Do Rabbits Love to Travel? (Reasons Explained & Tips When Required)

Do Rabbits Love To Travel

Traveling has been a way for humans to unwind and explore different places. But concerning pets, travel may be too much. 

Rabbits do not love to travel. There is a difference between exploring outside and traveling places. Moreover, rabbits get stressed easily in a new environment.  

But there are instances when rabbits are required to travel for several reasons. They needed to visit a veterinarian or move on to a new place. It’s important that when this happens, you know what to do with your pet.

But before we go into that matter, let us first discuss why rabbits do not love traveling. 

Reasons Why Rabbits Do Not Love Travelling

Rabbits are classified as prey animals. Due to this, they are often deprived of doing many things, like traveling far. 

In the wild, rabbits find a territory where they can hunt freely. They avoid long journeys because there is a chance that they can encounter a predator. They also live in groups to help them defend their territory easily.

When it comes to domesticated rabbits, this kind of character is also innate. That is why you will notice once you adopt a rabbit, they prefer to be placed in a more relaxing and quiet area.

A new environment can make them anxious, so when you bring your pet along, ensure they are familiar first.

Moreover, rabbits prefer cooler temperatures. Say, if the temperature in your car, used during travel, is high, it can make your pets sick, and heatstroke could develop, which can be fatal.    

Tips When Bringing Rabbit to Travel

Again, there are situations wherein rabbits are required to travel. That is why we listed some tips to help you and your pet have a safe journey into your travel. 

1. Calm Your Rabbit

The first thing you need to do is to calm your rabbit. If they need to gain experience with traveling, you must introduce it to them with a good memory. Forcing them to ride the car and bringing them into new places will shock them and cause trauma. 

2. Bring Their Favorite Treats

Once you get inside the car with your rabbit, try offering them their favorite treats. This is to divert their attention into grazing on the food rather than worrying about the moving car. It’s also ideal that you have someone to assist in holding the rabbit, but be cautious when you hold them because some rabbits do not like to be picked up

3. Place a Rabbit Cage in the Car

You should provide your rabbit with its own space inside the car. It will help them lessen the tension because they can find comfort in the cage. But ensure that the cage is put properly to prevent falling or bumping when the car starts to move. 

4. Turn to a Proper Temperature

Since rabbits are sensitive, you must prevent them from having things that can distress them, like temperatures. Ensure that you turn it in a proper condition. Rabbits are most comfortable with temp between 60-85 Fahrenheit. Lower or higher than that can make your pet anxious already. 

5. Drive Safely and Smoothly

Avoid driving carelessly to make the travel smooth for your rabbits. If you are used to playing music when driving, you can play some calming genre. 

Check your pets occasionally to see if they are having a panic attack or sleeping calmly. You can also have a stop-over, and if you happen to see a grassy lawn, allow your rabbits to get some fresh air. 

That would be the ideal time to offer them fresh water and hay. If they do not eat the hay, offer them a treat such as a carrot or their favorite fruit. 

Key Takeaways

  • Rabbits do not like traveling. The new environment can easily distress them, which can risk their health.    
  • Rabbits are prey animals, so even wild rabbits do not love having a long journey. They will just claim a territory where they can hunt freely and avoid encountering a predator.
  • There are instances where rabbits are required to travel. Here are the tips to have safe travel with them: Calm the rabbit, Offer them treats, Place them in a cage, Turn on the car’s temperature at a high level, and Drive safely. 
  • You must make the first travel experience of the rabbits as stress-free as possible, so the next time they go into that situation again, ensure they are familiar and not easily distressed.
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