Does Neo Predef Powder Improve Your Rabbit’s Condition?

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When you are taking care of a rabbit, you should not only focus on providing it with the best kind of nourishment and feeding it with a balanced diet but also making sure that it is taken care of a much as possible by keeping it away from any harmful conditions and diseases that can easily affect its lifespan or lead to other serious illnesses in the long run.

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One of the products that a lot of different pet owners swear by is Neo Predef. This is a powder that is particularly popular among various kinds of pet owners and not just for those who have rabbits. But, even though it is one of the more popular products used for animal care, is it effective for rabbits? That is what we are going to discuss in this article.

What is Neo Predef?

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Neo Predef is a topical antibacterial powder that is prescribed by your veterinarian and is directly applied on your pet’s fur to help decrease the symptoms that are related to different ear and skin conditions found in a wide variety of different domesticated animals. Among such animals that Neo Predef is often used on our dogs, cats, and even horses.

Because of how versatile Neo Predef is, it is usually used for helping in the treatment of hot spots, skin infections, and ear infections for various parts of your pet’s body. This could include the skin in general, the ears, and the area between the toes. It is not exactly an elixir in improving your pet’s skin condition, but it does help decrease the symptoms that are related to a lot of different skin and ear infections found on your pet.

Neo Predef, in some cases, is also useful as a dusting powder or a superficial dressing that can help relieve dogs and cats of the pain they feel from small cuts, lacerations, wounds, and abrasions. Simply applying it on the animal’s skin is enough to help ease any pain or discomfort it might be feeling. And because of its anti-inflammatory properties, Neo Predef can also be used for post-surgical procedures to help reduce pain.

In terms of its ingredients, Neo Predef is actually a combination of the antibiotic neomycin sulfate, the topical anesthetic tetracaine, and the anti-inflammatory agent isoflupredone acetate. The combination of such ingredients allows it to be potent against infections that are caused by allergies and neomycin-susceptible micro-organisms that can be harmful to your pet’s overall health.

Can you use Neo Predef Powder for your rabbit?

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While Neo Predef Powder is widely used for dogs, cats, and horses, there is no reason why you won’t be able to use it for your rabbits and see some improvements in whatever skin and ear infections they may have. Neo Predef is formulated to be effective against allergies, inflammations, and bacteria that cause skin and ear infections. In that regard, your rabbit might also be able to improve its condition if you are using Neo Predef for treating skin and ear infections.

However, Neo Predef is not often used for rabbits when it comes to treating skin and ear infections. Instead, most rabbit owners use it as the topical powder used to help relieve any kind of pain their pets might be feeling. That is because this powder has anti-inflammatory properties that are quite potent and effective against all sorts of pains coming from abrasions, wounds, scratches, and minor cuts on your rabbit’s skin. So, if your rabbit happens to be in a bit of pain, you may want to use Neo Predef as a topical powder that can help reduce swelling and inflammation and manage your bunny’s pain.

What you should consider when you are using Neo Predef for your rabbit is that it should be used in dosages that are lower than what a horse or even a dog would require because of how small rabbits are compared to those animals. However, it is quite easy to use Neo Predef because you simply only have to apply the powder in moderate amounts on the affected area on your rabbit’s skin.

What is in Neo Predef?

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The three main ingredients found in Neo Predef are neomycin sulfate, tetracaine, and isoflupredone acetate.

Neomycin sulfate

This substance is an antibiotic that is derived naturally from soil cultures. This is the ingredient that allows Neo Predef to be effective against any type of bacteria that may be causing the infection on the rabbit’s skin or ear.


Tetracaine is a topical anesthetic actually quite potent in the sense that it might be more effective than cocaine when used in similar concentrations. This is the ingredient that promotes healing on your rabbit’s skin or ear and also helps in managing pain.

Isoflupredone acetate

Isoflupredone acetate is an anti-inflammatory substance that reduces swelling and inflammation because of its influence on connective tissues. It is known to be great at reducing inflammations on an animal’s skin but might not be as effective when it comes to chronic conditions.


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Like any kind of medical treatment that can be used for pets, you have to be careful when using Neo Predef. The one thing you should first do is to follow proper precautionary measures before you apply the powder on the rabbit’s affected area. In that regard, you should examine the ear or have a vet examine it for you just to be sure. A vet will be able to see whether the tympanic membrane is destroyed. The examination is also for the purposes of making sure that the infection in the rabbit’s ear does not transmit to the other parts of the ear as well.

Also, before you use Neo Predef on your rabbit, make sure that you consult with the vet first. Your vet should be the first person to tell you whether or not you should use this topical powder on your rabbit to help it with whatever kind of condition it might be suffering from. Never try to treat your rabbit without getting professional advice from a vet. If the animal or the rabbit you are raising is for consumption purposes, do not use Neo Predef. That is because this powder is not meant for human use.

You may want to avoid using Neo Predef on your rabbit if it is pregnant. That is because of how it can possibly lead to birth defects due to how it contains corticosteroids. Finally, if you see any kind of allergic reaction on your pet rabbit after using Neo Predef, stop the treatment immediately. Signs of allergic reactions may include swelling of the face, hives, diarrhea, and scratching. In the worst-case scenario, the allergic reaction may even lead to seizures, vomiting, or even a coma.


Neo Predef is indeed an effective product to use for your rabbits because of how it can treat various types of infections while also helping in relieving your bunny of any pain it might be feeling from external wounds and cuts. However, when you are using Neo Predef, please do make sure that you are taking the proper precautionary measures and that the use is prescribed and supervised by a qualified professional such as a veterinarian. Otherwise, you may end up worsening the rabbit’s condition instead of actually improving it.

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