Can Your Rabbit Eat Hostas? (Health Risks, Preventive Measures & Food Alternatives)

Hostas For Rabbits

Hostas are commonly grown in the house’s backyard. They are known as decorative plants that add to the aesthetic design of gardens. According to NH Hostas and Companion Plants are perennial plants requiring little maintenance because they are shade tolerant. Meaning the sunlight should not directly hit the plant. 

Now, if you are a planting hostas and a rabbit owner, it can be a nuisance since your pet will love to play and munch some of the leaves from this plant. Also, rabbits may even eat them down to the roots.

However, the question here is, can you rabbit eat hostas? The answer is no; they are not recommended as part of their staple diet.

All About Hostas

Hostas, also known as  Plantain lilies, are plants that sprout flowers. As stated by some reports, hostas typically grow in specific areas, such as Korea, Russian Far East, China, and Japan. With their huge green leaves in various shades, it is no wonder they become highly attractive to rabbits. 

In addition, hostas are versatile plant types because you can choose from different shades and sizes that will complement the theme of your garden. Hence, it has become a popular decorative plant worldwide. 

Health Risk of Eating Hostas For Rabbits

Although Hostas are considered edible plants that your rabbit can eat, you should avoid feeding this plant to your rabbit as part of their meal. 

As a pet owner, one of the important responsibilities that you should take seriously is your pet’s diet. Since rabbits are known to have sensitive digestion, all the nourishment they get reflects how their stomach will function. 

Hostas are a plant that does not contain nutrients that can greatly benefit rabbits. According to this Government website, a suitable diet for rabbits consists of fiber-rich food such as alfalfa and timothy grass hays. 

Rabbits need to eat lots of fiber because it helps them easily break down the food and nutrients from their food. If you add hostas to your rabbit’s staple diet, they can face health complications.


This type of illness in rabbits is common because of improper nutrition. Such as high in carbohydrates or low in fiber. Diarrhea is also a sign of something wrong with the rabbit’s gastrointestinal tract. One of the symptoms of rabbit diarrhea is watery stool. You must bring your pet to the veterinarian if they start showing signs of this illness because it can lead to a more serious risk to their health. 

Throw Up

Your rabbit will start throwing up if they overeat hostas plants. Since this plant lacks nutrition, the digestive system will react and force out the hostas through vomiting. However, rabbits are not capable of vomiting. That is why it will be painful for your pet. According to reports, rabbits do not have the muscle to vomit physically. But sometimes, their body will try hard to force out the food even if they can’t do it. 

If your rabbit continuously throws up, it also makes them weak. Hence, they will lose their appetite. That is why it’s important to offer your pet foods that they will definitely love and can acquire health benefits. 

Food Alternatives

If you want to put up various type of food in your rabbit’s diet, there are food alternative that they can safely it/ Here are the list of fruits and veggies that you can offer to rabbits:

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Preventing Rabbits From Eating Hostas

If you are growing a plant and one of your problems is that your rabbit continuously eats hostas, you should take precautionary measures to avoid nourishing them in these plants. 

One way to do that is to put up a high fence in your garden, so rabbits cannot jump on them. There are available rabbit-proof fences in the market that you can buy. Or you make customized wood around the plants in your garden. 

You can also place an animal decoy, such as a snake toy or other bigger animals than rabbits. Your pet will avoid sneaking near the hostas’ plants because they don’t like predator animals.  

Key Takeaways

  • Hostas are edible to rabbits, but they are not a staple food that you can add to their meal since it does not contain any nutritional value. 
  • Hostas are considered decorative plants commonly used in gardens. They are shade intolerant, and the color and sizes can vary. 
  • Alternative foods for hostas are carrots, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, apple, blueberry, strawberry, and bananas.
  • Rabbits eating too many hostas can experience health complications such as digestive-related problems, diarrhea, and throwing up. 
  • Rabbits cannot throw up or vomit because their body structure is made to do that. However, on some occasions, they may appear like vomiting. That is because rabbits are trying to force the food out of their stomach because of indigestion. 
  • You can put up rabbit-proof fences and animal decoys to prevent your rabbit from eating the hostas in your garden. 

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