Rabbit Basics: Supplies Every Rabbit Owner Should Invest In

Rabbit Supplies

If you’re a rabbit owner, it’s essential to invest in the proper supplies for them. You can provide your pet with a comfortable and safe environment that meets all their dietary, entertainment, and medical needs.  

Furthermore, these supplies can help strengthen your bond with your furry friend, allowing you to enjoy happy years together.

If you’re a first-time rabbit owner or an experienced rabbit caregiver, “Rabbit Basics: Supplies Every Rabbit Owner Should Invest In” is a must-read article. It provides all the necessary information to ensure your rabbit receives the best care and attention possible. So, invest in these essential supplies today and give your rabbit the life they deserve!

Things to Consider

There are several important things to consider before making any purchases.

Firstly, it’s crucial to research and understand the basics of rabbit care before investing in any supplies. Bunnies have specific dietary, grooming, exercise, and medical needs that must be met to ensure their overall health and happiness. 

Secondly, budget is a significant factor when investing in rabbit supplies. While it may be tempting to buy everything at once, investing in quality supplies upfront can save you money in the long run by preventing health issues and reducing the need for replacements. 

Lastly, safety is another critical factor to consider. According to House Rabbit of Society, Bunnies are curious animals that require a safe environment to play and explore. Rabbit-proofing your home and investing in exercise pens or playpens can prevent accidents and keep your rabbit safe.

Rabbit Supplies That Rabbit Owners Must Have

1. Rabbit Cage/Hutch Supplies

As a responsible rabbit owner, providing your furry friend with a safe and comfortable home should be at the top of your priority list. A well-designed rabbit cage or hutch can ensure your rabbit’s health and happiness and prevent unwanted behaviors, such as chewing or digging. 

A general rule of thumb is that the cage or hutch should be at least four times the size of your rabbit. This space would allow them to stand up fully, stretch out, and move around comfortably. 

The type of enclosure you choose will depend on your living situation and your rabbit’s needs. For indoor rabbits, a cage with a solid floor and a wire mesh top is a good option. 

For outdoor rabbits, a hutch with a raised bottom and a solid roof will provide the necessary protection from external elements.

2. Rabbit Feeding Supplies

Bunnies are adorable pets requiring proper nutrition to maintain health and happiness. Here are some of the essential feeding supplies that you need to have for your pet:

Food Bowl and Water Bottle.

Your rabbit needs a feeding bowl to access food and water. When choosing a food bowl, pick a heavy one that cannot be knocked over easily. 

Ceramic or stainless steel bowls are good options as they are easy to clean and do not break easily. You can also choose a food bowl that clips onto the cage to prevent your rabbit from tipping it over. 

For the water bottle, choose something that can hold enough water for your rabbit’s needs. Ensure that it is easy to refill and clean.

High-Quality Pellets

Pellets should be the foundation of your rabbit’s diet. Look for high-quality pellets that are specially formulated for rabbits. Timothy hay-based pellets are an excellent choice as they provide the nutrients your rabbit needs.


This is an essential part of your rabbit’s diet. Timothy hay is the best type of hay for your rabbit. But you can also offer them orchard grass hay, oat hay, or meadow hay.

3. Grooming Rabbit Supplies

Rabbits require a certain maintenance level to keep their body healthy and happy. Regular grooming is essential for rabbits; having the right supplies can make all the difference. 

Soft-bristled brush or comb. 

Rabbits have delicate skin, so it’s important to choose a brush or comb with soft bristles that won’t irritate their skin. Regular brushing or combing helps to remove loose fur, prevents matting, and distributes natural oils throughout the fur. 

Nail clippers

Rabbit nails grow quickly; if left untrimmed, they can become too long and cause discomfort or injury. Nail clippers designed specifically for rabbits are readily available at pet stores. Trimming your rabbit’s nails every 4-6 weeks is recommended.

Scissors for trimming fur

Depending on your rabbit’s breed and fur length, you may need to trim their fur occasionally. Scissors with rounded tips are the best option for rabbit parents. 

Shampoo and conditioner for rabbits

Rabbit baths aren’t always necessary, but a bath may be required if your rabbit gets particularly dirty. It’s important to use shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for pets. 

