6 Best Cedar Shavings Brand for Rabbit Cage Beddings

The argument for cedar shavings is still in a rage. For so many years, it has been the general agreement of rabbit owners to avoid using untreated cedar shavings. Characterized by its very strong odor, untreated cedar shavings are avoided by breeders because they want to ensure the safety of their pet rabbits. However, heat-treated cedar is safe for use based on the study of science.

The availability and affordability of heat-treat cedar shavings get rid of any interest to untreated cedar shavings, even though untreated cedar shavings are also hugely available.

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Best Cedar Shavings Brands

Despite the numerous discussions and arguments about the use of cedar shavings of rabbit cage beddings, you should also know that some brands can guarantee safety and efficiency. It is true that with the current trend in the market, plenty of brands are occurring to attempt enticing the pet owners. This becomes a challenge to many customers as they need to determine which one is the best.

If you are planning to get cedar shavings for your rabbit cage beddings but is not certain on what to pick, here are some best cedar shavings brand that you may want to consider:

1. Kaytee Cedar Bedding

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Provide your pet rabbit a comfortable, dry, and ammonia-free habitat through this Kaytee Cedar Bedding. Although this brand has been known for its foul smell, rabbits are veritably meticulous. The odor is, most of the time being triggered by unimpressive bedding quality or rare habitat cleanings.

Kaytee Cedar Bedding is formulated with entirely natural cedar shavings, particularly refined to get rid of the wood debris and dust seen in other bedding. Its unrefined cedar oils offer a fresh, clean scent and fend off fleas and other kinds of insects. This kind of cedar shaving is ideal for open and properly ventilated cages.

Kaytee is 20 percent more absorptive, allowing it to hold an added 4 times of its weight in liquid. It is certainly safe for pet rabbits as it gets rid of unpleasant odor to create a fresh and clean cage.

2. Brown’s Natural Aromatic Red Cedar

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The natural aromatic red cedar bedding of Brown is comforting, clean, and naturally fresh. The soft shavings would make great beddings for rabbit cages. Its greatly absorptive red cedar contributes to maintaining the cleanliness and comfort of your pet rabbit’s environment. The glaze-drying method enhances absorption and protects against molds and bacteria.

The red cedar is entirely biodegradable and a sustainable resource. The red cedar of Brown is extremely clean and secluded to control debris and dust. This brand understands the importance of having a clean habitat; hence, it would be great if you choose the brand of Brown’s for the welfare of your pet rabbit.

3. Kennel Care Cedar Bedding

Kennel Care Cedar Bedding easily lowers odors and messes of your pet rabbit’s habitat. Characterized by a clean and fresh aroma bedding, this cedar shaving offers superior odor regulation. Formulated to establish a warm habitat and great for usage with pet rabbits.

4. Four Winds Trading’s Natural Cedar Shavings

Four Winds Trading offers a 100 percent natural cedar shavings. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor setup, this brand would make an ideal option. It offers a pleasant cedar aroma. It would certainly make a great addition to your rabbit cage bedding. These cedar shavings are great for rabbit cage beddings because of its odor-combating and absorbency abilities.

5. Vundahboah Amish Goods

This kind of red cedar shavings are completely organic and unrefined chips are available in numerous sizes. It has a perfect scent of red cedar and makes a great option for rabbit cage bedding.

Vundahboah Amish Goods only provide fresh cedars with no sprays, coatings, or chemicals included. Several reviews were raised about the settling of this brand. Settling does happen. The bags are fully loaded as they go. Settling happens while the bags are stored. This is somehow alike to the settling of cereal.

6. Easy Clean Cedar Bedding

Easy Clean Cedar Bedding offers cushiony and tidy bedding for rabbit cages. It’s all unrefined cedar bedding is biodegradable and absorptive. Litter suggests a long and lasting use. Pet owners may comfortably occupy the bedding area with the unrefined, fresh aroma of cedar.

