Facts You Need to Hear About Hairless Rabbits

Facts You Need to Hear About Hairless Rabbits

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Has it ever crossed your mind that there are hairless rabbits? They may not look cute, but they are still normally found. If it happens you find one in your area, just imagine the ecstatic feel it can bring you.   

Their existence may have been brought about by genetic mutation. They are often observed having an uncanny resemblance to the Kangaroo. And they are known to have normal siblings. The obvious characteristics include a tuft of fur around the eyes and the muzzle. That is when their color can seem too hard to determine. Still, the naked or hairless rabbits can captivate your eyes with their amazing and bizarre experience.

Caused by Recessive Mutation

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Hairlessness existing among rabbits is caused by recessive mutation. This is as well believed to be fatal. Genetics is already and completely understood. Those having a single fur and fewer genes will display balding while still being a baby. The good thing is that it will just grow in.

Rabbits having two classified fur fewer genes are expected to be completely or mostly bald. The experience of hairless rabbit owners is that the latter seems to be weak. They also eventually die as they are a little weaker. That is when your role will help much for their needed care. But once they reached about four weeks, they are now considered to be perfectly fine. It is still possible to have them developed to be a stronger line of hairless rabbits.

Example of a Hairless Rabbit is Named Mr. Bigglesworth

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An example of a hairless rabbit introduced is named as Mr.Bigglesworth. It became an internet sensation as it was born having a recessive trait. And this trait made it almost a completely hairless rabbit. It was dressed up in a cozy sweater, a cozy costume, and a blanket that gives warmth to its little and bald body.

The rabbit is adopted while it was just weeks old. This took place after a breeder posted its picture on Facebook. The former gave the rabbit to the presently-named owner, Cassandra. But, no one was ever sure how long it would live. The owner’s efforts were so far impressive. She reached out for help from the others living with hairless rabbits. It is thriving up until now, which is amazing for us people to know. For now, it stays healthy and happy as it has a wonderful family. The hairless rabbit is living with Cassandra, Joshy, and Maddy. Other bunnies can also be found named Cinnamon Bun and Whippet named Paris.

The little and lucky rabbit is now enjoying hopping around the backyard of the family. It is seen playing with other animals. As mentioned, it wears a cute and little sweater and hat as the days get colder and colder.

It is just small enough that it fits well into a cup of coffee. It can as well be found in the keyboard as if helping its Mom work. With an almost 16K+ of Instagram followers, anyone can be happy about its accomplishment as an internet sensation.

Once when you check out its Instagram page, you will see it as a star in its photoshoots. This little creature can be a real crown in many pictures. The one fact to hear about this hairless rabbit is that it may be different, but it is well-loved.

Other Facts You Essentially Should Know

Hairlessness is noted to be an inherited character by mammal species. In rabbits, it is believed that the defect is inherited from the Mendelian recessiveness. The defect in the teeth is one added characterization of the condition. It is also true that hairless rabbits can live for more than a month.

Below are all other characteristics you will often notice from a hairless rabbit.

  • Naked rabbit or hairless rabbit is naked at birth.
  • A hairless rabbit would often have hair on the muzzle while the forehead stays just as naked.
  • The skin that covers the humerus is also hairless and as well as the back
  • The skin extending to the pars Sacro-illiacca and the hind part of the femur is also hairless.
  • The back joint is covered right through the hind section with just sparse fuzz.
  • The tail is also naked.
  • The breast and the belly are covered with hair and are just so very sparse.
  • The rest of the hair in the body is also rather long. This is extended to about 1.5-centimeters.
  • The hairless rabbit is a little behind the littermates.
  • The incisors often viewed to be deformed, crossed over, and needle-like.
  • The skin will stay as warm and smooth as possible as it is covered with a fine stubble.
  • The nipples and ventral scent glands are developed fully.
  • The nails even appear to be normal.
  • The vibrissae would often appear broken and off short.
  • The number of the follicles will seem to appear normal, as revealed by the marked pathology.
  • The thymus is also sparsely populated with the lymphocytes, while it is also disorganized.

Tips on How to Feed It Properly

There are significant tips you will need to follow below.

  • Feed it off with a high-quality pellet intended only for a rabbit. Search for pellets rich in fiber or eighteen percent more. Buy for a supply for a month.
  • Buy hay for the bunny. Once when it gets older, the staple food for its diet will be the hay. The young bunny will also eat alfalfa, grass hay, timothy hay, and oat hay. Decrease the amount of alfalfa hay and also concentrate on other foodstuffs. It must as well be available twenty-four hours a day.
  • Add up some fresh vegetables in the diet. Introduce more of leafy green vegetables and root vegetables. Introduce 2 cups or even more of leafy vegetables. Add up a small number of carrots.
  • Offer It Some Treats. Add up some fruits such as bananas, pineapple chunks, and apples. These are a good treat for them.
  • Put Some Fresh Water. Wash the water bottle of the hairless bunny daily. Fill it up with fresh water.

Ways to Safely Warm It Up

A baby hairless bunny needs to be taken good care of safely and securely. It should be returned to its nest box, its mother, and its siblings. The good thing about it is that it is not the same as a dog or a cat. It never transports or retrieves its young.

Human intervention is still as needed as the furless bunny cannot get back to its nest box. It will also surely die when it is left alone. Place it back to the nest box along with its siblings. It is when it can be warmed up quickly along with others.

Add up some supplies like a heating pad, towels, shoebox, warm water, storage baggie, and dryer. Let it warm up and feel the feet while it starts to move. Warm it up with a heating pad. Place the towel and heating pad and the bunny in the shoebox. This is the only way that the heat can surround it well. Warm it up slowly. But, never leave it alone using a heating pad. Once when it is warmed up and is already wriggling, put it back in the box along with its littermates.

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