Top 7 Animals You Can Breed With Rabbits

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Finding the right specie to a pet can be quite challenging until you see a picture of a rabbit. Who doesn’t find them cute and adorable? These adorable creatures are known for their charm and family-friendly attributes. If you’re looking for the perfect pet for you and your family, then you can’t go wrong with rabbits.

The number of rabbit breeders has dramatically increased over these past few years. Statistics tell us that there are more than 300 domestic rabbit breeds available today. And because of the overwhelming numbers of different breeds, making the best decision is indeed overwhelming. Fortunately, there are lots of articles that you can find on the Internet today that can show you detailed information about different rabbit breeds.

For those who are contemplating owning a rabbit, it’s crucial that you have to take the time to do some reading first. Conducting online research before getting a rabbit is recommended if you want to ensure that you got to acquire the perfect breed for you and your household. You want a specific breed that can match your lifestyle and environment. But how about we imagine 7 animals that can breed with rabbits?

First of all, it’s not recommended that we breed other animals and rabbits. A hybrid is possible such as rabbits and guinea pigs, but there are consequences. Mixed-rabbits don’t have much value, and it can be potentially dangerous for the animal. This is because hybrid animals tend to more prone to deformities and health problems. Also, if you’re raising rabbits to have more income, then a mixed-rabbit or hybrid breed is not what you should be aiming at.

7 Animals That You Can Breed With Rabbits

But if you want to explore the art and science of hybrid rabbits, then here’s a little information about the 7 best animals that you can breed with rabbits. Have fun with the list!

Guinea Pigs

Have you heard of the word “cabbit” before? We’ll we’re not talking about cat x rabbit, but guinea pigs (Cavia) and rabbits. While it’s not possible to breed rabbits and guinea pigs, because of genetic manipulation, creating a “cabbit” is very much possible. And yes, you can buy these beautiful creatures in the market; however, they can be very pricey. But if you have the money, then “cabbits” are among the cutest creatures to ever walk, or hop, on this planet.


Believe it or not, cat and rabbit hybrid is also called “cabbits.” This is another incredible hybrid which you will truly adore. Imagine a cat with the hind legs of a rabbit? And yes, they are also furry. Although it’s still impossible to breed cat and rabbit naturally, you’ll find labs and scientists creating these unique creatures. If you’re a cat-lover and wanted to own a rabbit, why not a cabbit?


You can’t say cats without mentioning dogs. Considered as man’s best friend, dogs are loyal, friendly, smart, and easy to train. If you want something new and wanted to own a dog that looks interestingly cuter, then yes, dogs and rabbit hybrid is the right one for you. We’re not saying that dogs are not cute, but if you breed them with rabbits, wouldn’t it be cuter? Also, imagine a dog-rabbit playing around your backyard, hopping, and at the same time barking? This is definitely for people who love dogs and find rabbits charming.


Hare and rabbits are almost the same, but then they are not really of the same species, although they are from the same family of Leporidae. You’ll see lots of cute images of hare and rabbit hybrids on the Internet today – and trust us; you’ll find the upgrade more adorable. You have to be prepared when raising these hybrids, though, since they are more boisterous than your regular rabbit pets.


Imagine the cuteness of a rabbit and the meekness of a sheep? If you’re looking for a family-friendly pet, then you can’t go wrong with the “saintly” temperament of rabbits and sheep. This type of hybrid is indeed a match from heaven. Also, you’ll not only enjoy the warmth of their fur, but you’ll also going to appreciate their peace and friendliness. But don’t get it wrong though, these hybrids can also be very playful.


Yes. Imagine a cow and a rabbit crossbred. If you enlarge the cuteness of the rabbit to cow-size, what do you get? Cowbit? Sounds funny but cute. This might be a crazy hybrid, but in the science world and through genetic manipulating, things can happen, even the craziest ideas. The only problem with this hybrid is that what kind of setup or enclosure you’re going to prepare? A cage or a ranch? But who cares, so long as you have a hopping creature mooing at your backyard.


You’ll immediately get attracted to the beauty and charm of owl and rabbit just by looking at their photos. Just think about how it looks. With wings and feathers that are as smooth as silk and a face that can melt everybody’s heart. If you want a more interesting creature inside your household, then we suggest that you consider taking home your very own owl and rabbit hybrid.

Finding the Best Breed

Of course, some of these hybrids can be very difficult, if not impossible, to purchase in the market or your regular pet stores. But the point is, there are indeed animals that you can breed with your rabbit. You have to note, though that you need to learn more about genetics and mutations before you get this kind of crossbreed results. Also, the equipment needed to come up with a unique rabbit breed can be very expensive.

If you don’t want to complicate life, then you can always purchase regular rabbits. And the good news is, there are a lot of breeders and pet stores out there that sell high-quality breeds. There are important factors, though, that you need to keep in mind before you start purchasing your very own rabbit. Here are some tips on what you need to consider before buying one:

Consider Your Budget

Rabbits prices can range from affordable to expensive; this depends on the specific breed and availability. If you want rare ones, then be prepared to shell out extra money. Always consider your budget first before buying a rabbit, and don’t forget that you’re going to feed these creatures so long as they’re alive. Buying rabbit pellets is easy and it’s not that difficult. You also have to add to budget the cost of sending your beloved pet to the veterinarian. Before you start raising a rabbit, make sure that you and your finances are prepared.

Find a Perfect Match

Not all rabbits are created equal. Some of them are friendlier than the other, and some possess more charm. You also have to note that different rabbits have different temperaments. If you have children inside your house, then we highly recommend that you get a calm rabbit. Choose those rabbits that can be easily carried or touch – although it’s not recommended that you carry them from time to time. Make sure that you also choose a rabbit that can live and survive in your climate.

Buy from Reputable Breeders

Another important thing that you’re going to consider before buying a rabbit is looking for a reliable and credible rabbit supplier. You should only buy from people who have been in the rabbit business for many years now. The breeder or the online pet store must be able to produce healthy and happy rabbits only. The best way for you to check whether or not the breeder or online pet store is reliable is by reading reviews and checking for testimonials written by people who have bought a rabbit from them.

Ask for Tips and Advice

You should also ask for tips and pieces of advice from your friends, families, or any individuals you know who have bought and raised a rabbit before. Learning from experts will increase your chances of buying the right breed. Also, don’t forget to ask them for recommendations on where you should buy rabbits. Moreover, asking for guidelines on how to properly care and breed rabbits is also a smart idea.

Final Thoughts

While there are several animals that you can breed with rabbits, it’s important to note that crossbreeding can be quite risky. You don’t want to waste your time and money trying to breed two different species. Also, don’t forget that deformities and other health problems may occur if you breed rabbits with other animals. It’s also wise that you take the time to study not only how to breed rabbits with other species but also research about how to take care of them and what temperament you should expect from them.

Rabbits are fun and cute; every family deserves one. Once you get your hands of these beautiful and wonderful pets, don’t forget that your time, money, and energy is required to raise them happy and healthy. Enjoy your new pet, and have an awesome life!

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