This product is particularly formulated to meet the requirements of small creatures like rabbits.

The Lethal Side of Cedar Shavings

Several claims say that cedar shavings will trigger respiratory issues in rabbits because of its high ammonia. However, some points were also raised to somehow neutralize the hesitations of pet owners.

It is not essentially possible to anticipate that rabbits will respond to the phenols occurring in cedars as how men do. This is simply because the cute rabbits do not suck in numerous dust. Firstly, no clinical proofs are indicating these effects on rabbits. No official records are stating the total figures of rabbits that got ill because of cedar. There are indeed several cases of coccidiosis or snuffles in many rabbits. However, these health issues were not acquired from the so-called acute cedar-osis. Nowadays, nearly no one is using untreated cedar shavings for their pet rabbits; nevertheless, 20 years ago, these cedars were used as common beddings. And during that time, rabbits were not seen dropping similar to flies.

Secondly, it is not probable to hypothesize outputs from omnivore and carnivore species to a species that is characterized as herbivore because digestive systems, metabolism, lungs, and nutritional requirements are completely distinct.  Rabbits are known to be herbivores. They gnaw on the bark of trees when in the wild, and that includes the bark of cedar, and they did not experience any negative reactions. This is the reason why it is not fair to hypothesize an evaluation of an ill man and eventually figure out that the smaller animals shall get ill in an equal approach or even worse.

Common Arguments of Cedar Shavings

Although there are reliable cedar shavings brands available in the market, it would also be good to note about the common arguments raised by some experts about cedar shavings. Some of the arguments are the following:

  • Cedars are pungent softwood shavings.
  • Their scent originates from the phenols coming from the wood.
  • The difference between the hardwood and softwood rabbit litter occurs because there is no near as abundant phenols in hardwood.
  • Phenols penetrate the body system of the rabbit affecting directly the lungs by breathing in the fumes.
  • The body of the rabbit abruptly withdraws the phenols in the liver. This method has been understood to lift the liver enzymes of the rabbits. What has not been noted in this argument is that the enzyme system of the rabbit is a common part of the antioxidant system of the rabbit – it cleanses numerous components in the body of the rabbit, and once it does, there occurs an elevation of the enzyme and then goes back to normal. Anytime within the day, the rabbit shall demonstrate lifted liver enzymes as a common task of health maintenance. Phenols indeed lift the liver enzymes; illness is not implied from this system.
  • Similar enzymes also get rid of the drugs within the body of the rabbit.
  • Some of the common drugs a veterinarian can use are may include theophylline, xylazine, dexamethasone, opioid painkillers, and ketamine.
  • The efficiency of the drug once there is an elevation of liver enzymes is lowered to more than 40 percent because the heightened levels of the liver enzymes cleanse the drugs away from the system a lot quicker than the usual.
  • This should not be a concern to the rabbit. Rather, it should be a concern of the veterinarian who has to learn in advance to adjust the dosage of the drug. Moreover, it should be a concern of the laboratory researchers who have to institute their outputs with outputs from other labs. Again, it should not be a concern to the rabbit.
  • This is the major criticism of softwoods.
  • The increased danger of cancer is recently discussed. However, nothing has been proven yet. The proof is evocative at best.


Nowadays, there are limited pet owners are using untreated cedar shavings. If you take time searching online as well as the market, you will see that there are reliable cedar shavings brands. They are affordable, abundant, and efficient.

Although caution must be . However, when using the untreated version of cedar shavings, do not be scared to maximize the heat-treated shavings because they are entirely safe to your pet.

The list of best cedar shavings brands featured above may help you decide on which brand to use. Again, it is still your responsibility to evaluate your needs and priorities. Raising a rabbit is a fun task to do. However, it also demands dedication and proper care. Since cedar shavings brands are plenty, you should take the initiative of learning more about these brands to discover more about their products and to weigh whether or not their product can give you the best help.

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