Do Rabbits Love to Travel?

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When you raise pet rabbits in your home, you do not only raise them for the sake of fun. They are charming and cute, which is probably the common reason why many people are raising them at home. Yes, you have your great times playing with your pets when you are at home. Their amusing hops and energetic running could make you even love them even more. There are corresponding responsibilities when raising rabbits. You have to supervise your pets because they are susceptible to predators. 

But what will happen if you have a schedule to catch up outside your hope, and that will take at least one day or two, and unfortunately, there would be no one else in the house whom you can entrust your pet rabbit? Would you rather tag along with your pet with you during your travel? Wouldn’t it be too much hard work for you?

In the first place, do rabbits love to travel? How long can you ideally take them on a trip without depressing them? Is it safe for the rabbits to travel? What are the possible concerns?

Rabbits in Terms of Travelling

Rabbits are uncertain creatures. Commonly, these creatures like to spend most of their time indoors. And for the record, rabbits do not love to travel. Every pet rabbit demonstrates a distinct characteristic, and their method of managing situations can be different.

But when we talk about traveling with pet rabbits, it is said that these cute animals do not enjoy that idea. There are plenty of reasons for this disliking. Nevertheless, if rabbits show animosity in traveling, it does not directly imply that they cannot indulge it. It is still advised to take them into travel during urgent matters such as going to a vet due to an alarming health condition.

Why Rabbits do not Love to Travel?

The main concern is that rabbits are known to be territorial creatures. They are most pleased when they are in the comfort of their home and having fun around the corner rather than traveling.

Rabbits are used to settle in places with cooler temperatures. Say, if the temperature in your car which is used during travel is high, it can make your pets sick, and heatstroke could develop, which can be fatal for them. Also, rabbits do not want to drink or eat when brought on a trip. If you are not putting close supervision to your pet during travel, its refusal to drink and eat may lead to starvation and dehydration.

Another common concern is that rabbits are fearful creatures, and they sense too much angst. This means that if you drive on a bumpy road or if you take sudden turns, the rabbits may get frightened. Moreover, if your travel is quite far, it will broaden the anxiety of the rabbits, and there is a good chance that they will lead to trauma. Also, if you happen to put a water container in the rabbit cage, there is a possibility that it can get spilled into the rabbits, and this aggravates them a lot.

Basic Guidelines when Bringing Rabbits to Travel

There are some things you can secure before considering to bring your pet rabbits on a trip. Primarily, you must consider purchasing a rabbit cage or carrier. The cage must have enough space and should be properly ventilated. If you prefer a carrier, it should have a door on top.

Now, it is important to note that you should not reuse carriers that are already used by other pet animals because they will have the smell attached, and the rabbits might get frightened, snuffling the smell out of the carrier.

The carrier must be smaller compared to the regular cage that you have in your home. It should have enough space to cater to all the rabbits. Load the carrier with plenty of water and fresh hay. Position the hay in such a manner that it inhibits your pet rabbits from smashing with the walls in the cage when sudden turns are done.

Before taking out the pet rabbits from the car, put the carrier close to the playing venue of the rabbit. Allow the pets to acquaint with the carrier. It will also help if you make your pet rabbits familiar with the car traveling by taking them out for a short drive.

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Things to Prepare Before the Travel of the Rabbit

You must be always watchful. Bring all the essential things which you know can be useful when traveling with your rabbits. Bring the water container for the pet rabbits. Rabbits do not want water from other places, so it would be wise if you bring extra bottles filled with water with you. And as mentioned, rabbits may not drink during the travel, hence it would be good if you can also bring a dropper to encourage them to drink.

Make sure to load the carrier with hay. It would be nice if you can secure more hay with you just in case your loaded hay got dirty. Also, bring with you some towels or newspapers. File them first before placing the hay so that it may absorb the pee and poop.

Bring with you a dust saucer and a small broom to remove the dirt. Bringing a garbage bag would be useful in disposing of the litter. You may clean the bums of the rabbits with a combination of vinegar and water.

Secure wet towels too or ice packs in case the temperature of your pet rabbits get high. Any applicable medical supplies which can be employed during an emergency should also be brought.

What are the Precautions when Travelling with Rabbits?

Firstly, have the AC of the car turned on so the temperature can get cooled and then put the carrier on the backseat. Attach some blinds on the windows to prevent the sunlight from entering the cage.

Focus your attention on driving, if you are the one in-charge on the wheel. Do not drive carelessly or apply sharp breaks. Make sure to tightly strap the seatbelt into the carrier. If you are used to playing music when driving, this should be avoided when you are with your rabbits. Loud and sudden music might frighten your pets.

If you have the option, find a road that is clear and smooth. Be extra careful when making turns. A sharp turn may get your pet rabbits scared. Make sure to check your pets now and then. Make a stop-over for regular intervals, and if you happen to see a grassy lawn, allow your rabbits to get some fresh air. That would be the ideal time to offer them fresh water and hay. If they do not eat the hay, offer them treat such as carrot or their favorite fruit.

If you do not like to take the rabbits out from the vehicle, simply park the car somewhere shady and just let the AC turned on. If the weather outside is cold, you may consider opening the windows too.

If you do not like leaving your pet rabbits in the car while you are out, you may wish to take them with you for sightseeing or a walk; then you must consider buying a backpack carrier. The backpack carrier should be properly ventilated, secured, and spacious strap on a bag where you can place your pet rabbits into.

There are plenty of backpack carriers, and they are very helpful to carry around your rabbits. The backpacks can come with certain sections, foldable food, water bowl, washable kits, and more. Moreover, the backpack must be large enough to accustom all your pet rabbits.

If you are staying in a motel or hotel, let the rabbits stay with you. This will not make them feel isolated, and you would be able to maintain close supervision over them. Do not forget their favorite toys so they can still enjoy their playtime. This will make them lower the anxiety caused by travel.

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If there are no emergencies, it would be advisable to let the pet rabbits stay in your home. That is the best place for them. Because they are territorial, they are most comfortable doing their businesses when they are in their territory. However, if you have no one else to supervise the pets while you are far, you may hire an expert pet caretaker to temporarily check after your pets. You can ask your family and friends for some recommendations about reliable pet caretakers.

Pet rabbits are not comfortable traveling. They may develop illness soon, and you must schedule a visit with your vet immediately after your return from a trip. It needs a bulky deal of attention and care if you are thinking of traveling with your rabbits. Hence, it is advised that you do a little homework before the scheduled travel so you can properly settle all essential things. Traveling with your rabbits can be a bit risky knowing, but maybe if you support your plan with thorough preparations, your pets might endure the stress caused by travel.

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