10 Bunny Memes that Will Make you Love Them

Bunnies are soft, charming, and delightful. While they are being featured with bunny teeth and long ears, it would be hard for anyone to resist them. The simplest thing that they do, such as the manner they hold and eat their food, make a remarkable impact on anyone leaving them with a smile on their faces.

Getting a sense of humor is beneficial if you have a rabbit in your house because there are times that if you do not laugh, you will end up crying. If you happen to be looking for some great memes about the bunnies, then you just found your luck by checking this page. Bunny memes may serve as a demonstration of people’s emotions and opinions. The composition of memes may wander from whining about the difficulties and challenges in life to demonstrate complexity felt during a specific encounter.

Best Bunny Memes

Memes are characterized as remix made by boundless participants, utilizing famous culture intended to solicit commentary from the public. With the recent world, more and more people have been using memes to convey and demonstrate an emotion, opinion, or simply just to deliver humor. But one of the most visible memes nowadays features bunny – cute and adorable little creatures.

If you are familiar with the different memes, you would know that there are plenty of memes about bunnies. Some of the bunny memes have been living for so many years already, while others have just faded due to a lack of recognition. Here are some of the best bunny memes that will make you love them even better. Take the pleasure of their cuteness as you go through the different bunny memes.

  1. Big Chungus

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The term “Big Chungus” refers to a known cartoon character Bugs Bunny, commonly demonstrated as a game intended for Playstation 4 console. The term “chungus” was created by Jim Sterling, a video game journalist before the meme quickly circulated.

The meme has circulated in social media and has now bolstered to just direct to anything oversized. People have been referring to their food “Big Chungus,” their cats as “Big Chungus,” and even their mother as “Big Chungus.”

This meme works because it is so strange, and no one can provide an explanation about it or why it is funny – it simply is.

  1. Pancake Bunny

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On the 24th day of May 1999, Hironori took a picture of his rabbit with a film canister balanced on its head. The said capture was succeeded with more images as Hironori balanced more objects on top of the head of his rabbit. But what caught the attention of the people on the internet is the image of Oolong, the rabbit with a pancake on its head. The image became a meme through an absurdist and brief caption.

In various approaches, Pancake Bunny was a forerunner to some of the abstract memes online. The image was first utilized on message boards to deflect conversations or react to posters who had responded stupidly. Surprisingly, a search on Twitter confirms that a lot of people are still using it nowadays.

  1. Buff bunny vs. Small bunny

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Way back summer of 2018, when Twitter had its tough time, an edifying meme reoccurred similar to a phoenix coming from flames. The “sign bunny” meme of ASCII, which originally became popular in 2014 but at a certain period became imperiled as Twitter became a dumpster fire, was back officially.

The meme was flexible in that it can be employed to catch the attention of people to anything that relays jokes and hot opinions to equally diligent observations. As the meme gained back its popularity, it spontaneously progressed with deviations like the meme “you want this” as an approach to capture the heart of someone, which also generated limitless alterations.

Early in its comeback, someone came up with the idea to shift the first sign bunny to a buff bunny with arms being folded. Similar to the sign bunny, the buff bunny was utilized as a manner to establish a point highly clear. The meme had another turn in an approach of the buff bunny portraying as a kind of protector or bodyguard that middles between the OP and an idea, action, or opinion.

  1. U want this?

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Another bunny meme once again took over Twitter. This time, it was this one bunny meme portraying a very charming ASCII bunny character that offers something through a phrase or an emoji, but only to draw it back.

The meme is nice visual humor that is simple to maneuver and emphasize on but with minimal dependence on text, which supported it shoot up to worldwide sensation status in just a matter of days.

  1. Sometimes I think about murder

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The meme was so cute that you cannot help yourself but smile. It is a bunny seemingly complaining about its new-style furs. People are making a laugh on this because many can relate – imagine how mad you can be when your hair is cut out of humor? Although the expression in the picture was not really to murder, it is bound to express an intense frustration because of how it made him look like. Nonetheless, I still find this little bunny cute and adorable with its short shiny fur.

  1. Bugs Bunny’s “No”

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Bugs Bunny’s “No” exhibits an image of the famous Bugs Bunny. Most of the time, the image is altered with an edited “No” on top of it. Overall, the meme is utilized as a kind of reaction image or to cite an array of various things. The original pattern of this meme was commonly utilized as a citation to alcoholic drinks and as an overall reaction picture. The format that began in 2019 is commonly utilized to express a message that something will certainly be declined.

  1. Did someone…. Say carrots?

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This cute, funny bunny meme will put a smile on your face. Aside from the fact that the face of the bunny here is simply irresistible, you can only imagine the excitement and eagerness of eating your most loved food. People would commonly use this meme to insinuate their excitement over food or anything that they long to do or have.

  1. Emo Bunny just doesn’t carrot all

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When you know that your mood is not good and your day is not as bright as the usual days, this meme may seem suitable to use. The picture exhibits a bunny with a seemingly sad face and a unique hairstyle. The meme is most popular among the youths who normally use it to convey their disappointments and sadness. Although the meme is not meant to relay to negativities, many people associate this meme to such situations.

  1. They said carrots would be good for my eyes… they lied

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This meme is simply adorable with a bunny wearing an eyeglass, hoping to get a clearer vision by eating carrots. Carrots are known to be one of the best treats for a bunny; however, these are not enough to sustain the bunnies. The meme would somehow portray an idea that bunnies are not exclusively depending on carrots to live. They have other essential diets to make them healthy.

  1. He’s doing it behind my back, isn’t he?

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The meme shows a cute little bunny trying to guess that his owner is making fun of him again. The face of the bunny seems complaining but is left with no choice and just abide by the boss. Nevertheless, the bunny seems to be getting used to the set up as it looks comfortable in the shoulder of his owner.


What is interesting about the recent bunny memes is their reliance on virality. If the meme misses the recognition and acknowledgment, either on a favorable or non-favorable aspect, then it will just die out into ambiguity. This is the reason why some memes are no longer noticed nowadays. We live in a various period, where the international and cultural exchange is common, particularly with technology bridging the distance. And specifically because of this fact, and also because of the occurrence of the internet society, various and non-standardized bunny memes come up to occupy a role for both cultural and sub-cultural headlines. Memes can occur to be logical and useful. Some are only meant to create humor and draw laughter from the public.

Hopefully, these featured bunny memes have somehow helped you brighten up your day. You must always find ways to lighten up things. You may also consider using any of these memes should you feel appropriate to do so. Memes can deliver various functions and purposes; however, at an essential level.

That’s it! Those are just some of the many bunny memes available nowadays. You can also check for more choices if you find time to browse the internet. You will find more of bunny memes that will make you love them even more.

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