What Are The Different Colors of Rabbits?

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Rabbits are cute, adorable, friendly, and can be easily tamed. They are also smart and very friendly, which is why most kids love them. The pet owner doesn’t also have to spend a lot of money just to provide care for these beautiful animals. No wonder why rabbits have become one of the most beloved pets of all time.

If you and your family are planning to raise a rabbit, then you must check out some few pointers first. There are essential factors that you have to consider before deciding what type of rabbit you’ll buy. While caring for a cute bunny is easy, and almost everyone can do it, you need to know though that choosing the right one can be a little tricky.

With so many breeds of rabbits that you can find in the market today, finding the best one can be an overwhelming task. Not all rabbits are created equal. Some are cuter, and some are smarter. For this reason, you must do some little research first. This ensures that the rabbit that you’re going to buy is a perfect match for you.

In this article, we will provide you useful tips on how to choose the best rabbit for you and your family. We’ll also set our focus on understanding the different colors of rabbits. As stated earlier, not all rabbits look the same. They have different patterns and colors. It’s our passion to guide you in choosing the right pet rabbit.

The Colors of Rabbits

What makes these rabbits very attractive is that they come in different sizes, patterns, attitudes, and color. The truth is, the color of the rabbit adds a lot to its overall cuteness or attractiveness. You’ll also be surprised by the huge variety of rabbit colors that you can find in pets stores today. There are rabbits that come in one or two colors, while there are also those that come in different color combinations. When buying a rabbit, we suggest that you choose the one that has a beautiful coat that represents your most favorite color.

Here are different colors of a rabbit:


If you like to keep things simple and wanted the rabbit to look great inside your minimalist home, than Beige rabbit is the right one for you. This color is self-explanatory, but what makes rabbits that are color beige is that the color of their eyes is glowing brown.


Yes, there’s a blue color rabbit, and they are rare and beautiful. They are not exactly color blue, like blue, but their color is that of a medium-shade of gray. Although blue and lavender tin is also very apparent. Interestingly, the eyes of blue rabbits have colored blue-gray. Beautiful, indeed!


If you want something darker than the color beige, then we recommend that you look for rabbits that have castor colored coat. These rabbits have a rich and deep mahogany brown color. It’s also easy to notice black highlights on their fur. Most castor rabbits have a different coat color on their stomach, which ranges from white to tan. The color of their eyes is also brown.


Chinchilla rabbits are one of the most popular breeds today. They have a standard color of black, pearl gray, and dark gray base. If you’re looking for a rabbit that has a lush and attractive coat and lush fur, then chinchilla rabbits are highly recommended. It’s also typical to see these breeds that come in chocolate color.


Speaking of chocolates, there are rabbits out there that look as enticing and luscious as chocolates. These certain breeds have deep, dark, brown coats that will surely add more aesthetics inside your home or property. Chocolate rabbits usually have a light gray base, and the color of their eyes looks like cherries – reddish in color, especially on low light. Just imagine a creamy chocolate eye ice cream that has a cherry on top.


Fawn color fur and coats can be found in a lot of animals. Rabbits that have this color usually have golden color on their flanks, chest, and back. There are also some white areas all over their bodies, including their stomachs, tails, inside their ears, eye rings, and even under their chin. If you love rabbits that have brownish eyes, then you’re going to love Fawns.


Another popular color that you can usually find in rabbits is lilac. Lilac rabbits have this calming color, which will surely add more warmth and comfort inside your household. These are medium gray colored rabbits that have pinkish tints all over their coats or furs. What’s more interesting about Lilac rabbits is that they have reddish tin color in their eye – just like chocolate rabbits, only that they are lilac.


Lynx colored rabbits are rare and unique. They have this beautiful orange undercoat that goes lighter toward their topcoat. What’s interesting about these rabbits is that their coat has a slight hint of Lilac color mixture. Their eyes are bluish-gray in color, and some white areas in their bodies are noticeable.


For those who wanted lighter bluish fur and coat, opal rabbits are highly recommended. These rabbits have a light blue color on top of their fawn color band and have dark gray areas found on their undercoat. These rabbits have attractive blue eyes, which can also be colored gray.


Siamese rabbits have lighter brown coat colors. Their colors go darker in some areas of their body, including their tail, feet, stomach, head, and ears. But what makes these rabbits more popular and attractive is that they have markings that resemble that of a Siamese cat.


The color of squirrely rabbits is quite unique. They have color white and gray bands on their back and side. The neck area is color white, and their chest is a lighter gray. The edge of their ears, though, is colored dark blue and their eyes are color gray.


If you want a more interesting color, then check out rabbits that have coats that are color steel. These rabbits can look like silver and gold steel. Most of them have a base coat that is color blue, lilac, sable, chocolate, and even black. Meanwhile, their eye colors are gray and brown.


These two-toned colored rabbits are also rare and unique. They have this vibrant orange color on their coat and has some blue-grayish tints on their haunches and back end. Their eyes are brown and have gray to blue color areas underneath their bodies.

Considering the Patterns

Aside from checking the color of the rabbits, it’s also recommended that you consider their patterns. Here are some of the most popular patterns that you can find in the market today.

Agouti Pattern

Most rabbits that have agouti patterns are found in the wild. They have these three or more color tones and have a dark gray undercoat. These rabbits usually have eye-rings, and their bellies have lighter colors compared to the rest of their bodies. You can find agouti rabbits that have coats that are colored lilac, chocolate, smoke pearl, and chestnut.

Brindle Pattern

It’s also common to see brindle pattern rabbits in pet stores. These rabbits have coats that have a mixture of two contrasting colors – they can be dark or light. You’ll also see brindle patterns on many cats and dogs.

Broken Pattern

There are also rabbit breeds out there that have broken patterns. This means that there is no particular pattern on their coats, but it just “broke” out just like abstract art.


For those who are looking for rabbits that have a simple one plain solid color, then look for rabbits that have self-pattern coats.

Solid Pattern

Almost similar to self-patterns, solid pattern rabbits usually have a mix-colored fur – although there are no distinct markings on it.

Wide Band Pattern

If you wanted a pet rabbit that has the same color on their ears, heads, feet, tail, and body, then we recommend that you check out wideband pattern rabbits.

Additional Tips

When looking for pet rabbits, make sure that you check out different images or videos first before buying one. Make sure that you know what you’re looking for. Also, if you’re giving the rabbit to a friend or family member, then be sure that you get to ask them their favorite color first. Giving someone a rabbit that wears a coat that is their favorite color is sweet and thoughtful.

Also, don’t forget to check the reputation of the rabbit breeder or online pet store before you buy from them. Double-check their background history as well and be 100% sure that you’re buying only from legitimate online stores or shops. If this is your first time buying a rabbit, then we suggest that you ask for tips and pieces of advice from people you know who have bought, raised, and bred rabbits before.

We’re hoping that these simple guidelines will give you an idea of what kind of rabbit you should buy. Always remember that regardless of what color or pattern you choose, proper care and maintenance are still required. Enjoy your pet, and may both of you experience a wonderful life.

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