What To Do When Your Rabbit’s Toenail Is Ripped Off?

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Ripped off toenails in rabbits are considered as one of the usual common injuries that are often seen in our pet rabbits. Maybe the toenail of the rabbit catches into something that happens to be ripped off at the base. This is commonly followed by bleeding of rabbits and definitely makes your rabbit feel upset, not just a rabbit but also the one who is taking care of the rabbit. Ripped off toenails are extremely painful for our pet rabbits, and it commonly happens when the untrimmed nails are caught into a wire bottom cage, gaps in the ramps, or even in rugs.

Luckily, these types of injuries may not need to have substantial care. If the rabbit’s toenail is ripped off totally, doing a gentle pressure that is applied into an area for at least one up to 2 minutes can help to stop it from bleeding. When there is still some visible nail that is left, you can use styptic powder or just simply a flour to help it stop from bleeding. In some infrequent instances, the exposed tissue may develop into an infection. So if you notice any redness or swelling that develops over the next 24 to 27 hours, seek a veterinarian to check such areas. These are the common signs that it develops a bacterial infection.

How to Prevent Toenail Injuries in Rabbit

You can usually avert toenail injuries by just trimming your pet rabbit’s nails for common reasons. It can be useful to avoid if you use a bedding material that contains fiber that can cover the nails. Ripped off rabbit toenails and dewclaws take place when they become too long and bendable.

Your pet’s toenails may become easily ripped and torn off. A ripped off toenail may bleed and possibly become infected. However, there are also some rabbit toenails that just fall off without even showing any signs of bleeding. A rabbit that has ripped off toenails will commonly grow back, but it will take into a quite long process that lasts up to six months and up. Every nail can grow in a distinct tread. There are also some rabbits that will regrow their nails into a small stub.

How to Avoid Torn Nails in Your Pet Rabbit

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  • If your pet lives in a wire-bottom cage, you may secure it by just placing a wooden plank on top of it.
  • Keep away some possible objects that may stick in your rabbit’s nails.
  • Trimmed your rabbit’s nails regularly, their nails must be short.

Toenail that Ripped Off

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A ripped off toenails may often experience some amount of bleeding. As mentioned earlier, you can help stop the bleed by applying some pressure into the affected area for a couple of minutes. Your pet may exhibit some aggression, and it is normal due to the pain that it feels. By not relieving the pain after a toenail, as well as dewclaw injury, may lead to stress and other possible complications such as anorexia and appetite loss. According to a study, your pet rabbit can return to its usual eating and drinking habits after the pain that it feels has been lessening.

When your pet rabbit returns to its common behavior, you may just observe the ripped off toenail for about 3 to 4 days and make sure that it is clean and always dry as it is more needed. The exposed tissue of the toenail can lead to an infection. You should consult your vet if you notice some swelling and redness.

Rabbit’s Nail Bed that Bleeds and Experiencing Pain

When the nail of your pet is totally ripped off, relieving the bleeding by putting some pressure into the affected area is very beneficial. Clean the nail bed in-depth and coat with an antibiotic ointment that advice by your vet can at least alleviate the pain of your pet. When you still see that there are remaining nails that are left in the nail bed, you may use styptic powder to lessen the bleeds that possibly occur. If infection occurs, take your pet into the vet because a bacterial infection, when left untreated, may become a result of other big complications in bones.

Bacterial Infections That Possibly Occur

Similar to another injury that includes damaging the tissues, there is a high probability that leads to an infection. If this may happen, you may see redness and inflammation around the area of the injury after 2 to 3 days.

Toenail that Broke and Hang Off

If you notice the toenail is broken in an area that is connected onto the flesh, if you are able to, just carefully cut such a hanging nail off. Using a pair of scissor-like nail trimmer is essential. Just let your pet rabbit hop around the floor before you analyze its way of behaving. When you notice that your pet shows a sign like its usual behavior and it is in good temper, then you do not have to worry about anything else.

On the other hand, if your pet’s toenail is ripped off at the nail bed and you see that it causes the skin to damage, you may try to trim whatever such damage the nail can remove. To cut your rabbit’s nails, you may use a cat-claw trimmer. Choosing a clipper based is a must, and it is important to often based on the size of the rabbit. Most pet owners choose the scissor-like style nail clippers that are normally used for cat nails due to the prerogative gesture that it gives.

In addition, there are some things that need to avoid when cutting your rabbit’s nails, and these are the following:

  1. Cutting the claw that is located into the vein that is inside the nail. Such a vein is also called the quick. It is a blood vessel inside the rabbit’s nail. Accidental harm into the quick may cause extreme pain and even lead to bleeding.
  2. Setting pressure on the spine of the rabbit. The rabbit’s spine is known to be very sensitive and at risk of breakage. With just, a quite small pressure can even damage it.

After you cut your pet’s nails, you may place your pet back on the floor and try to observe its behavior for any symptoms of irritation.

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Does a Ripped off Toenail Still Grow Back?

Well, in most instances, a ripped-off toenail will grow back totally after more than six months. However, when your pet has severely damaged the nail bed, this may cause the nails cannot grow back at all. Luckily, a nail that does not grow back is not a problem for rabbits.

What Can Possibly Happen if You Leave The Nails Untrimmed

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By not trimming, the rabbit’s toenails can also lead to a Sore Hocks or also known as the Pododermatitis. This condition is very common in pet rabbits, and it develops when the rabbit’s foot becomes sore and inflamed or becomes infected. These Sore Hocks can be very painful for rabbits that require immediate treatment. If your pet’s nail grows too long, this may begin to grow in any different angles. Bend toenails can extremely affect your pet’s way of walking.

A contagious characteristic of having a thin fur into the hocks can also increase the possibility of developing a sore hock. Untrimmed nails can aggravate the situation. So if your pet’s hind feet do not rest into its right form, the bodyweight of the rabbit is forced back into the heels, making it lead into a sore hock.

Rabbit’s Risk Why They Have a Torn Claws

There are rabbits that have a history of breaking their own nails as well as their dewclaws. It normally happens into an active rabbit that usually catches their nails in soft things, cracks around their own cage as well as in small gaps. Such broken or ripped off toenails are very common for those rabbits that do not have a routine schedule of trimming.

Like wild rabbits that wear down their own claws because of searching for their food, climbing, digging a hole, and any other daily activities that they do. While in an indoor rabbit pet, you are required to ensure that trimming is commonly done into your pet rabbit.


Ripped off toenails among pet and wild rabbits are considered usual injuries that can be caused by their toenail catching into something. Once that the toenails are broken may not regrow at all, especially when extreme damage happens to its nail bed. If the rabbit’s toenail gets pulled out, it is essential to just maintain the nail bed clean and dry to prevent infection. A ripped off, broken as well as the hanging toenails usually do not need much aftercare once that the blood flow has been finally controlled. A ripped off toenails, and sore hocks may mostly happen into a larger sized rabbit.

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