Best Treats To Reward Your Rabbits (Feeding Guide & Tips)

Treats For Rabbits

Providing your rabbit with good and balanced food is essential. Like humans, food is the main source of nutrients in your rabbit’s body. However, once you own a rabbit, its meals are not the only important thing. Giving your pet treats is also recommended.  

Aside from eating hay greens and pellets, other food snacks are also good for rabbits. You can use this to train the rabbit or just be an additional nourishment. But you need to know the best kinds of treats for rabbits so that they will truly enjoy the essence of eating. 

To guide you better, we will go through some of the safe treats you can offer your rabbit. Keep reading this article if you don’t want to miss some information!

Rabbit Food Pyramid 

When you have a rabbit, you need to know some basic facts about them. Rabbits are classified as herbivorous animals. They are grass feeders, so most of their meals consist of a huge percentage of hay and grass. Aside from that, it also improves their digestive function. 

Besides regular meals, adding other food is also good for rabbits. The addition of pieces of fruits and veggies are considered safe and healthy for rabbits. To guide you better, look at the table below for your rabbit’s food percentage needs.  

Food TypeFood Percentage Needs
Hays Primary Diet
VegetablesSecondary Diet/ Additional food for the meal
Pellets(Optional) addition to meal
Fruits/Snack TreatsOccasional food treats  

Unsafe Food Treats for Rabbits


Chocolate is an enjoyable snack for humans. They are sweet and addicting. But that is also the reason why it is harmful to your rabbits. Chocolate is made from cacao which is unsafe for rabbits’ digestive systems. 

In fact, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) listed chocolate as one of the poisonous foods for rabbits. Since cacao contains toxin compounds like caffeine, it is not ideal for their body. 

Caffeine is a strong stimulant that makes someone addicted. Besides, sweet foods can only upset your rabbit’s stomach, leading to diarrhea


Another popular snack unsafe for rabbits is biscuits. Some basic ingredients of biscuits are flour, eggs, sugar, butter, and salt, which are all unsuited for rabbits’ metabolism. A small amount will not harm your pet. But you still need to observe them if you think they eat some pieces. 

Look for signs of an upset stomach, like watery stool, loss of appetite, and a weak body. Bring them to your trusted veterinarian right away for early treatment.       

Best Treats for Rabbits


This fruit is one of the safest foods you can offer as a  treat to your rabbits. But ensure that you don’t feed the pits and stalks because it contains a toxic chemical called cyanide. Digesting this content does not harm your pet in small doses but can lead to poisoning if too much.

In contrast, the inside and flesh of apples are rich in different nutrients. One of them is fiber, the primary nourishment your rabbit needs for their digestive function. It is also a good source of antioxidants that helps them develop a strong immune system that fights free radicals. 

When you feed an apple to your pet, cut it into small pieces to avoid choking hazards and upset stomachs. And if it’s your pet’s first time nourishing an apple, introduce the fruit properly. 


The size of the blueberry makes it a good snack treat for rabbits. This fruit makes wonder inside the body of your pet. It is packed with different nutrients that contribute to keeping their overall body functioning.            

Moreover, study shows that blueberries have a high antioxidant content. It helps your pet fight common bacteria and repair damaged cells due to free radicals. Remember, when feeding blueberries, observe if they will react after eating them. Sometimes their stomach is unsuitable for fruits even if it’s considered safe. 


Carrots and rabbits have been associated with one another for many years. You can also notice that when you give your pet carrots, they will love chewing this veggie because of its texture. Although carrots are safe for your pet, you must limit the amount. The veggie has a hard texture, and sometimes it can cause damage to your rabbit’s dental health. 

Rabbit Sticks

Crunchy and chewy rabbit sticks are commercially available in many stores. Commonly this treat is made from wild berries and whole grains. It helps promote dental health while making your pet happy. 

Since the rabbit will love chewing, you can also give them this treat inside their cage if you think they are bored. Chewing is a great distraction for rabbits. But take note of the ingredients from commercial treats. Ensure they are safe and natural when choosing a product. Also, provide water after every feeding time to keep them hydrated. 

Natural Bamboo Treat

Another safe treat for a rabbit is bamboo-flavored treats. This treat has a slight bamboo scent that your pet will love, and the texture of it is suitable for their teeth. The sweet taste comes from xylose, which is a natural sugar that comes from bamboo wood. 

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Tips When Feeding Treats in Rabbits

Ensure Limitations

You must set limitations when feeding your rabbit. Treats are considered food and not meals. It is best to give treats during training or as an afternoon snack. Know how much your bunny can handle to avoid overfeeding them. You can offer their treats every once in a while as a reward or to celebrate a milestone or small victory. 

In addition, some of the commercial treats are specifically made to indulge the pallet of rabbits, which is why eating treats can sometimes be addicting.  

Check the Label

One of the things you probably consider in choosing treats are the ones from the pet store. When selecting commercial treats, you must check the product’s label first. This will help you know what the treats are made of. 

Commercially manufactured snacks and treats are not sometimes what they seem. Although some products claim to boost nutrition and offer plenty of benefits, they may also contain sugar, salt, and other artificial flavors that are unhealthy and even toxic to rabbits. It’s best to always seek advice from your veterinarian on the best brand for your pet. 

Introduce Treats Properly

Rabbit’s digestive systems are sensitive, so the new nourishment can easily upset them. If you want to try a new treat for your pet, it’s always ideal to transition their stomach first by introducing the new food. This is one of the common mistakes that some pet owners make. They buy treats and let their pet enjoy the food, but the rabbit has an upset stomach later on. 

To do a proper food transition, always give a small amount first. Observe if your rabbit will like it and if it will exhibit adverse effects. If you think your rabbit’s body is suited, gradually increase the amount until it reaches the desired measurement of treats intake. But on the other hand, if the rabbit shows any sign of sickness, bring them to the vet immediately. 

Incorporating Fun Activities into Treats

Feeding can be fun for you and your pet. For example, treats can be offered for a well-done job reward when training them. Be it a particular skill or trick, this offers mental stimulation, exercise, socialization, and a yummy bite that your pet will always look forward to whenever it is time for another training session.

In addition, this will build trust and bonding. Aside from just giving them a snack, you can offer it through hand feeding. Animal Behaviors notes that bond time is important for rabbits. Rabbits are sociable animals, so they want to spend time with their trusted member, like you and their companion rabbits. That is why hand feeding can spark connection because of physical contact. They will trust you more and release good hormonal changes in their body.       

Key Takeaways

  • Aside from the rabbit’s regular meal, it’s ideal for giving them treats occasionally. Treats for animals serve many purposes. You can use it as a reward for good behavior or a snack for your pet.
  • When giving treats, ensure they are of the best quality and don’t contain harmful chemicals. Some commercial treats claim that it is natural their treats still contain some sugar or salt that can cause an upset stomach for your pet. You can ask your vet doctor to know the best treats.
  • A rabbit food pyramid consists of four elements. The primary nourishment for rabbits comes from hayes and grass. The secondary nourishment comes from vegetables. The third is rabbit pellets. And lastly, fruits and treats. 
  • Here are the unsafe food treats for rabbits because they contain harmful compounds, chocolate, bread, and biscuits.
  • Best rabbit treats are apples, blueberries, carrots, rabbit sticks, and natural bamboo treats.
  • Here are some tips when you give treats to rabbits; ensure limitation, check the label, introduce the treats properly, and incorporate fun activities to create trust and bond. 

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