4. Health Rabbit Supplies

Rabbit’s health should always be a top priority. While regular check-ups with a veterinarian are important, having the right supplies can help you address minor health issues before they become major problems. Here are the things you need to have for your pet:

First aid kit

Having a first aid kit on hand is important for any pet owner. It should include items like gauze, antiseptic solution, and bandages. It’s also a good idea to include some syringes and a thermometer.

Carrier for transport to vet appointments

Taking your rabbit to the vet is important for routine check-ups, vaccinations, and emergencies. A carrier is essential for transporting your rabbit safely from vet appointments. This will make traveling with rabbits easier and smoother. 

5. Toys and Enrichment Supplies 

It is ideal for providing rabbits with toys and enrichment supplies to stimulate their natural instincts. Here are some of the must-have toys for rabbits:

Treat-Dispensing Toys

These toys are designed to hold small treats or pieces of hay that your rabbit can work to get out by rolling the toy around. It can also assist with mental stimulation and encourages natural foraging behavior in rabbits. 

Rabbit-Safe Obstacle Course 

A rabbit-safe obstacle course is a great way to provide your rabbit with physical exercise and mental stimulation. Use materials such as boxes, tunnels, and ramps to create an obstacle course that your rabbit can navigate. 

Interactive Toys

Balls, frisbees, and other objects that can be rolled, thrown, or chased are great for stimulating your rabbit’s natural prey drive. These toys provide physical exercise and can be a fun way to bond with your rabbit.

6. Rabbit-Proofing Supplies  

Rabbit owners know that their furry friends can be curious and mischievous creatures. They love to explore their surroundings and often nibble on anything they can get their teeth on.  To ensure safety, here are some of the rabbit-proofing supplies you can invest in. 

Electrical cords

Electrical cord covers can protect the wires and prevent bunnies from getting electric shocks. Remember that when your pet gets electrocuted, it can be fatal for them, leading to an early death. 

Baby gates/Playpens

Bunnies love to explore and can easily get into unsafe areas of the house. Putting baby gates or playpens is recommended to keep bunnies in a designated area of the house, preventing them from getting into hazardous areas. 

7. Rabbit Litter Box Supplies

Potty-training a rabbit can be challenging, but it can be a smooth process with the right supplies and techniques. Here are the two things you must consider when choosing a pet litter box.

Litter box with high sides

When choosing a litter box for your rabbit, it’s important to choose one with high sides. Bunnies are known for their digging and burrowing behavior, so a litter box with high sides will prevent litter from being kicked out of the box.

Litter materials

Several litter materials, such as paper, wood shavings, or pellets, can be used for rabbit litter boxes. It’s important to choose a material that is safe and can absorb moisture well. You can also experiment with different materials to see which one your rabbit prefers.

8. Bedding Supplies

Bedding supplies are essential to any rabbit’s habitat, including everything from blankets and towels to cozy hideouts and heating pads. You must choose the best quality because rabbits will spend most of their time here. To guide you better, look at the list of supplies you can buy for them. 

Comfy Bedding Materials

One of the most basic rabbit bedding supplies is blankets and towels. These items provide a soft and cozy surface for your rabbit to sleep and relax. It can also help to absorb any moisture or droppings in their living space.

Heating Pad or Hot Water Bottle

Bunnies are sensitive to temperature changes. To help keep your rabbit warm and cozy, consider using a heating pad or hot water bottle. 

This bedding supply can be especially helpful during the colder months or if your rabbit is recovering from an illness or injury.

Appropriate Temperature Monitoring Tools

It’s important to have appropriate temperature monitoring tools to ensure your rabbit’s living environment stays within a safe range. This can include a thermometer or a humidity gauge to track the moisture level in the air.

9. Exercise Supplies

Exercise is a crucial part of maintaining animals’ physical and mental health. This is especially true for pets like dogs, cats, and other small animals who require regular activity to stay healthy and active.

Exercise Wheel or Ball

One of the most basic types of exercise supplies for small animals is the exercise wheel or ball. It comes in various sizes and styles and can be made from plastic, metal, or wood.

Climbing Structures or Ramps

This supply can help improve the animal’s balance and coordination and provide a fun and stimulating activity. When selecting climbing structures or ramps, make sure they’re appropriate for the size and abilities of your pet and that they’re made from safe and durable materials.

10. Training Supplies

Training can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience for you and your furry friend. Bunnies are intelligent animals that can be trained to do various things. But the right equipment can make training with rabbits easier. 

