Can Your Rabbit Eat Potatoes? (Health Risks & Concerns)

Potatoes For Rabbits

Different kinds of potatoes are grown worldwide, including native and wild potatoes. 

And according to the research of the International Potato Center, potatoes are the third most important plant crop for human consumption. You might also wonder if you can offer this crop to your lovely bunnies. 

Before we answer this question, you must first understand that if you are a first-time bunny owner, your pet gets nearly all of the nourishment they need from grass hay. Its rich-fiber nourishment must make up about 85% of its food. The rest of their food must be verdant greens and plants, such as cilantro, broccoli, and spinach

Now, is Potato safe for your rabbit? The answer is no.

Although they are not poisonous, you should avoid foddering them in your pet’s meal.

Health Risks

Potatoes are rich in starch, and although they give a health advantage for humans, your rabbit’s body isn’t intended to manage its thick starch content. In addition, this crop is too rich in calories besides carbohydrates and is tough to digest.

That is why if your rabbit consumes many potatoes, it can cause complications for its gastral system leading to Gastrointestinal Stasis

Here are some of the signs that you should keep an eye on if your bunny consumes potatoes:

Cooked Potatoes

Uncooked potatoes cover resilient starch, so you shouldn’t fodder it with your bunnies. But how about a cooked potato?

Although cooking or boiling it can lessen the starch amount of the crop plant, your bunnies still can’t digest the great number of carbohydrates from it. 

Eating prepared potatoes might result in similar gastral complications as uncooked potatoes. Diarrhea, constipation, and gastrointestinal stasis can still happen with prepared potatoes.

Potato Skin

Potato skins cover a great deal of additional fiber than the flesh inside. Plus, it contains numerous nutrients, such as potassium and vitamin C.

And as you know, your bunnies want high-fiber food on their diet meal. You might wonder whether they can have potato skins as a portion. 

Potato skins still cover a high quantity of starch. Its high starch level balances its fiber level, making it hard for a bunny to consume. 

Potato skins are just as deprived as the flesh inside of the crop to your bunny’s stomach. 

Instead, your pet must devote most of its diet consumption to grass hay and pellets, which are completely fiber-based. Or, if you want additional nutrients, offer them several veggies and fruits that your rabbit can safely eat. 

Sweet Potatoes

Though they’ve got the term “potato” in their name, they are not technically a potato. They are different and don’t have texture and inheritance resemblance.

Sweet potatoes belong to the family of Convolvulaceae, connected to timber roses and morning glory.

Contrary to potatoes, they are nightshades. These crops are richer in calories and carbohydrates.

Moreover, sweet potatoes are frequently understood as a better option because of the more nutrients they can offer.

Though, when it comes to your bunnies, sweet potatoes should also be avoided. They cover more sugar than potatoes which can also upset your pet’s digestion. 

Key Takeaways

  • Potatoes are not poisonous for your rabbit, but you should avoid giving them because of their high starch content.
  • Starch and carbohydrates can cause your rabbit’s digestive issues like Gastrointestinal Stasis. 
  • If your rabbit is experiencing weight gain/ Obesity, Diarrhea, Digestive Problems, and constipation after potato intake, take them to health professionals immediately.
  • Cooked Potato should also not be given to your pet.
  • Potato skin covers a rich fiber content but is unsafe for your rabbit.
  • Although sweet potatoes are not potatoes, they can also harm your rabbit because of their sugar content. 

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