What Your Yawning Rabbit Tells You

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Most pet rabbits exhibit different kinds of behaviors. Most rabbits even have bigger personalities than humans do. For people who never had a pet rabbit, they are just like dogs, too; they express their own emotions by doing different kinds of things. However, some emotions may express happy thoughts, and some may exhibit erratic behaviors.

In this article, to be able to fully comprehend what your rabbit is trying to tell you, we’ve prepared a guide for you to have an idea. Hopefully, this will bring awareness and further tighten your bond and relationship.

Clear Signs why Rabbit Yawns

There are a number of theories why rabbits or animals in a general yawn. Most likely, there are many circumstances wherein some signals are triggered, resulting in rabbits yawning.

Here are some of the reasons why.

  1. Tired- Just like us, humans, they get tired too. As we all know, they love to hop around, jump their way all over the house and just plainly enjoy themselves whatever means possible. However, this comes with a cost, and tirelessness means taking a break and trying to catch their breath. That’s why they yawn.
  • Bored- As one might think. Rabbits are social creatures. Although most of the time, they just remain idle, whenever they are in bunches, they interact a lot and do lots of stuff. But when everyone is fast asleep or just plainly doing something else, they get bored, and most of the time, they yawn.
  • Alertness- Additional clear reason why rabbits yawn is that they have to make themselves alert from any impending danger. One theory suggests that when rabbits are “continuously” yawning, it is their way of making their group alert for imminent danger.
  • Cooling the brain- Another theory suggests that yawning is the body’s own way of regulating temperature. As one researcher said, rabbits are mammals, and mammalian brains are best used whenever they are within a narrow range. This only means that, when they yawn, it increases the brain to function more.
  • Mood and Appetite- Rabbits yawn because neurotransmitters send signals when the rabbits’ mood/appetite/emotion changes. These chemicals, namely, Serotonin, Dopamine, Glutamic acid, and Nitric Oxide as more of these compounds are activated by the brain, and this means they’re a likely chance that the rabbit yawns.
  • Group Instinct- Some researchers suggest that yawning in rabbits is an innate instinct that serves to synchronize the mood of the group. Similar to the howling of the wolf, yawning sends fatigue signals to other members of the group to coordinate their sleep.

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Just like yawning, there are other rabbit gestures that will help you distinguish the specific signals that your rabbits send. Come and have a look!

What those the rabbit’s mouth and tongue are usually saying when yawning?

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Yawning in rabbits is the same for humans; it is associated with sleepiness, drowsiness, lethargic, and laziness. So when you witness your rabbit stretching its mouth to the point that you can see its teeth, don’t be alarmed, they are just simply yawning.

Yawning for rabbits shouldn’t be misinterpreted, this only means that they are just tired or drowsy, and might as well go to sleep in a few minutes. Yawning isn’t associated with any rabbit diseases too. So you may have your sigh of relief for that matter.

Another behavior that is associated with the mouth is when they mark their territory; they do this by rubbing their chin in their new territory. When they do this, their scent glands leave a mark in that spot; this will result in neighboring bunnies to distinguish which territory is this. This will let other bunnies know where to position next time. This behavior is somewhat similar to that of the cat rubbing their cheek. Consequently, if all of a sudden, your pet rubs their chin all over you, don’t be grossed or shocked, you should be happy because he is marking you as its own.

Rabbits often show their gratitude by licking their owners; it is a form of grooming for rabbits. It is also a form of grooming for rabbits, once your rabbit is licking you, be proud and happy, they love you in that way.


From yawning to sniffing, then hopping, rabbits exhibit different kinds of behaviors we should understand. But lucky for you, we’ve exposed some of their moves. In this way, you can already respond to their signals and act accordingly.

Having a pet is always fun, but to be a great owner, you must willingly address all your puppies needs, whether mentally, physically or emotionally, we should treat them as humans too. Always reward them by any means possible, a simple treat will do!

Lastly, Yawning rabbits only means that they are tired, sleepy, and just want to doze off for hours. So, don’t be scared whenever they yawn, prepare their beds, and let them have their peaceful sleep.

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