Teff Grass Pellets For Your Rabbit: Feeding Guide, Nutrition & Facts

Teff Grass Pellets For Rabbits

Eating a delicious and healthy meal is important for rabbits. Your pet has a different digestive system, so their regular meal must contribute to their body function. 

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) notes that a balanced diet includes mixed hays, vegetables, pellets, and freshwater. This will keep your pet’s body strong and fit. RSPCA also added that it’s important that a huge percentage of a rabbit’s meal comes from hay.

Hay is essential for rabbits. Your pet is known as a herbivore animal, so it needs a lot of fiber to assist digestion. Hay can also help maintain the rabbit’s teeth

Their teeth continuously develop and grow. Thus, the nutrients that come from the food are essential for the rabbit’s overall health. Hay can be composed of different grass varieties, one of which is teff grass

All About Teff Grass

Teff grass is a seasonal plant that grows typically during warmer weather. They also called this grass Eragrostis tef. According to the University of Tennessee, teff grass originated from the lands of Africa. It has been used as a cereal grain but is now a forage crop

This grass develops in frost-free climates. They also prefer temperatures ranging from 60 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The soil moisture helps develop a healthy crop that can be fed to many livestock. 

Teff grass includes a more precise stalk than most cool-season grass types. They even have a finer texture than other varieties of alfalfa grass, which is also a rabbit food. Teff is not new but has been undiscovered in some developing countries until now. 

Health Benefits of Teff Grass to Rabbits

The study by the University of California claims that offering teff grass to livestock animals gives many nutritional benefits. One of which is producing premium quality hays in the short harvest season. It is also transformed into a forage crop because it helps people provide food for their animals, like rabbits. Here are some nutritional values your rabbit can get once you start feeding them Teff Grass.

  • Fiber

Like other grass hays, teff grass is packed with fiber. One of the main nutrients that your rabbit needs is fiber. It helps them improve their digestive function. You must understand that once you start caring for a rabbit, the food they ingest is important. They are more sensitive than other common pets like dogs and cats. 

Teff grass is a great source of dietary fiber. This includes resistant starch, a newly identified form of fiber that can help manage the rabbit’s weight.  

  • Protein

The University of California added in their study that teff grass contains protein. Depending on the size and maturity, it can have at least 12-15% of the protein in each plant. 

Like in humans, protein is important in maintaining the rabbit’s function. Since they have a lot of energy inside their body, they need a nutrient to regulate it. This will help them develop an active lifestyle essential for growth and development. 

  • Calcium

Another nutritional benefit of Teff grass is its calcium inclusion. It has approximately 5 to 6 times more nutrient value than regular wheat. Calcium helps rabbits when it comes to their maintenance and growth. It is also valuable for blood clotting and nerve function. That is why once you start feeding your pet teff grass, you will notice a stronger bone and body system in your rabbit. Just remember to feed them in moderate amounts and provide unlimited drinking water.    

  • Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6’s primary role is to support the rabbit’s growth and wellness. Teff grass is regarded to possess a vast amount of this nutrient. The National Institute of Health (NIH) reported that deficiencies in vitamin six could cause harmful effects on rabbits. 

It can cause flaky skin in the ears, mild anemia, reduced growth rate, prolonged blood clotting conditions, immediate paralytic breakdown, some acrodynia of the forepaws, nose, and eyes, and, in the worst circumstances, death.

Feeding Guide of Teff Grass to Rabbits

Feeding your rabbit is sometimes a challenge. Since they have sensitive stomachs, you must know how to feed them right without disrupting their metabolism. If the rabbit is new to the food, ensure that you let them be familiar first. 

Know how to transition their digestion by gradually giving teff grass. You can also include small amounts alongside their favorite food. Then if they do not have adverse effects, you can increase the amount until it reaches the desired measurement. Remember to include lots of water to hydrate your rabbit every after their meal. 

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Key Takeaways

  • Feeding your healthy rabbit food is important. It helps them maintain a fit and strong body function. 
  • Rabbit’s digestive system is more sensitive than other pet animals, so you must carefully plan their diet.
  • One of the ways your rabbit can eat is teff grass pellets. It contains lots of nutritional value that assist your rabbit’s body systems. 
  • Teff Grass originated in Africa. It is considered a food crop for human consumption during the early years. But over the years, it has developed to be a forage crop for livestock animals. 
  • Here are some of the benefits of Teff grass; fiber, protein, calcium, and vitamin B6. 
  • Always remember, when feeding your rabbit with new nourishment, to ensure that you introduce the food to them properly. Also, give them clean water to keep them hydrated after meals.  
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