Clicker and Target Stick

Clickers are small devices that click when pressed, while target sticks are long sticks with a small ball or another object at the end. Using clickers and target sticks is essential to teach bunnies new behaviors and tricks. 

Training Books or Videos

Many great resources are available for rabbit owners who want to learn more about training their furry friends. Training books and videos can provide step-by-step instructions on how to teach your rabbit new behaviors and tricks, as well as tips for dealing with common training challenges.

11. Travel Supplies

If you’re a rabbit owner who likes to travel, you’ll want to ensure you have the right supplies to keep your furry friend safe, comfortable, and happy on the road. 

Collapsible Travel Crate

A travel crate is essential for any rabbit owner wanting to travel with their pet. These crates should be lightweight and easy to transport, making them ideal for road trips, plane rides, or even trips to the vet.

Portable Litter Box

When traveling with your rabbit, having a portable litter box and litter on hand is important. These items will help ensure your rabbit has a designated place to go to the bathroom, even when you’re on the go.

Portable Water Bottle and Food Bowl

You’ll also need to ensure they have food and water access. Portable water bottles and food bowls are an easy way to nourish your rabbit while on the go.

12. Dental Health Supplies

Safe Chew Toys

When selecting chew toys for your rabbit, ensure they’re safe and durable. Avoid toys made from plastic or other synthetic materials, as these can be harmful if ingested. Instead, look for toys made from natural materials, such as wood, bamboo, or seagrass. 

Toothbrush and Toothpaste Designed for Rabbits

Brushing your rabbit’s teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste can help prevent dental problems. When selecting a toothbrush and toothpaste, look for products specifically designed for them. These are typically flavored with natural ingredients that appeal to rabbits and are safe to ingest. 

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Advantages of Rabbit Basics Supplies 

  • Ensure rabbit health and hygiene. Supplies such as litter boxes, bedding, and grooming tools help keep your rabbit clean and healthy.
  • Promote rabbit comfort. The right supplies, like a comfortable bed, a cozy hideaway, and toys, keep your rabbit comfortable and happy.
  • Help prevent destructive behavior. Bunnies need to chew, but they can also destroy furniture and carpets. But chewing toys, tunnels, and playpens can help prevent destructive behavior.
  • Make rabbit care easier. Supplies like food dispensers and water bottles make it easier to care for your rabbit, especially if you have a busy schedule.
  • Provide variety. toys and different types of food provide variety and stimulation for your rabbit.

Tips of Rabbit Basics Supplies 

  • Wide Range of Products. Offer a wide range of products designed specifically for rabbits, including food, bedding, toys, and grooming supplies.
  • High-Quality Products. All products offered should be high quality and designed to meet rabbits’ specific needs.
  • Affordable Prices. The products offered are affordable, making it easy for rabbit owners to provide their pets with the best possible care without breaking the bank.
  • Convenient Online Ordering. Has an online store that makes it easy for rabbit owners to order the products they need from their homes.
  • Fast Shipping. Offers fast shipping so that customers can receive their orders quickly and efficiently.
  • Expert Advice. Has a team of experts available to provide advice and guidance on rabbit care and nutrition.
  • Safe and Natural Products. All of the products offered by Rabbit Basics Supplies are safe and natural, with no harmful chemicals or additives.
  • Customer Reviews. The website features customer reviews, providing valuable feedback and insight into the products and services offered by the company.
  • Commitment to Customer Satisfaction. Committed to customer satisfaction and guarantee quality on all of its products. 

Key Takeaways

  • Investing in proper rabbit supplies is essential for providing a comfortable and safe environment that meets all their dietary, entertainment, and medical needs.
  • Understanding rabbit care basics, budget, and safety are important factors to consider before making any purchases.
  • Rabbit cage/hutch supplies should be at least four times the size of your rabbit, depending on your living situation and your rabbit’s needs.
    Essential rabbit feeding supplies include food bowl and water bottle, high-quality pellets, and hay.
  • Regular grooming, including soft-bristled brush or comb, nail clippers, scissors for trimming fur, and shampoo and conditioner, is essential to keep rabbits healthy and happy.
  • First aid kit, thermometer, and carrier for transportation to vet appointments are necessary health rabbit supplies.
  • Treat-dispensing toys, chew toys, and digging toys are some of the must-have toys for rabbits to stimulate their natural instincts.

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