Best Flaked Maize For Your Rabbits

Flaked Maize For Rabbits

Rabbit’s diet is important because it reflects their overall health and body function. According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), the best diet for rabbits is a lot of hay. That is because it contains fiber that improves the digestive system of this animal. However, feeding them a variety of food is also a good option. 

One food that might have crossed your mind is the flaked maize. This type of food is very delicious for your rabbits. Compared to humans, flaked maize serves as rabbit chips or junk food. It may sound unhealthy to them, but they sometimes like it.

In this article, we will look through the top brand of flaked maize you can give your rabbit and the possible pitfalls of feeding them this food. Keep on reading to find out. 

Flaked Maize

Flaked maize is commonly made from corn that is processed as cereals. They do not have a flavor, which is why some find this the perfect snack. But when it comes to rabbits, feeding them flaked maize might give them adverse effects.

Since this food is very starchy and includes high sugar, flaked maize can cause obesity in rabbits. Moreover, they are known to be low in calcium, a highly transposed calcium-to-phosphorus ratio. 

In fact, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) stated in their article that one of the foods you should avoid giving to rabbits is cereals. One reason is that it can cause an upset stomach in your pet. But you don’t need to worry because some of the flaked maize contains the right amount of nutrients that can be suitable for your rabbit’s stomach. 

Feeding Guide 

Flaked maize is a good alternative snack for rabbits. That is why feeding them occasionally is not a bad idea. But take note of the amount of this food when you offer this to your pet. As it is composed of a great amount of starch and sugar, giving your rabbits a huge amount would be a bad idea. 

However, the good thing about maize is that they are a  great source of vitamin A. This nutritional content assists your rabbit in developing and boosting the growth of its tissue and bones. 

Now, if you plan to give your rabbit flaked maize as an occasional treat, here are some feeding guides you should remember. 

  1. Feed the Flaked Maize as an occasional snack

Since the flaked maize contains nourishment that is unsuitable for your rabbit, the best way to fodder them is by giving this food as an occasional snack. This will help you balance the food your rabbit is consuming. As well as limit the amount to avoid disrupting their stomach. 

Moreover, adding this to their regular meal will only cause risks such as addiction. If that happens, your rabbit will ignore their healthy food like hays. Remember that rabbits should be fed fiber-rich food to improve their body function and lifespan. 

  1. Introduce the Flaked Maize properly

Flaked maize is not part of the natural diet of your rabbit. So, if it’s the first time your pet eats this food, you must introduce this pallet into their digestive system. Some owners forget that this process is important when it comes to feeding your rabbit. That is why some rabbits experience upset digestion every now and then, especially with sudden changes in their diet. 

To introduce the flaked maize to your rabbit, you must plan a proper transition. You can do this by giving them small pieces of this food. Allow your pet too much and keep an eye out for adverse effects. You can also add the pieces of maize and the foods your rabbit eats. 

In that way, your pet will not be surprised by the new nourishment they are consuming. If eating this does not affect your rabbit, gradually increase it until it reaches the suitable measurement of maize that your rabbit can only consume. 

  1. Always provide clean water.

Drinking water is an important part of your rabbit’s daily life. Aside from keeping them hydrated, it also improves their digestion. According to Michigan State University, about two-thirds of rabbits’ bodies are made up of water. That is why providing them with clean water every day will contribute to the health and wellness of your pet. 

Also, most of the rabbit food is dry. Drinking water will help them break down the nutrients well. So if you give your rabbit flaked maize, try to encourage them to drink water after consuming it to help them digest its nutrients. 

Best Brand of Flaked Maize for Rabbits

One Degree Ancient Maize Flakes Cereals

This flaked maize comes from nutritious and nourishing tasty ingredients manufactured by farmers. It is made from corn, so you need to be careful of the amount of this when giving it to rabbits.

One Degree Ancient Maize Flakes Cereal, 284g, is one of the best-flaked maize made by One Degree. One Degree is a reputable company that is very hands-on with detail and seeks great nutrient inclusion for rabbits. They are Non-GMO, Non-hybridized Grain, and USDA organic approved. 

Nutritional Facts 

Nutrition ContentAmount of % Daily Value
Fat 2g (includes saturated, trans, polyunsaturated, and monounsaturated)3%
Cholesterol 0%
Sodium 250mg11%
Carbohydrates 39g (includes dietary fiber and sugar)14%
Product Source:

Henry Bell Flaked Maize by Henry Bell & Co (Grantham) Ltd

If you are finding a flaked maize product that is natural and has been micronized, Henry Bell Flaked Maize by Henry Bell & Co is one of the brands you should consider. Each piece of this brand is made from a high-grade grain grown only as far north as mid-France. That is why it contains the leading oil and energy inclusions compared to other maize brand products.

