Cilantro For Rabbits: Feeding Guide, Nutrition & Facts

Cilantro For Rabbits

It is understood that fresh hay should cover most of the Rabbit’s daily diet and demands to be promptly accessible at all points.

That is because it gives the necessary fiber and other nutrients for a healthy and normal digestive process. 

Although most of the nutrients they need come from hay and pellets, a diverse assortment of vegetables and fruits won’t hurt your Rabbit’s regular diet. One of the vegetables emerging to be the Rabbit’s favorite is Cilantro. However, have you ever wondered if they can eat it and if it is safe for them? 


This green veggie is also called Chinese parsley, a seasonal herb related to the Apiaceae family. Cilantro is popularly developed and grown everywhere in the world. 

Like other herbs, all the parts of Cilantro are good and very nutritious. It is a friendly food you can give your Rabbit if you want to add a healthy staple to their diet. 

In addition, Cilantro is an invaluable and great source of various minerals and vitamins, including a high level of antioxidants, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, E, K, calcium, manganese, iron, magnesium, zinc, sodium, etc.

Other veggies that your Rabbit can benefit from

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Cilantro Seeds

Remember to remove the seeds. Cilantro seeds contain a great value in carbohydrates, calories, and fats. These substances may cause further stomach and digestive issues when given in moderation.

Rabbit’s Health

As mentioned earlier, Cilantro carries many vitamins and minerals that can assist your Rabbit’s health and nutritional value. It has also been revealed and explained that Cilantro contains substances and features that can strive against salmonella. For that reason, this herb is a valuable partaker of a healthier and better digestive system. List down below the benefits for your Rabbit’s health.

1. Your Rabbit Will have Better Digestion

When rabbits eat a fair amount of Cilantro, it can support the expulsion of waste in the Rabbit’s body because of its rich fiber content.

The composition it generates and causes can help the excess exertion of intestinal gas.

2. Your Rabbit will have an increased appetite.

Cilantro is also considered to have the aroma and oil that tend to be an appetizer to your lovely bunny. Its fragrance stimulates the Rabbit’s digestive fluids and enzymes in its stomach. 

Moreover, cilantro oil is composed of antimicrobial agents responsible for combating usual plagues and infections.

3. Your Rabbit Decreases Chance of Heart Attack

This herb can also improve and enhance the value of good cholesterol in your Rabbit’s body, significantly reducing bad cholesterol that obstructs their veins and arteries. Hence, your Rabbit will have a small chance of encountering a heart attack.

Rabbit’s Health Risk

Like other veggies and fruits, huge servings of Cilantro can harm your rabbit pet. For example, it can produce gas in your Rabbit’s stomach. It can also cause diarrhea in some instances. To bypass these negative effects, do not ever satiate or overfeed them with Cilantro. It would help if you also understood that Cilantro holds hints of calcium, so it is one more reason to serve them in small amounts.

Feeding Guide


If you plan to present Cilantro to your rabbits, ensure that the roots are removed. Wash it to get off of any traces and leave pesticides. As much as possible, the leaves should be fresh so your rabbits can happily indulge.


When your Rabbit starts eating Cilantro, watch for adverse effects, particularly within the next 24 hours. If you see or notice that your Rabbit is not responsive or has difficulties with its metabolism, refrain from giving them Cilantro. 

If everything is perfectly fine with your Rabbit, you can use Cilantro as its occasional snack. You should give him Cilantro in small amounts once or twice a week.

Key Takeaways

  • Cilantro is a perfect and safe food for your lovely bunnies. This herb is rich in nutrients that are very beneficial for them.
  • Some of the nutrients that Cilantro has are antioxidants, vitamins, iron, and calcium.
  • Cilantro seed is a big no for your Rabbit because of its fat content.
  • Eating Cilantro will give your pet better digestion, an increased appetite, and a decreased chance of heart attack.
  • Look for symptoms like weakness in your pet after you feed them Cilantro.

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