Is It Safe For Rabbits To Wear Clothes? 

Clothes For Rabbits

Once you adopt a rabbit, there are many ways to care for them. But some owners go the extra mile, like putting clothes on their pets.  

If you are one of the owners who will likely do that, you must first understand how to properly put clothes in them.  

According to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), rabbits are delicate and easily get distressed. Some rabbits also have aloof personalities and do not want to be touched or picked up. So before you do anything like putting clothes on your pet, ensure that you research first how to handle them gently. 

But you don’t need to worry. This article will guide you through properly putting clothes in your rabbit. If you want to know more about this, then keep on reading!

Is It Okay For Rabbit To Wear Clothes?

The main purpose of clothing in humans is to keep them warm and prevent direct exposure from different things. That is why wearing clothes is not necessary when it comes to rabbits.   

You see, the body anatomy of rabbits is developed to help them survive, whether in the wild or a household. 

According to Houston Hair Transplant Center, rabbit fur is important to rabbits because it protects their body naturally. It keeps them warm or cools down their body when the temperature changes. 

But in some cases, wearing clothes is ideal. A rabbit can be born hairless. This case is due to the lack of development of a recessive trait when the rabbit was still in their mother’s womb. 

Hairless rabbits are more vulnerable because they don’t have fur. They can get cold easily or have dry skin. So it’s recommended that you put clothes on them to shield their exposed skin. 

What Clothes Are Safe for Rabbits?

It’s ideal to choose lightweight clothes for rabbits, since they have natural fur, and big and thick clothes will only distress your pet. But if your pet is hairless, thick clothes are ideal.

Aside from that, choose not to buy baggy clothes, so they can comfortably relax, move, and run without the clothes hauling them across the ground.

Avoid buying aromatic or treated clothing, as this can harm your fur rabbit and hinder their sense of smell.

If your rabbit isn’t ready for a complete outfit, try smaller accessories, such as a colorful bandana or collar. This will add to the whole look of your rabbit.

However, when it comes to rabbits in costumes, experts recommend that less is more.

Tips For Putting Clothes On Rabbits

1. Start Early 

If you want your rabbit to be fashionable while wearing clothes, starting them early and young is ideal. That way, the rabbit can get used to these accessories.

Ensure that if it’s your pet’s first time wearing clothes, make it as comfortable as possible. Avoid doing anything that will distress them, so the experience of wearing clothes will not be imprinted in their mind as a traumatic memory.

2. Calm Your Rabbit

When introducing something new to your rabbit, it’s important that they are calm. Do not force them to do things, as they may bite. Ensuring that your rabbit is calm before introducing something new will also make them easier to handle.

Start by familiarizing them with the scent of clothes. Then try to pet them while wearing the clothes on your body. This will show your rabbit that you don’t mean any harm to them.

3. Secure Your Rabbit’s Body

When putting clothes on rabbits, ensure they are secure in your hands. They can suddenly jump, which may result in accidents such as broken limbs or bones. Hold them securely, and do not place them in a high place.

It’s best to place the clothes on the floor, so they are easier to manage.

4. Present Treats

When putting clothes on rabbits, you can also give them treats occasionally. This will divert the rabbit’s attention to the treats. It’s better to offer them their favorite treats or small, healthy snacks such as fruits and vegetables.

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Key Takeaways

  • Rabbits are delicate animals and get distressed easily. So you must let them be familiar with new things, like wearing clothes to avoid problems. 
  • It’s not necessary for rabbits to wear clothes. Their body is built naturally to have protection against temperature changes. 
  • It’s ideal for a hairless rabbit to wear clothes because they can’t grow their fur. That is why they are susceptible to cold and dry skin. 
  • The ideal clothes for rabbits are lightweight and not too baggy so they can move freely even with the clothing on their body. 
  • Here are the tips for wearing clothes on rabbits; Start them early, Calm them first, Secure the rabbit’s body, and Present treats.  

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