Why do your rabbits thump?

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Were there days wherein you just looked at your rabbit and pondered what they may be doing/thinking? Rabbits have their own way of doing things that makes owners think that they must be sending some signals to them. Although these kinds of behaviors are so hard to interpret, I think pet owners should know as to why they are sending these.

In actuality, the most common rabbit owners ask why their pet rabbit thumps do? So, why do rabbits really thump? And what does it mean?

Wild rabbits often thump to send signals to their co-rabbits that there’s an imminent danger. As for domesticated rabbits, they also thump their hind legs because they also perceive that there’s danger too. They have a lot of behaviors that result in thumping. One, when rabbits are annoyed, they thump a lot. Second, rabbits thump just to get your attention. Rabbits also have the tendency to thump if you forgot to treat them with their favorite treat, and also thump whenever you clean their area.

Thumping Rabbits

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For owners, it is really hard to distinguish what signals their rabbits are sending. Sometimes thumping can be set off by a lesser threat, like a blender, or cooking, a splash of the water. Rabbits are known to have a keen sense of hearing, and sometimes this the culprit as to why they thump.

Usually, when a rabbit is starting to thump, they typically do this until they feel that the threat or danger is gone. However, as an owner, it is necessary to let them feel safe because thumping very hard may result in a serious matter. Thumping really hard for hours may result in leg injury for rabbits. Rabbits are easily stressed; it is best for you to comfort them whenever they need you.

Thumping rabbit, why they do it?

Rabbits are known to be silent and gentle creatures, but this doesn’t mean they can’t communicate. Their form of communication is using their bodies; in this way, they let you know what they’re feeling or what signals they are sending to you. However, thumping varies depending on the circumstances.

What does it really mean when your rabbit is thumping?

There are many reasons why rabbits thump; we’ve listed some of the scenarios wherein they thump.

  • Stressed- when your rabbit thumps like crazy, this is mostly linked to being stressed. T avoid or minimize their thumping, avoid/remove anything that they perceive as dangerous, or something unknown enters the house like neighbors, other pets. If they’re in the cage, if you put something new and they’re thumping, might as well remove it.
  • Annoyed- sometimes rabbit thumps for the purpose of them not liking what you are doing. Circumstances, where they are annoyed, is when you clean their cage, a visitor comes too close in their cage or changing some parts of their enclosure.
  • Danger- This is the most common cause why rabbits thump; it is something they do whenever they sense danger. They thump when there is change happening rapidly in their environment, or something doesn’t feel quite right. Their senses oftentimes decide when to thump, if they see your other pets getting too close, or a fire burning, any circumstances that their sense feel that results in danger, they thump. Normally, thumping lasts for seconds, or sometimes going for an hour. Wild rabbits also thump whenever there is a danger to alert they neighboring rabbits that danger is lurking near them.

Do rabbits thump because they want attention?

This is the most common way to get the owner’s attention. They thump in the middle of the night, and this often results in the owner going to their cage. It instills in their mind that whenever they thump, they assume that the signals they are sending are fully accepted by their owner. They thump because you made them feel uneasy, they thump because you did something they didn’t like. There are many factors why they thump for attention, but chances are, they thump because there is a change.

Do rabbits thump because they feel happy?

In general, rabbits thump to send you signals of their emotions, from being happy, to in danger, or their displeasure towards you. Usually, when a rabbi is happy, they play around, goof around, then thump all over the place. It’s a sign that their happy, rarely is the case that they do not thump when they are not happy. Sometimes, rabbits thump because they see their owner approaching, it is like they thump to show their excitement as their owners are closing in.

Why are those rabbits thump at night?

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Rabbits usually thump at night because this is the most silent time of the day; the senses are quick to trigger whenever they hear something. Some things scare them during at night, like the crickets doing their own thing or just an owl hooting at night. They perceive these kinds of things as dangerous.

Rabbits are known to be crepuscular creatures; this means they thrive during the twilight hours of the day, either sunrise or sunset. Sometimes during at night, rabbits thump because they are hungry and want you to feed them. In most cases, when rabbit thumps at night, it is best to just completely ignore them.

Why do Rabbits thump hard when there’s a loud sound?

Rabbits are known to have a great sense of hearing, a very loud or an unfamiliar sound can quickly turn them into paranoid creatures. On most occasions, rabbits who thump when there is a loud sound can be easily predicted, like the bark of a dog, the sound of a train.

If rabbits aren’t stomping like crazy, they often exhibit different kinds of behavior. Lucky for you, we’ve listed them out!

  • Shaking Cheeks- they often exhibit shaking cheeks whenever they are happy. He clenches its teeth and creates a motion of shaking cheeks.
  • Sitting motionless for extended periods of time- this is usually a bad sign for rabbit owners. When they do this kind of behavior, it usually means that they are either depressed or sick. Sometimes when they do this kind of behavior, it is best to monitor their actions.
  • Flopping- It is their own way of relaxation, they sometimes look hurt, but they do these out of contentment or just plain boredom.
  • Ears rested back- They exhibit this kind of behavior whenever they are ready to fight or when they are scared.
  • Protruding eyes- When they protrude their eyes, this means that they are hurting or just terrified.
  • Binkies or Twirling- When they exhibit this kind of behavior, most of the time, they are very happy; they dance, jumps, and do funny things around their cage or if they are loose.

Wrapping things up,

Always remember that as an owner, it is important to take note of the signals the rabbit sends whenever they are thumping. Domesticated rabbits shouldn’t be afraid in the space of your own home; if you can help them let loose and keep them relax, it might be the best option for you.

Whenever you see your rabbit exhibiting erratic behaviors like sitting still for hours, it is best to consult your vet to address the issue as early as possible. Lastly, rabbits are a joy to have, and providing them with the best of your abilities will help them achieve a longer life span.

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