How High Can Rabbit Jump? (A Complete Guide to a Rabbit Jump)

How High Can Rabbits Jump

Rabbits are some of the most amazing animals on the planet. Their cute appearance is also very affectionate when it comes to their owner. But their personality is not the only thing you need to look at. Rabbit’s body build is unique. 

Although rabbits are small animals, you cannot deny their strong hind legs. It is also a  fact that these animals are known to love jumping from one place to another. Because of this, they can leap from a great distance, jumping over two to four feet.

Rabbit’s Highest Jumping World Record

According to the World Guinness Record, the highest jumping distance ever recorded for rabbits is 99.5 cm or 39.2 inches. It happened on June 28, 1997, in Denmark. The rabbit is also characterized as black and white in color and a member of Aases Bejener Hopping Club Society. 

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Domestic Vs. Wild Rabbit Jump

Both domestic and wild rabbits jump high. But the difference is their distance. Typically, a wild rabbit jumps higher than your pets. 

Since rabbits are prey animals, they are under the radar of predators like snakes and coyotes. This is also why they develop much stronger bodies and abilities to help them survive.  

Wild rabbits jump higher to escape an attack. In contrast, domestic rabbits can jump because they are playing or can also be escaping from a threat.  

You also need to consider several things regarding the distance in jumping for rabbits. When a rabbit is obese, it is harder for them to jump because they can’t physically do that. That is why obesity is also a risk because it deprives the rabbits of doing many things. 

Why Do Rabbits Jump? 

Rabbit Jumps because of many reasons. It is a natural reaction of their body and the subconscious part of their instinct. But to guide you better, we listed some reasons why rabbits jump. 

Rabbit is Playing

Your rabbit can jump because they are playing. Part of rabbit care is ensuring your pet has daily time to exercise or play outside to release their pent-up energy. And they will do this by jumping from one place to another. You also need to note rabbits love to explore their surroundings because they enjoy seeing different things in their environment.

Rabbit is Happy

A jumping rabbit is a happy rabbit. When you see your pet jumping everywhere, you provide them with the best lifestyle. Jumping is a way to show you that they are satisfied and comfortable with their home. It also means that when they jump higher, their body is strong. 

Rabbit is Escaping

Although most of the time, rabbits will jump because of satisfaction; they can also do this because they are escaping a threat. Simple things like loud noises or seeing other animals make your rabbit easily distressed. And when they feel scared by that, they will jump to try and escape it. Rabbit also jumps faster and higher, especially in the wild, to help them escape predator attacks. 

Rabbit Jumping Guide

Now that you know that rabbit jumping is natural for rabbits, you need to know some of the guides to help prevent accidents in rabbits. Since rabbits can jump high, there is also a risk for them. With this in mind, look at the least below on how to care for jumping rabbits. 

Put up a Fence in Their Playing Area

When allowing your rabbit to play outside, it’s necessary to put up a fence to prevent them from escaping. You might be surprised how high they can rabbit jump, so ensure the fence is high enough for rabbits to be escape-proof. 

Have a Safe Playing Area

Rabbits love to explore their surroundings, so when you let them outside, ensure that it is open and safe. You also need to have a separate playing area and garden because there is a chance that your pet will try and graze on them. Note that rabbits are plant eaters, so when they see vegetation like onions and potatoes, which are unsafe for them, they will try to eat it. 

Avoid Placing The Rabbit on High Surfaces

Accidents can happen in rabbits, so you must avoid them at all costs as an owner. Remember not to place your pet on high surfaces unless necessary. If your rabbit, for example, is on a high table or chair and they suddenly jump, it can land wrongly and cause broken limbs on them. You should also avoid picking them up because some rabbits dislike touching them. 

Key Takeaways

  • Rabbits have strong legs that allow them to jump from place to place. The average distance that a rabbit can jump is two to four feet.
  • A rabbit from Denmark holds the Guinness record for the highest rabbit jumping, having an average of 99.5 cm on June 28, 1997.
  • Wild rabbits can jump higher than domesticated types because they grew up in a more tough environment. Theta also develops stronger survival skills that allow them to escape predator attacks.
  • Obese rabbits can find jumping hard because their body cannot physically do that.  
  • There are several reasons rabbits jump; here are the general reasons: Rabbit is playing, happy, or escaping.
  • Ensure that when you let your rabbit play outside, you have a safe space, like putting up a fence and avoiding placing them in high places. That way, you will prevent accidents like broken limbs when they jump. 
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