7 Largest Rabbit Breeds You Can Find

Largest Rabbit Breeds

Rabbits have been popular pets for years due to their versatility. They come in different colors, breeds, and sizes. However, it’s crucial to find the right match and consider several factors before choosing one as a pet.

Remember that not all rabbits have the same characteristics and lifestyle. Some are shy, while others are very playful. There are also different aspects to consider, such as their diet, living environment, and health needs.

Once you have a pet rabbit, providing proper care is essential. If you prefer large breeds, this article can be very helpful. It provides useful information about the top 7 largest rabbit breeds available today.

7 Large Breed Rabbits

1. Giant Chinchilla

Giant Chinchilla is one of the most popular large breeds today. They are friendly and easygoing when it comes to humans. This breed can weigh up to 5 to 6.5 kilograms (kg). Aside from that, they also come in different colors that are pleasing to their owners’ eyes.

According to the Livestock Conservancy, the giant chinchilla was developed by Edward H. Stahl of Holmes Park in France. But later on, it became popular in America as well. It was originally bred for their meat, but they became popular human companions because of their bubbly personality.

BreedGiant Chinchilla
SizeLarge rabbit
Weight12-13 pounds (male) and 13-16 (female)
ColorWhite, Gray, and Blue
Lifespan5-8 years
Experience LevelBeginner 
DietGrass hays and water
BeddingsHeavy beddings like straw or shavings

2. Flemish Giant Rabbits

Another popular large rabbit breed is the Flemish Giant rabbit, which can weigh from 6 to 7 kg, making it much larger than the Giant Chinchilla. This breed has a calm and friendly temperament towards humans and other animals, and they come in various coat colors such as black, white, gray, and blue.

Due to their gentle and docile nature, Flemish Giant rabbits can make excellent pets for children. However, most doctors do not recommend rabbits as a first-time pet for children due to several risks. If you do decide to own a Flemish Giant rabbit, make sure to always supervise your child and provide proper training for your pet.

BreedFlemish Giant Rabbit
SizeLarge rabbit
Weight15-16 pounds (male) and 13-15 (female)
ColorsBlack, Blue, Fawn, Gray, and White
Lifespan 8-10 years
Experience LevelBeginner 
DietGrass hays and water
BeddingsHeavy beddings of shavings

3. Giant French Lop

If you are a first-time rabbit owner and want a large breed, the Giant French Lop is a big, cute bunny that is perfect for you. They are among the most friendly and sociable rabbit breeds today, and their intelligence is remarkable. You can even train them to follow basic commands. 

These giants can weigh from 12 to 15 lbs. Their cute ears are very distinctive – they “lop” down on each side of the head.

BreedGiant French Lop
SizeLarge rabbit
Weight12-15 lbs (male and female)
ColorsWhite, Brown, Blue, Chinchilla, and Gray
Lifespan5-7 years
Experience LevelNovice
DietGrass hays and water
BeddingsHeavy beddings of shavings

4. British Giant Rabbit

The British Giant Rabbit gets its name from its country of origin, the United Kingdom. Although they are popular rabbits, they are quite rare to find, making them an ideal choice if you want to own a rare breed.

According to the Pets Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA), this breed requires weekly grooming due to their long fur. Additionally, you’ll need enough space in your home since these rabbits love to stretch out.

In terms of personality, British Giants are good with people and known for their sweet nature. However, the PDSA cautions against giving rabbits as gifts to children. While these rabbits were once seen with kids, some rabbits dislike being picked up as it can stress them out.

BreedBritish Giant Rabbit
SizeLarge rabbit
Weight12-15 lbs (male and female)
ColorsBlack, White, Blue, and Brown
Lifespan4-6 years
Experience LevelNovice
OriginatedUnited Kingdom
DietGrass hays, Pellets, and water
BeddingsHeavy beddings of shavings

5. Checkered Giant Rabbits

Checkered Giant Rabbits get their name from their unique coat color pattern, which consists of white, black, and blue markings. This breed has become popular because of its pleasing appearance.

Checkered Giants have friendly personalities and make good companions for humans. They usually weigh up to 11 lbs, and it’s important to feed them the right meals to satisfy their dietary needs. However, one pitfall of owning a Checkered Giant Rabbit is that their stomachs are sensitive and can easily become upset. Proper planning of their diet is necessary to keep them healthy.

