘Crazy in March?’

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The idea that bunnies went crazy in March to start way back some centuries ago. For one, with the 1865 Lewis Carroll tale featuring the Mad Hatter and March Hare. In the story, Alice mentioned that the March Hare is interesting as it goes raving mad in March.

Also, during the earlier part of the 16th century, John Heywood, an English playwright, also mentioned about those who are not well-versed with Middle English as brainless as the March Hare. While rabbits and hares are different, with the hare being bigger with some brown edges on their ears, both of these animals are known for turning somewhat wild in March.

It is a coincidence that late February until early March marks the start of their breeding season. This is a reason why their crazy reputation has been associated with their mating traditions. As winter ends with spring along the way, male rabbits start his search for females after their long hiatus. The moment he finds a female, they go through quite a bizarre ritual in courting, which usually comes in several forms.

Some rabbits display their interest by racing and running, while others hop or leap. Others are also observed to fight or box. After their mating deed is accomplished, the male rabbit may opt to stick around for some hours before looking for another adventure, given that rabbits are polygamous by nature. In fact, alpha males will try to attempt with any females, if not all, in their territory.

In locations wherein there is a huge population of rabbits, you can see some crazy courting going on. Humans observing these rituals often wonder why they seem to be acting crazy, thus leading to the belief we now have that rabbits go crazy at the start of spring.

Despite being docile in appearance, Hares also contribute to this reputation. They are known to utilize their powerful front legs to tackle others in a rough tumbling and boxing match. There was a time when animal experts believed that these matches were simply a result of the male hares fighting over their partners, they came to the understanding that unwilling females also box arrogant males as a sign of their disapproval.

Understanding Crazy Bunny Habits

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Here are some of the common bunny habits. Some are overdone and unfamiliar to many, which is why some think that these behaviors are crazy.

  • Digging

By nature, rabbits are diggers. Other members of their family dig a burrow to nest and to build homes. Some rabbits do so for fun. These types of rabbits are often labeled as crazy because they just dig without necessarily building a home. Still, this is but an instinctual move, which can be destructive and bothersome to their owners. In fact, bunnies may also dig your hands and feet just to get your attention.

Is digging a crazy move? No! Perfectly normal.

  • Binkying

Binkying refers to a movie where a bunny looks like a human jumping gleefully into the air while clicking heels at the same time. When bunnies do this, they leap into the air, twisting their bodies to display that they are excited and happy. For someone who is not familiar with a binky, it may seem that their bunny is mad, running away, or scared. Some even think that there is something wrong with their bunny.

Still, a binky is very normal, and even a natural action of a happy bunny. If you own a rabbit, you may even have to worry if your pet does not do a binky at all!

  • Bunny 500

Have you noticed your bunny running around the room like mad as if something is behind them? This is not a crazy move, but what you are seeing is a bunny 500. This rabbit behavior is proof that your pet is happy, zooming in and out because of real excitement.

It could be that they want to play with you or another friend, and wants to have a treat. Bunny 500 is undoubtedly not just entertaining but also a visual display of their happiness. Good job, your owner, if your bunny does it from time to time!

  • Flopping

Some people often get nervous seeing bunnies flopping over to their sides. This is not a bad thing, though. In fact, flopping is a good sign of a satisfied rabbit. In normal hours, your rabbit will be sitting up, resting, and rolling on their side to lie down.

With a flopping motion, your bunny is not going through a seizure. Instead, your rabbit will have their eyes mostly closed, relaxed body, with legs not moving at all. Flopping is another normal behavior that shows how relaxed your bunny is.

  • Kicking

Rabbits are known for their strong kicks. After all, they are equipped with very powerful back legs. If they are angry or displeased, they may attempt to kick. If your bunny kick as they hop, they are actually thinking of kicking up dirt as a display of their upset feeling. If your bunnies kick as you hold them make sure to be careful in setting them down because they could end up hurting or paralyzing their back if they try to kick as hard as they can as you hold them.

  • Crazy Noises

Many people feel it unnatural to hear bunnies making noises. True, since they are social animals, they do not usually make sounds. However, they do. In fact, there are alarming noises that they tend to produce, such as a honk or buzz, which means that they are excited. This usually goes with circling and smelling another friend while grinding their teeth.

Your rabbit may also growl, especially if they are territorial, stressed out, or angry. Spaying or neutering your rabbit may relieve these tendencies. If you hear growling, it is best to separate the bunnies because it can also serve as an indication that aggressive behavior, or potentially a fight, could happen anytime soon. You can serve as the referee of your pets.


At times, it is humans that label our bunny friends as crazy. In an entertaining way, they really look crazy as they do their rituals or show that they are happy, excited, or satisfied. On the other hand, if you notice that there is something really going on with your rabbit, and it seems that your rabbit is out of control, you may want to visit your veterinarian and have your pet checked. Otherwise, all other things that they do simply add to the entertainment that they offer their owners.

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