Although one of the disadvantages is the nutritional value. It has a low fiber content, which is your rabbit’s primary nourishment. However, Henry Bell Flaked Maize is still edible for your rabbit to snack on. Remember not to let your pet overeat this brand to avoid an upset stomach. 

Product Description

  • High energy grain
  • Palatable
  • GM Free

Product Source:

Strange Brewery Flaked Maize  

Another brand that your rabbit will love munching is the Strange Brewery Flaked Maize. This product originated in the United States, ensuring the best quality grains of maize for your pet. It is ideally suited for the rabbit’s digestive system if it isn’t given in large amounts or as an occasional snack treat. 

Strange Brewery flaked maize holds prominent nutrients that may be useful for your rabbits. But the main ingredient of it is corn, so keep an eye out for possible ingestion in your rabbit pet. Moreover, since it is highly appetizing, it would be best to be savored by your rabbits during their free time. Its constituents are a good source of nutrients for all naturally selected maize.

Product Description 

  • Pregelatinized flaked corn
  • High-quality feed
  • Palatable and good for digestion

Product Source:

Health Risk of Eating Flaked Maize For Rabbits

Again, unlike other snacks of rabbit, flaked maize contains little to no nutrients in their food. That is why it is not recommended to add pieces of maize to the regular diet of your rabbit. Although you can still give a few pieces occasionally.

When giving food to rabbits, you should remember that they have different characteristics, including how they will react to certain food consumption. For example, one of your rabbits with flaked maize doesn’t show any symptoms of an upset stomach, but for other rabbits, indigestion is possible. 

Hence, it is crucial to know some of the health risks of eating flaked maize in rabbits. That way, you will know what to do if one of your rabbits experiences it. 


If your pet starts eating flaked maize and its stomach does not accept its nourishment, diarrhea can occur.  Rabbit diarrhea is common in small animals because of how their digestive system works. 

Even sudden changes in their diet can disrupt their bowel movement. Although diarrhea is treatable, you should not overlook it if your pet is diagnosed with this illness. One of the complications of diarrhea is dehydration because of extreme body fluid loss.  

You will immediately notice if your rabbit is experiencing diarrhea because their poop will appear watery and sometimes contain mucus. 

Loss of Appetite

Another complication that can occur in rabbits is loss of appetite. If you force your rabbit to eat food and do not undergo a proper transition, your pet will feel pain in its abdomen. Hence, your rabbit will also not eat their food, even if it’s their favorite. 

Digestive Problems

The digestive system of your rabbit is the one that is responsible for taking all the nutrients that come from the food that they eat. So if your rabbit is eating an excessive amount of flaked maize, which is rich in starch, its digestive organs will start to malfunction. 

A simple problem in rabbits’ digestive system will significantly impact their overall body function because of nutrient deficiency. Since your pet cannot properly work because of unwanted nourishment from new foods. 

Alternative Food Snacks for Rabbits

Now that you know that there are possible health risks of giving flaked maize to your rabbit, it’s important that you don’t let them get addicted to that food. That is why it’s crucial to know some of the alternative food that your rabbit can safely eat while getting health benefits 

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Key Takeaways

  • Flaked maize is a processed cereal that is made from corn. It is rich in starch and low in fiber.
  • Flaked maize is one of the foods your rabbit can eat or snack on occasionally because too much nourishment from this food can result in several digestive-related problems. In addition, processed food is not suitable for your rabbit, according to PETA.
  • Here is the feeding guide for flaked maize in rabbits; 1. give it as a snack or treat only 2. Introduce the flaked maize properly so your rabbit will get familiar with the new nourishment, and 3. Ensure that your rabbit will drink clean water after flaked maize intake. 
  • Here are the best-seller brands of flaked maize that your rabbit can eat; One Degree Ancient Maize Flakes Cereals, Henry Bell Flaked Maize by Henry Bell & Co, and Strange Brewery Flaked Maize.
  • If your rabbit excessively consumes flaked maize, possible health risks can occur, such as diarrhea, loss of appetite, and digestive problems. That is why balancing the amount will prevent your rabbit from having any risk to their health. 

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