Do Rabbits Love Watching Movies?

Do Rabbits Love Watching Movies?

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Rabbits also have the so-called body clock just like men. When the day ends, and it’s already night-time, most rabbits are as exhausted as the people. Rabbits relish the moment of having a relaxing time with their owners, and they often appear to love watching movies with their owners.

Your pet rabbits love watching movies. They are having fun while watching moving images and listening to noises; hence movies can give them some mental stimulation. Just make sure to put extra caution when adjusting the volume. You should know that your pets have an exceptional sense of hearing; thus, a loud sound from the movie may injure their ears. 

You can play a movie while you are out from home. By doing so, your rabbits will not feel alone. Just make sure you don’t get the wrong perception that you can substitute movies to your personal care. Hence, you must not neglect your pet rabbits simply because you have a movie being played.

Why Rabbits Love Watching Movies?

Pet rabbits are often observed getting near their owners when they are watching a movie. This is mostly noticed during night-time, although it can also happen at any time of the day.

Rabbits want to spend time with a human company. When watching movies, a pet owner is commonly amicable. This implies that pet rabbits can take a nap on our sides or having a great time petting.  When your pet rabbit moves up into your lap, your first instinct is to pet it.  This generates a connotation in the mind of your pet rabbit. If you play a movie, it somehow compares to attention for him or her. Rabbits enjoy the behavior of watching movies. It will seem like your pet rabbit is enchanted by your favorite movies.

What Do They Like About Watching Movies?

Rabbits have their preference when it comes to movies. Your pet rabbit appreciates anything that suits the stimulation norm. The ideal movie for pet rabbits should have the following:

  • Exhibit vibrant and bright images
  • Stuffed with shifting images
  • Has noise, although no excessive and sudden noises

The blending of the sound and sight will captivate the rabbit. It the movie has music, then that would be even more fascinating for the rabbits. These little creatures learn to identify music. If they hear their favorite songs, the rabbits will react.

This may develop your pets to form their favorite movie. If the movie captivates your rabbits, they may recall the theme tune. As a result, your pet rabbits will come near you once they hear the theme tune every time the movie is played.

As to how the Molecular Biology and Evolution expounds, rabbits have bounded vision on color. Movies with dazzling and different color tastes enchant rabbits, while movies with static images shall be boring for them. Preferred movies of rabbits are normally the following:

  • Sports movies featuring soccer games or basketball
  • Action movies
  • Cartoons
  • Musical

Again, be cautious with the volume. The huge ears of your pets are very susceptible. Loud and sudden noises may get your rabbits startled and may lead them to a heart attack. If you do not want to deprive yourself of the thrill given to you by intense sounds, you may consider wearing headphones.

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How Much Movie is Ideal for Rabbits?

You should know that your pet rabbits have a short attention span. Shortly, the noises and the flickering images emerging from a movie will become dull. Then, you will notice your rabbits looking for something else to occupy their time. Many rabbits can manage a movie time that extent to 1 hour or 2, commonly in the evening.

Rabbits cannot watch movies for a longer time. If obliged, they may do nasty things. Rabbits do not like being taken for granted. If you are too enthralled in a movie to pet them, they will react. And biting has always been the last recourse of rabbits. Recognize earlier, more delicate desire for attention, and your pets will not bite you. These include nipping, nudging, circling at your feet, and digging in your lap.

You should not tolerate your pets watching movies during the daytime. If they prefer to stay on the sofa instead of exercising, then this must somehow alert you because your rabbits need to exercise to maintain a healthy living.

Movies are not a substitution for concern for rabbits.  If your rabbits would happen to glare the screen the entire day, it does not mean that they are enthralled with the movie. Their lethargy could be an indication of depression or physical illness.

It is also important that you give your rabbits some regular breaks from the movies. It is very simple for the rabbits to become over-excited. Excessive vision or noise may increase the heart rate of the rabbits, and this puts the pets in danger. They may be prone to stroke.

Will They Get Scared with Scary Movies?

If your pet rabbits see a predator in the movie, it will immediately get frightened. This could be a scenario with images in the movie. A snake is shown in the movie; for example, it may aggravate an alarming reaction in rabbits.

Even if your pets have never seen a snake in real life, it is their instinct that tells them that the creature is fearful. The same goes for any images that have sharp teeth. Sounds, moreover, can also solicit a harsh reaction from rabbits. A sound coming from a bird of prey can trigger the rabbits to run away to their hutch.

Now, nature documentaries may seem very interesting to us, but not for rabbits. They get terrified with those. Rabbits will love watching creatures that behave in the same manner as them. Any sounds and sights of predators may lead to anxiety.

Developmental Psychobiology offers a solution in the way of therapy exposure. Baby rabbits who are supervised by humans shall not grow up fearing humans being adults.  The same administers to the movies for your pet rabbits.

Through time, your rabbits will recognize that those static images cannot inflict injury to them. Do not oblige your pets to watch movies they are not comfortable with. If they are captivated but startled, let them continue watching the movie. However, you should give them the assurance that they are safe.

Be cautious with your own reaction towards the images shown in the movie. Your pets are perceptive to your emotions. If you get frightened with a horror movie, for instance, you will develop an increased heart rate. Your pet will then become vigilant. They will take the idea that you are both in a crucial condition.

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Could it be possible for the Rabbits to Hate Movies?

Yes, not all rabbits would love watching movies. For anxious rabbits, movies can be reasons for anxiety. Your pet rabbits do not comprehend what movies are. What they are only aware of about them is the loud noises they create. Rather, your rabbits may thing that movie time indicates they get no attention.

Your rabbits will manifest obvious reactions if they do not like watching movies. They would normally turn their back from the screen and fold down their ears. Now, it would be unrealistic to believe that you will never watch movies too. However, you cannot disregard your pets either. You have to counterfeit positive connotations in the mind of your rabbits. You can do it by exposing your pets to these routines:

  • Before allowing your pets out of their hutch during night-time, give them food to eat.
  • Let them out and spend some time playing with them on the ground.
  • After your playtime, take your usual evening seat and ask your pets to join you.
  • Pet and groom them while they are on your lap. Wait for them to begin growling.
  • Play a movie, but make sure to play it in a low volume while still continuing the petting and grooming.

Sooner or later, you will notice your rabbits stop getting scared of movies. They will eventually treat the movie time as a social interaction moment, and this will be the peak point of their day.


Movie time would make a wonderful bonding for you and your pet rabbits. But first, you must acknowledge the familiarity of your pets to these types of activity. Although most rabbits enjoy watching movies, some are not. If your pets show dislike into watching movies, then do not force them, although you can always do some tricks and strategies to alter this behavior.

Rabbits enjoy watching movies. But you have to make sure that you are playing the right kind of movie to catch their interest. Otherwise, the experience will be boring for them. Hence, it would be helpful if you learn about the right movies for them as well as the precautions when letting them watch a movie.

Your pet rabbits will not have an issue with you watching movies. They are likely to join you if they have sufficient exercise. However, you should also anticipate their need for petting and grooming while you are watching movies.

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