9 Rare Rabbit Breeds You Haven’t Heard Of

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Raising rabbits can be a very rewarding experience. Breeders and owners know how wonderful it is to have these pets hopping around their home or property. Rabbits are indeed one of the cutest and most wonderful pets that anyone could own. And if you’re planning to buy one for your household or maybe you wanted to start breeding them, then this article is for you.

There are more than 300 domestic rabbits that are available in the market today. Anyone who is planning to breed these pets must know that not all rabbits are the same. Aside from having different appearances, each of these breeds also has unique temperaments. Moreover, different rabbit breeds also have different intelligence. Some rabbits are smarter than the others.

Because of the number of rabbit breeds that are available today, finding the right one for you can be a little tricky. Also, you might be one of those people who are looking for unique breeds. Perhaps you’re already an experienced rabbit breeder, but you’re looking for something more unique and rare. Well, today is your lucky day since this article will focus more on finding 9 rare rabbit breeds that you haven’t heard of.

What to Consider

Before providing you the list of 9 rare rabbit breeds that you haven’t heard of, you must take note of the following pointers first. First of all, make sure that you consider your climate or weather in your area. Some rabbit breeds prefer colder climates than warmer ones, while some prefer summer-like seasons. Then you also have to consider the space available. There are rabbit breeds out there that require more space. Some rabbits also require more maintenance than the others.

It’s also important that you consider the cost before you start buying rabbits. Although taking care and breeding rabbits is not that expensive compared to other pets, you still have to spend some money for them to live a happy and healthy life. By considering these few things, you’ll surely be able to enjoy your rare rabbit breed without any problem.

9 Rabbit Breeds that You Haven’t Heard Of

1. Blanc de Hotot

One of the most beautiful rabbits that you can find in the market today is the Blanc de Hotot. They are also one of the rarest. These are beautifully white rabbits that have “eyeliners.” Not only are they beautiful, but they are also one of the friendliest rabbit breeds out there. The eyeliners or the black markings around their eyes, which look like spectacles, are unique for rabbit breeds. Also, these rabbit breeds are already listed as endangered – this should motivate you more to breed these cuties!

2. Teddywidder

The teddywidder is one of those rare rabbit breeds that look like ‘stuffed toys.’ If you have kids who love ‘teddy bears,’ then there’s no doubt that they are also going to love this rare rabbit breed. Teddywidder is considered as one of the newly developed rabbit breeds. They can be quite difficult to acquire since they are only primarily found and sold in Belgium and Germany. Apart from enjoying their thick and soft furs, these rabbits also have a cool and calm temperament.

3. Cinnamon rabbit

Speaking of calm temperament, the cinnamon rabbits are one of the friendliest and calmest rabbit breeds today. They have an extremely calm nature, and they can be easily tamed. This is highly recommended for households who have kids and loves rabbit. Cinnamon rabbits love to be carried and won’t hop away from you. However, finding this type of breed can be very difficult since they are considered as one of the most recently developed breeds. What makes this rabbit breed even more unique is its color, which looks very much like that of a, well, cinnamon.

4. Southeast Asian striped rabbit

Imagine a tiger that is trapped in a rabbit’s body? Well, the Southeast Asian striped rabbit looks like a tiger – although cuter and friendlier. Considered as one of the rarest rabbit breeds in the world, they are only found in Laos and the Annamite Mountains of Vietnam. Owning this particular breed can be extremely difficult. If you have a chance, then grab such an opportunity and breed this very rare beautiful rabbit.

5. Colombian pygmy rabbit

For those who wanted rare rabbit breeds and at the same time wanted them smaller, the Colombian pygmy rabbit is highly recommended. They are the smallest breed of rabbits that are found in North America. Unfortunately, there are only 16 of them left on this planet. The good news is, conservation efforts from different organizations are doing the best they can to preserve this breed. If you love small breeds that looked like kittens, then the Colombian pygmy rabbit is recommended for you.

6. Giant Angora

But if you want bigger and furrier rabbit breed, then the Giant Angora is a wonder. It’s like a giant cotton ball that loves to be cuddled all the time. And aside from bigger hugs, this rare rabbit also have huge hearts for human (literally and metaphorically). A fully grown Giant Angora weighs 12 pounds. Another use of these rare rabbits is for wool harvest, which you can do every 90 days.

7. Crème d’argent

You’ll immediately feel the cuteness and rareness of this rabbit just by pronouncing its name. The Crème d’argent is one of the most-loved rare rabbits in the United States. And believe it or not, there are only less than 100 left of them. It’s a beautiful rare breed that possesses a calm and friendly quality. If you’re looking for a rabbit that you can carry with you wherever you go, then we highly recommend that you find this particular breed and raise them.

8. American sable

There are rabbits out there that look strange compared to regular breeds, and the American sable is one of them. Their face is flatter compared to other rabbit breeds. The body of this particular breed is longer and more oval. And if you love Siamese cats, well, this rabbit looks like one. This is because it has a grayish mocha and black color pattern. This is a very docile breed.

9. Lilac rabbit

Last but not least, the Lilac rabbit. And indeed, they are blue-hued bunnies that have the same color as, Lilac! These are rare and beautiful rabbits that came from Britain and were breed and raised in the USA during the early 1900s. However, they are already in the “watch” list of rabbit breeds. According to reports, Lilac rabbits are already fewer than 2,000. Acquiring Lilac rabbits can be quite tricky, but with dedication, you should be able to find one.

Taking Care of Rare Rabbits

When it comes to providing care to rare rabbits, there is no “extra” or “special” care, because after all, they are still rabbits. However, the difference between raising rare rabbits from regular ones is that some rare rabbits are about to go extinct. This means that there’s an additional sense of responsibility and attachment to it.

You must know how to properly care for these rare rabbit breeds. You don’t want to buy and raise them without knowing providing proper care to these species. Also, it’s important to note that these kinds of rabbits can be very expensive. And so, you must do everything you can to ensure that they are well-nourished and that they can live a happy and healthy life.

Here are some few tips on how to take good care of your rare rabbit:

Conduct an Online Research

Conducting online research is vital before you start raising rabbits. Make sure that you read some books or online articles that provide you guidelines or recommendations on how to properly care for rabbits. Again, you must be ready physically, emotionally, and mentally before raising rabbits.

Contact the Best Veterinarian

It’s also advisable that you already know who to contact in case your rare rabbit is sick. You have to be ready at all times. Also, another reason why you need to go to the veterinarian is to have your rabbit check at least once a year. Even if they are healthy, it’s still very important that you send them to the vet. Find a reliable and reputable veterinarian who can provide excellent care and treatment to your rabbit.

Ask for Advice from Fellow Enthusiasts

Don’t forget to ask for tips and recommendations from other rabbit breeders regarding how to take care of your pets. Make sure that you join online forums or communities where people gather and share useful tips on how to raise and breed healthy rabbits. Don’t hesitate to ask these experts and make sure that you’re friendly to them.

Final Thoughts

By following these tips, raising your rare rabbit breed should not be difficult. Finally, when buying rare rabbits, make sure that you double-check the reputation and the background history of the breeder or supplier. You have to be 100% sure that they are indeed legit. Now, you’re ready. Take care of your pet, and have a wonderful life with them.

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