10 Rabbit Breeds With The Best Temperament Perfect For Your Kids

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Rabbits are undoubtedly one of the cutest and friendliest pets that we can own today. Their looks and temperament are just perfect for kids. Parents don’t have to worry about children getting hurt by playing with their beloved pets. Although some rabbits require more consistent daily care, most of them require less maintenance. This is why it’s the perfect pet for every family.

If you’re contemplating on getting a rabbit for your kids, then this article is for you. With more than 300 domestic rabbits that you can take home to your kids, finding the best one may seem like an overwhelming task. However, by doing online research, the search should become easier and a lot more fun. Fortunately, we’ve written this article to provide you a list of 10 rabbit breeds with the best temperament that is perfect for your kids. Also, we’ll provide you tips and guidelines on how to choose the best rabbit breed.

Things to Think About

But before you provide you our list, we must conduct talk about a few things first. You and your kids must be ready for this pet. Ask yourself first whether or not you have the time, energy, and resources to raise rabbits. You should also ask your kids first if they are interested in taking care of their rabbits. Take note that not all rabbits are the same. Therefore, you have considered several factors first.

Make sure that you consider not only the physical characteristics of the rabbits but also their temperament and care needs. Some love loved to be cuddled, while some prefer to hop away from humans. Again, your goal is to ensure that the rabbit that you’re going to buy and raise is a perfect match for your kids. Check out this list:

10 Best Rabbit Breeds for Your Children

Dutch Rabbits

Let’s start with the most popular rabbit breed of them all, the Dutch rabbits. It’s considered one of the most bought rabbit breeds on the planet, and there’s a reason why they are very popular with families and children. Dutch rabbits are calm, friendly, easy to tame, and adorable. What makes these rabbits more beloved by humans is that they naturally enjoy our company.

Your kids will surely love this particular breed since they don’t hop away from them. Instead, these rabbits will approach your kids and would ask to be caressed. These rabbits are also intelligent and can live up to 5 to 10 years. No wonder why many parents are buying their kids Dutch rabbits! Also, these rabbits are small in size, and so they don’t require a huge enclosure. If you’re looking for a rabbit that longs for your attention and approval, then choose the Dutch Rabbits.


Looking for something cuter? Then we recommend that you check out Mini-Lop. These rabbits are known for their large heads, and they have these long and thick floppy ears, which make them even look more adorable. Their shape and size are those of ‘stuffed toys,’ and we all know how kids love these kinds of toys. Their round body and thick fur make them perfect for cuddling.

Your kids will also enjoy the variety of colors available. This particular breed can live for more than 10 years if properly cared for. When it comes to temperament, Mini-lops are ideal for kids. They are cheerful and loves to be trained. What’s more, is that they enjoy being cuddle. Because of their playful nature, you must take them outside the enclosure from time to time. And in terms of intelligence, these rabbits are smart and can be easily trained.

Dwarf Hotot

If you’re looking for something smaller, then we highly recommend that you buy Dwarf Hotot. These rabbits are so beautiful and have unique coloring. Dwarf Hotot is known for their dark coloring around their eyes which look like an eyeliner. They only weigh less than 3 lbs. and feeding them is easy. These rabbits also don’t require a large space.

You mustn’t overfeed them since they can easily become obese. Also, you have to check their health from time to time since they are prone to malocclusion or misalignment between their teeth. To avoid this health problem, veterinarians suggest that you feed them with fibrous food items. Nonetheless, this breed is great for children since they are small, cute, intelligent, friendly, and loves to be cuddled.

Sussex Rabbit

Another beautiful rabbit that your kids will love is the Sussex rabbit. This breed is relatively new but has already made a name for itself as one of the friendliest and most inquisitive rabbits breed today. Sussex rabbits are not only physically attractive, but they are also highly intelligent. For this reason, many expert breeders and owners are teaching them to do tricks. Your kids will surely have an awesome time with these rabbits.

