How To Choose The Best Beddings For Rabbits (7 Best Brands)

How To Choose The Best Beddings For Rabbits

When it comes to rabbit care, many factors need consideration, including their bedding. It is important to note that rabbits come in different sizes and breeds, with varying characteristics, so finding suitable bedding is crucial.

Creating a relaxing space for rabbits is essential for ensuring they get good sleep every day. In this pursuit, we will assist you in selecting the best bedding for your rabbits. We’ll discuss the factors to consider and recommend some of the best bedding brands available in the market.

Factors To Consider in Choosing Rabbit Beddings

1. The Bedding Must Be Comfortable for Rabbits

Every species wants to have a comfortable sleeping area. This is also the same with your rabbits. The average time that rabbits sleep is 8-10 hours a day. So, bedding is where your pet will stay most of the time. 

With that, giving them the best comfort possible will make them happy and boost your rabbit’s health and wellness. 

2. The Bedding Must Be Absorbent

Aside from sleeping, the rabbit can do other activities in their bedding. If your pet isn’t trained, it can poop and urinate everywhere. So you need to take precautionary measures like having absorbent bedding. 

That way, it will be absorbed even when they accidentally urinate in their bedding. Remember that even if the bedding is absorbent, you must regularly change it to avoid bacterial growth.     

3. The Bedding Must Be Odorless

There are so many bedding brands for rabbits in the market. And some of them are made from toxic materials that can harm rabbits.

You need to remember that your rabbit is a very sensitive animal. They can easily get distressed by simple things like strong odors. So you should consider that the bedding you choose for them is odorless.  That way, the rabbit sleeps comfortably without being interrupted by the strong smell of the materials in the bedding. 

4. The Bedding Must Be Dust-Free

A great rabbit bedding is made to contain zero to less dust. Dust-free bedding is helpful, especially when changing the bedding. It gives and saves more of your time and can make your task much quicker and easier. Aside from that, it can also help maintain your rabbit’s health.

Beddings You Need To Avoid For Rabbits

There are two bedding shavings that you should avoid using in rabbits-the cedar and pine shavings. 

For years, Cedar and Pine Shavings have been issued about whether they are safe for rabbit bedding. Both are made from softwood that has a phenol content. According to the House Rabbit of Society, overexposure to this content can cause liver damage to rabbits.  

Moreover, these two shavings have a distinct smell that can disrupt your rabbit’s nose. You will notice this upon opening a bag of cedar or pine shavings. There is an immediate phenol smell coming from it. So it’s best to avoid using these two products.

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7 Best Bedding Brands For Rabbits

1. Healthy Pet Critter Care

This brand assures 100% natural bedding for rabbits. It is made from a natural paper that will give warmth and comfort to your pet. It is also absorbent-free because of the material used.


2. Small Pet Select Premium Bedding

This bedding caters to small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and mice or rodents. Small Pet Select is dedicated to offering only the best bedding for these animals. Made with all-natural materials that ensure a cozy feeling for your pet. It is also absorbent-free and odorless, without using any artificial scent. 


3. CareFresh Small Pet Bedding

Carefresh aims to provide great quality bedding for rabbits. This company strives to offer exceptional products that are safe and relaxing. One of its best-selling products is the Carefresh Small Pet Bedding. This product is specifically made for small animals to ensure they have the comfiest bedding.  


4. Kaytee Extreme Odor Control

One of the best absorbent and odorless bedding is the Kaytee Extreme Odor control. It claims to provide 14-day odorless bedding for your pet. So if you always have a problem with the rabbit urinating in their bed, this brand is right for you. 

Being highly absorbent, this bedding can offer a cozy and clean surface that makes cleaning and changing easier. It is 99 percent dust-free making its way for a healthy and sound place to stay.


5. Oxbow Animal Health Eco- Straw Litter

Made from 100% natural wheat straw, Oxbow Animal Health products should not be overlooked. It is very absorbent and has no strong smell that can distress your rabbits. It also lasts longer than normal litter bedding, so you won’t have any problem changing it too frequently. 

In addition, it can absorb more liquid thrice its weight. Oxbow Eco-Straw Bedding for Pets is a great choice to keep your rabbits from unwanted health problems and allergy attacks.


6. VitaKraft Fresh World Bedding

Vitakraft Fresh World Bedding is made from 100 percent recycled paper material. One of the best things about this product is there are no artificial materials used, meaning it is non-toxic bedding for small animals like rabbits. This bedding is also highly absorbent and is good for the environment.


7. Living World Aspen Wood Shaving

If you want to use wood shaving that is safe for rabbits, try Living World Aspen Shavings. It is made from aspen wood and not in pine or cedar shaving, which is commonly harmful to rabbits. It’s also ideal for allergic animals because it does not contain ingredients like aromatic oils. 


Key Takeaways

  • Rabbits need great care and attention. Not only are they required to eat healthy foods, but rabbits also need a safe and great place that will give them comfort and pleasure.
  • Rabbits come in different sizes and breeds, so you must find a suitable lifestyle. 
  • Choosing the best bedding for your rabbit is important because this is where they spend most of their time daily.
  • Here are the different factors to consider in choosing a bed for rabbits: Comfortability, Absorbency, Odor, and Dust Content. 
  • There are two bedding shavings that you need to avoid in rabbits Cedar and Pine Shavings. They are made from softwoods with phenol content, commonly harmful to rabbits.
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