8 Black Rabbit Breeds You Can Have as Pets

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Rabbits are undoubtedly one of the most charming and adorable pets out there. No wonder why a lot of kids are asking their parents to buy them these beautiful creatures. They are cute, friendly, and easy to raise. And if you’re one of those individuals who are contemplating on petting or raising rabbits, then this article is for you.

Before you start raising rabbits, it’s essential that we take the time to ponder on a few pointers first. While it’s true that taking care of rabbits is easy and almost “stress-free,” we still have to do some little research and spend some time considering several factors. Let’s say that you already made a decision and that you’re financially ready to own or raise a rabbit, what’s next?

One of the first few things that you need to consider is what kind of rabbit you’re going to raise. According to research, there are about 305 breeds of rabbit today. With this number, finding the right rabbit breed for you can be a daunting and overwhelming task. Fortunately, we’ve written this article to help you decide what breed you should get. If you’re that kind of breeder or pet lover who loves to take care of unique and beautiful breeds, then we highly recommend that you get 8 black rabbits.

Why Black Rabbit Breeds?

There are multitudes of rabbit owners out there who are starting to love and appreciate the beauty of the black rabbits. The best thing about these black rabbits is that aside from they are as easy to care with as the white ones, they are unique and gorgeous. It’s like owning a black Jaguar car as well. Well, not really, but you get the point.

The black rabbit market is also increasing. This means that the number of people who are buying black rabbits is also increasing. Now, if you’re one of those owners who wanted to start a rabbit business, we highly recommend that you check out black rabbits. And luckily. This article is written to give you useful tips and recommendations on what kind of black rabbit breed you can have as pets.

Here are 8 Black Rabbit Breeds You Can Have as Pets

Dutch Rabbits

You can choose between black or brown Dutch rabbits, and regardless of what colors you choose, these beautiful rabbits are unique and adorable. These rabbits are known for their markings on their face and upper body. What makes these rabbits more interesting is that they have this kind of inverted letter V of white that covers their nose and muzzle. This kind of marking extends up in between their yes – how amazing is that? Also, if you’re looking for rabbits that are very easy to groom and have a calm temperament, then this particular black rabbit is definitely for you.

Lionhead Rabbit

If you want a cuter but more masculine looking black rabbit, then check out Lionhead rabbits. These breeds are perfect for those pet lovers who wanted to own and breed rabbits that have attractive manes and longer hair – yes, just like a lion indeed. Obviously, they are much smaller than real lions, but with its average weight of 3 pounds, this is quite big for a regular rabbit. Also, you’ll not only be attracted to its physical attributes, but you’ll also love their playful and affectionate personalities. Take them outside, pick them up, hug them, and let your children pet it without any problems.

Californian Rabbit

Now, for those who want bigger black rabbits, then Californian rabbits are the ideal choice for you. These large and pretty rabbits can grow as large as 8 to 10 pounds. Yes! And they are known for their dark and black hair and patterns. The markings on their nose, ears, and feet, make their appearances more striking and intriguing. Your kids are also going to love them since they have a very docile temperament. However, you need to note, though, that Californian rabbits need more socialization. Take them outside and play with them – you’ll surely enjoy your time seeing happy rabbits playing.

Tan Rabbit

Want to own an elegant-looking black rabbit? Then we couldn’t recommend Tan rabbit enough. The appearance of Tan rabbits looks like that of antebellum art posters. And this is because these specific breeds emerged back in 1880 in England. Centuries later, rabbit owners and collectors are reproducing these beautiful breeds. These rabbits are perfect for families or breeders who wanted to own an active and energetic rabbit. Well, they can be rambunctious most of the time, but the joy they bring to your household is priceless.

Netherland Dwarf Rabbit

Okay, we understand that you want a cute black rabbit just like the Lionhead, but you don’t want larger breeds. So, how about Netherland Dwarf rabbits! This rabbit is so adorable that you want them to keep inside your backpack all-day long – which you can actually. These rabbits might be small, as its name suggests, but the cuteness they bring and the energy that they give away to owners and families is humongous! You need to note though that these rabbits are quite shy, with love and patience, be amazed at how lovable this particular breed is.

French Angora Rabbit

French Angora is ideal for breeders or owners who want larger and strong-looking rabbits. These rabbits might look serious, but with proper care, love, and training, they are friendlier and sweeter than most rabbits. In fact, French Angora Rabbits are known to be the “rabbit for lovers.” Their sweetness reverberates and is contagious to use human beings. If you want a rabbit that can easily relieve your stress away, then we highly recommend that you choose French Angora Rabbit.

Blanc de Hotot

This might not be considered as a black rabbit since it’s so white, but we can’t resist the beauty and the “black eyeliners” of these rabbits. The name itself sounds elegant – Blanc de Hotot. It sounds like a brand of luxurious perfume or a 5-star pastry. What makes these rabbits even more beautiful is that they are very friendly, and they are almost maintenance-free. Just a few brush and strokes, these rabbits can be easily tamed.

English Spot

Moving on from French beauté, the English Spot. If Blanc de Hotot looks like a beautiful maiden walking down the French park, the English Spot looks like a gentleman from London. This beautiful house pet has a “gentlemanish” black mustache. Okay, it’s not a “pure” black rabbit, but again we can resist its black and white spots. The English Spot is perfect for any family since it’s one of the most charming rabbits that you can find in the market today. You’ll love how this gentleman hops around and spreading beautiful energy inside and outside your household.

How to Buy the Best Black Rabbits

Before you purchase one of these black rabbits, you must take the time to think about several factors first. You need to know where to get them, and you need to know who’s the best supplier or online pet store that sells these black beauties. Bear in mind that not all pet stores or rabbit sellers that you’ll find on the Internet today are reputable and reliable.

First of all, you need to gather as much information as you can about the breeder. Find out more details about their credentials and background history. How long have they’ve been selling these kinds of breeds? Are their rabbits healthy? Will they be able to deliver the creatures to you safe and healthy?

One of the best ways for you to determine whether or not a particular rabbit breeder is reliable or reputable is by reading reviews or testimonials written by rabbit enthusiasts who bought a specific breed from them. Try to check if the rabbit breeder received many positive reviews and feedback from its buyer. Be sure that you don’t buy rabbits from people who have received many bad ratings or negative comments from their customers in the past.

Also, you might know someone in your family who has bought a black rabbit before. Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask for tips or pieces of advice about where you should buy. Ask your friends or families if they were very satisfied with how the rabbits were delivered to them. This is also the best time for you to ask them about how you can properly take care of these rabbits.

Final Thoughts

Owning and raising black rabbits can be a very wonderful experience. Their charm and cuteness can easily help us forget our stresses in life. Always remember that you have to spend time and energy when raising a rabbit. You have to make sure that you are emotionally, physically, and mentally ready to own these species. It’s also vital that you take the time to study how to raise and provide proper care to these beauties. Get your best black rabbit today, and make them part of your family. We guarantee that they will make a fun addition to your household. Be enchanted with these cute and magnificent creatures.

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