Are Raisins Good for Rabbits?

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Rabbit is one of the pets adored nowadays. They are a very cute little bunny that serves to be our joy in a lonely house. As a rabbit lover, one of the things that would make you at peace is the knowledge when serving them their food.

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Being a pet parent, one of the things that you wanted to make sure is the safety and health of your lovely pets. Not only that, they are checked once in a while, but you are also ensuring that what they eat serves to be good and harmless for them.

They normally eat hay. In fact, 80 to 90 percent of substances required in their whole body wellness comes from hay. The remainder comes from their snacks, such as fruits and treats.

As there are various foods out there, the human digestive system is largely different from rabbits digestives’. So giving them completely different food may not be helpful in their condition.

One of their happiness is to be served and given treats. In your journey of searching great snacks and treats, I know that you were bumped into asking if raisins are good for them.

In this article, I will be answering that question and will give you detailed information in explaining why, and most especially, how.

What is raisin?

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Raisin is technically recognized to be a dried grape. If you do not know, raisin has a lot of variety. As there are various types of grapes, raisins are classified into different colors. These colors include black, purple, green, yellow, brown, yellow, and blue.

These little bits are known to contain a great amount of sugar. As tested, it carries up to 72 percent of sugar by their weight. Most of its sugar inclusion is glucose and fructose. And the remainder will be protein and fiber.

Aside from that, raisins include a great amount of calcium and less value of sodium. They are grasped to be very high in antioxidants with parse content of vitamin C and zero amount of cholesterol.

The good side

As discussed earlier, raisins are composed of a great number of antioxidants. Antioxidants are one of the primary factors that can support in preserving the rabbit’s tissues against oxidative impairment.

Not only that, it can be very helpful in your rabbit oxidative impairment, but antioxidants are also very good in defending their cells. Additionally, as raisins contain less amount of cholesterol, it is, therefore, able to offer immensely towards wellness and good health of the bunnies.

Given the fact that they contain high value of calcium, raisins are good in maintaining the overall health, particularly with their bones, teeth, and even their eyes.

The bad side

The foremost problem with raisins when it comes to your rabbit’s overall wellness is its high amount of sugar content. High sugar content food such as raisin, can trigger the bunny’s way of clearing its stomach.

This just implies that the more raisins that are given to them, the more that their metabolism may slow down, which can produce an unlikely condition such as gastrointestinal motility. Gastrointestinal motility can create an excess or overgrowth of bacteria that can lead your beloved rabbits to death.

Not only that, it can cause gastrointestinal issues, but raisins can also make rabbits overweight or obese, which is one of the things a bunny lover prevents and really hates to happen. Given the fact that raisins are small in size, you may not notice that you are overfeeding them. So stay keen and smart about it.

Another factor that gives a bad point for raisins is its ability to make rabbits very addictive to it. When they become addictive, it will make them very hyper and cause them to beg for it. You may sometimes notice that your rabbits get angry when you didn’t give them raisins. This is because of this reason.

So being a smart pet parent, it is a good idea to cut raisins into two if possible to avoid plenty of sugar consumed in their body.

The verdict

Raisins are not that dangerous nor safe foods for your rabbits’ daily diet. With its good and bad side, it’s for you to determine if it will give good benefits to their health.

Knowing the fact that they should significantly get the required diet from hays alone, the other percentage is up to you. You can give them raisins but in a small amount. When I say a small amount, you can start by giving them 1 to 2 raisins every other day.

As they are rich in sugar, you should ensure to regulate the consumption in order to prevent gastrointestinal problems and stop them from being addicted to it.

Things to consider

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  • Raisins are typically good for consumption up to 6 months once it was opened.
  • Since you are to give them at least one to two raisins every other day, buying bigger bags of raisins is just a waste of money. So better buy a smaller bag of raisins.
  • After feeding them, ensure that the box or bag of raisins is properly sealed or enclosed in an airtight container to maintain its freshness.
  • Put the enclosed bag of raisins in the refrigerator in order to regulate the moisture. With that, you are preventing the mold development.
  • Raisins that are left in the open will make them very hard for the rabbit to chew, as they will lose their moisture.
  • If in a worst-case scenario that you haven’t noticed the bag of raisins were left in the open, you can still make it good by boiling them in the water. Just keep in mind to refrigerate them before giving it to your rabbits.
  • As the raisins are high in sugar, it is a good idea to cut them into two, to moderate consumption.


Rabbits can eat a variety of food as long as they follow their proper dietary plan. Being a herbivore, top things to consider is to give them great care, especially on their food intake. Some fruits and vegetables include a high content of sugar and other components in which over time, can generate or cause harm to the rabbit’s sensitive digestive system.

In summarizing whether raisins can be good for rabbits, the answer is yes. But in moderation.

You can give them at least 1 to 2 raisins every other day. Though it is made up of great levels of antioxidants, the primary inclusion of raisin is sugar, which is very harmful to their digestive system. Besides, though raisins contain a great number of vitamins and minerals, things in consideration don’t change that sugar is still a common denominator.

Risking is risking the life of your pet. So whether they like it or not, as a pet parent, consider not only their want but also what is good for them.

I am sure that you do not want your rabbit to suffer just because of this little snack. There are various snacks out there that you can give for them to enjoy and savor. But presenting them more than what they need in a day will just give you a lot of trouble.

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