BreedCheckered Giant Rabbits
SizeLarge rabbit
Weight11 lbs (male and female)
ColorsBlack, White, and Blue
Lifespan5-8 years
Experience LevelBeginner
OriginatedFrance and Germany
TemperamentLittle Affection
DietGrass hays, veggies, and water
Beddingsshavings or straw

6. Giant Angora

Another popular large breed you can bring home is the Giant Angora. They can weigh from 9 to 10 lbs, making them one of the most famous large rabbit breeds today. You have probably seen this breed in many rabbit shows and competitions.

They have the intelligence and temperament that most humans love. These wonderful rabbits originated in France. Some people find it very relaxing to groom their Giant Angora because they are calm and easy to handle.

BreedGiant Angora
SizeLarge rabbit
Weight9.5 to 10 lbs (male and female)
ColorsBlack, White, Blue, and Tortoise
Lifespan7-12 years
Experience LevelIntermediate
OriginatedAnkara, Turkey
DietGrass hays, veggies, and water
Beddingsshavings or straw

7. Continental Giant Rabbit

According to the article “Continental Giant Rabbit in the USA,” this breed is one of the oldest and largest breeds in the United States, dating back to the 16th century. They can weigh up to 35-38 lbs, which is why many people are drawn to owning this rabbit.

Not only are Continental rabbit breeds some of the largest rabbits you can find, but they are also some of the most intelligent. These beautiful creatures love to play and can be trained easily by humans. They are easygoing and make a perfect rabbit breed for first-time owners.

However, because they are much larger than other rabbit breeds, you need to carefully consider the lifestyle you can provide for them. You must ensure that their diet is nutritionally balanced and provides the necessary nutrients for their body, and regular exercise is also important for them.

BreedContinental Giant Rabbit
SizeLarge rabbit
Weight35-38 lbs (male and female)
ColorsBlack, White, Blue, Agout, and Steel
Lifespan4-5 years
Experience LevelIntermediate
DietGrass hays, veggies, and water
BeddingsHeavy shavings or straw

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Caring for Large Breed Rabbits

Before you decide on the lifetime responsibility of taking care of the pet, you must understand the basics first. According to the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund, this will help you do your job easier and provide your pet with a happy lifestyle and wellness. Here are some of the considerations in caring for a larger breed of rabbits: 


The budget is an important consideration when planning to take care of a large breed rabbit. Most of these rabbits can be quite expensive, and you need to consider your financial capability to support a larger animal.

Large rabbits also require more food than smaller rabbits, which means that their food expenses will be higher. You will also need to invest in accessories that are appropriately sized for them, such as food and water bowls and chew toys.

Moreover, their medical bills can be more expensive than those of smaller rabbits. It is important to find a veterinarian who can handle large breeds because not all clinics are equipped to provide proper care for them.


Large rabbits have similar dietary requirements as small rabbits, but they tend to consume more food due to their larger size. It’s important to ensure that they have access to plenty of hay, which is high in fiber and helps to improve their digestive health. Additionally, it’s important to provide them with fresh and clean water after feeding to keep them hydrated


Large-breed rabbits need bigger spaces. You need to buy or customize their shelter for your pet to move freely in their cage. Rabbits do not like to be vulnerable, so you must make their cage their safe and relaxing space to sleep and do other activities. 


Like other animals, you must ensure that your rabbit has an active lifestyle. Schedule them with an outside activity every day or every other day to help your pet release its pent-up energy. Since they are large breed animals, they have more energy in their body. It’s unsafe for your pet not to release it because it can contribute to bad behavior, such as aggressiveness.

Check Up

Large breed rabbits require special care because of their size. Although some lifestyles resemble smaller breeds, you must take preventive measures. Regularly check with your veterinarian even if your pet does not seem sick. In that way, you can easily identify and treat them if needed. In addition, you can ask for assistance with the right care tips you can do for large breeds to give them a happy life. 

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It’s not hard to look for large-breed rabbits today. There are many available breeds that you can choose from. However, you must consider some of the factors because, at the end of the day, they will rely on you once you buy or adopt them. In addition, you also need to look for a reliable adoption center or seller. Always look at the reviews to ensure they are legitimate to sell large breed rabbits.

  • Rabbits are versatile animals. They have different breeds, colors, and sizes, making them popular pet animals today. 
  • Large-breed rabbits are more complex to care for. They need a different lifestyle than the regular ones. 
  • Large breed rabbits have more appetite than smaller breed. Ensure you feed them the right amount of hays to help improve their digestive function. 
  • Here are the things you need to consider in caring for large breed rabbits: budget, food, cage, lifestyle, and veterinarian check-ups.
  • Top 7 Largest Breed ideal for pet owners: Giant Chinchilla, Flemish Giants, Giant French Lop, British Giant, Checkered Giant, Giant Angira, and Continental Giant.    
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