Bear in mind though that these rabbits can be very greedy with their food. They want to eat all the time and can easily get fat. That’s why it’s important that you monitor their diet and weight. You should also remind your kids about reducing treats, but who can resist its cuteness when asking for food?


Harlequins are very popular because of their colors. What makes them look prettier is that their coat can have different shapes of stripes. They also come in 2 to 3 different colors. If your kids wanted a rabbit that is more colorful and has fun patterns, then Harlequins are the best choice. This breed can live up to 8 to 10 years.

But aside from having beautiful physical attributes, harlequins also have wonderful temperaments. They are very playful and loves to be cuddled and snuggled. This breed is also very curious and highly intelligent. You and your kids can easily teach these rabbits to do different kinds of tricks.


This extremely friendly rabbit has now become one of the most favorite breeds on the planet today. What makes Himalayan rabbits perfect for children is that they are very calm and easy-going. Their curiosity and interest in everything make them even a lot cuter. You’ll easily identify these rabbits with their dark ears, dark nose, and a white body. It’s also considered as one of the cuddliest rabbit breeds of all.

You need to take note, though, that Himalayans need to be stimulated more often than other rabbits. Make sure that you give these rabbits toys. Forming a bond with them should be easy if you provide them true care and love.


Now, the Lionhead is for those kids who want their rabbit friend to be furrier. A lovechild between Netherland Dwarf and Swiss Fox, Lionhead rabbits, are stunning to look at. They have long furs, and their ears look like that of a lion – hence, the name. It’s definitely one of the unique rabbit breed available today.

But aside from being cute and furry, these rabbits also love to be picked up and cuddled. Their appearance and temperament should make your kids even more excited to carry them. They love to interact with children and adults, making them one of the most wonderful pets for every family.


Do your kids love teddy bears? Well, look no further, the Californian rabbit breed should be on your top 1 list. This particular breed looks just like the Himalayans, except that they are larger. Larger rabbits mean warmer cuddles! It’s also one of the calmest and friendlies rabbits that you can find today.

This rabbit breed is perfect for your kids since they are very affectionate. At the same time, they also love attention from humans. You can expect these rabbits to approach you and your kids without getting hesitation.

Thrianta Rabbits

Looking for a teddy-bear-like rabbit but wanted it smaller? Then the Thrianta is highly recommended for you and your kids. If you think that Himalayan rabbits are too large for your households, then this particular is for you since they are smaller. These rabbits also have silky soft coats, and colors range from red to brown.

Thrianta rabbits are also very friendly to human beings. They love to be with children, making them an ideal breed for parents who are looking for a friendlier rabbit breed. The only problem with this rabbit breed is that they are quite difficult to find. And so, if you find anything online, don’t hesitate to buy them.

Chinchilla Rabbits

It would be a sin to not include Chinchilla rabbits on our list. This particular breed is among the sweetest rabbits that you can find today. They are also one of the calmest, friendliest, and most adorable rabbits breed of all time. Just by looking at its face, your stress will immediately be erased.

Chinchilla rabbits are perfect for kids because they are an awesome house-rabbit – although they are also great for outdoors. What makes them perfect for kids is that their sweet-nature and amazing soft furs give a warm feeling to our hearts. If you’re looking for a rabbit breed that can truly make your children happy, then consider this breed.

Final Thoughts

Before you buy any of these beautiful rabbits, you must always check the reputation of the breeder or buyer. You have to always check for reviews and ratings first. Find out more information about the quality of their rabbits, and if indeed they are legit. The best way for you to check their reputation is by reading reviews or testimonials written by people who have bought rabbits from them before.

If this is your first time buying a pet for your kids, then it’s smart that you look for tips and pieces of advice from the people you know who have raised rabbits before. This should help you gain more ideas on how to properly care for the pets and how you and your kids can enjoy their company. May your future rabbit bring priceless joy to you and your kids.

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