Oranges For Rabbits: Feeding Guide, Nutrition & Facts

Oranges For Rabbits

Oranges are a healthy and delicious fruit snack you can offer your rabbit since it gives additional nutrients to their body. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, a hundred grams of orange fruit contains different vitamins and minerals that can benefit your pet. This includes Vitamin C, Fiber, and Zinc. 

When you decide to add this to your rabbit’s diet, you must remember to cut it into small pieces. That is because it can be a hazard to your pet if they eat the whole piece of the fruit; it might choke them. Also, though orange covers various amounts of nutrients, it has a great number of sugar content in it. The whole orange contains 14 grams of sugar. This amount can lead to several health risks for your pet, including obesity and an upset stomach. 

Small pieces of oranges cannot harm or poison your pet, but too much intake, like any other fruits and veggies, is harmful to their body. 

All About Orange and Rabbit

Having a rabbit as a pet is a fun experience for owners since they are known as friendly animals. Although other pets are also sociable, like dogs, rabbits are low maintenance in their diet since they are classified as herbivore eaters. Most of the food they need to consume is grass and hay because they are fiber-rich.   

Moreover, rabbits’ bodies have different digestive functions and can get easily upset if they eat unbalanced nutrition. But of course, as an owner, you don’t want your rabbit to live most of their life just foddering on grass. Even according to the House Rabbit Society’s report, offering your rabbit fruits and veggies is a good option because they can get additional nutrients. But take note that you should only give them in a limited amount.

Health Advantages to Rabbits

Again before feeding your rabbit orange, note that you must offer your pet a limited amount. You can ask your trusted veterinarian regarding a suitable and balanced diet for your pet because, like humans, rabbit food nutrition can also vary. However, if you started feeding your rabbit oranges in the past weeks or months, knowing the advantages for them is important so that you can plan their diet well. 

Here is the list of Health Advantages of foddering your rabbit with orange:

Good Source of Vitamin C

Orange has been a good source of vitamin C since it belongs to the citrus family. According to some reports, this vitamin decreases the chance of eye problems such as cataracts which can be common for your rabbit. In addition, this also boosts the immune system of your pet, which helps its body fight known germs and bacteria. 

Rich in Flavonoids

Studies show that oranges and other citrus fruits have a flavonoid content, a natural absorbent in fruits and vegetables. Having an additional source of this kind of nutrient can assist your rabbit in maintaining the right weight and boost their overall body function. 

Rich in Fiber

Another nutritional benefit that your pet can acquire from oranges is fiber. Orange skin is richer in fiber and less in sugar than the flesh itself, so occasionally, you can add the skin to your rabbit’s staple food or for an afternoon delicacy. 

But you should remember to limit the number of oranges. As your rabbit also has a different source of fiber from their meal. Too much fiber can cause complications because the pet’s body is designed to intake just the right amount of this nutrient. 

To guide you, here are some of the lists of safe fruits that you can offer to your pet in replacement to orange:

If you want to know more about foods that rabbit can and cannot eat, read this article: The Definitive Guide To What Foods Rabbits Can & Cannot Eat

Key Takeaways

  • Offering safe fruits and veggies for your rabbit is also a good option because they can get the additional nutrients from it aside from their usual food, like hays and grass. 
  • Orange and its skin is a safe fruit for your rabbit because of its nutrient value.
  • Cut the orange into small pieces to avoid choking hazards and upset your pet’s stomach since oranges also contain a great sugar content; the whole orange contains 14 grams of sugar.
  • Here are the replacement fruits for oranges that you safely fodder your rabbit; blueberry, banana, apple, watermelon, and grapes.
  • These are the health advantages your rabbit can benefit from eating oranges and skin; good sources of vitamin c, flavonoids, and fiber.
  • Feed orange to your rabbit in moderation only since this fruit is fiber-rich. Your bunny might be deprived of fiber in their primary meal, such as hays and pellets.

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